Parsloe begs councillors to save him

Garry Parsloe must know the endgame isn’t far away when he is begging for a political solution to stop the Ports of Auckland contracting out, his series of strikes has caused the union to become even more marginalised than before.

The problem is, the council has already given its opinion on the matter. At the December Accountability and Performance Committee meeting, Christine Fletcher cunningly put a support motion to the committee for the Ports management. This was carried by a margin of 11-8.

The problem for the union is this, because they have made financial contributions to some of the politicians (Mike Lee and Len Brown), and because some Auckland Councillors have unwisely stood on the picket line with MUNZ and waved placards elsewhere for the wharfies, they will not be able to participate in any votes regarding the Ports strikes because they have shown themselves to have a conflict of interest. The public would immediately perceive that politicians receiving money from the unions, or standing out waving signs for the unions, to be far too compromised to exercise their judgment as a councillor.

So any attempted revote would have a number of centre left councillors sitting on the sidelines because of their compromised position. A revote would in all likelihood humiliate the union further by a greater margin than before.

There would be one more consequence. If the council did try to overturn its previous decision and support the striking union at the expense of the Port it owned, Lens council would likely erupt into the kind of shitfight that would wreck Lens term for good, and bring in the auditor general for some forensic examinations of council behaviour.


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  • Grandstream

    This behaviour from Gary Parsnip just demonstrates further how out of touch unions are with the real world, in fact it demonstrates the sense of entitlement that all union organisers have.  Bugger the business, bugger the risk takers, just more jobs for union members to pay our subs ! What a cock…..teh demise of him and his kind can not be far away

    •  The rest of your argument was fine – but why resort to silly name calling?

      • Guest

        When you condone your membership to call others scabs, you are just inviting people to return the favour. 

  • Gazzaw

    Parsloe got an easy ride on Radio Red this morning. Blamed everyone but MUNZ for the port’s problems before the interviewer got around to asking a couple of token incisive questions. Appears that Parsloe is still living it up in Sydney.    

    • Yes it is raining down at the port this morning. As the MUNZ strikers shiver in the rain Parsloe is learing it up at the Kings Cross.

      •  Leering….

  • DangerMice

    I worked in the head office of a shipping company in the mid/late 90s and can still recall the crew manager cursing Parsloe’s name widely and loudly.

    • ConwayCaptain

      In the 80’s he joined a ship I was Master of and was warned about him before he joined.  He lasted one voyage, the Bruvvers got rid of him.

  • of course.. the deal the union is being asked to sign up for.. totally destroys/casualises their jobs/job-security..

    ..they are being asked to be on call 24/7..

    ..and to have no guaranteed minimum-hours..

    ..seems’d all be keen to sign up for something like that..i gather..?


    • In Vino Veritas

      Casualises? no minimum hours? None of this is true of course, is it Phillip? POAL is offering 160 hour per month and 2050 hour per annum minimums for eg. Perhaps you’d like to sign up to that?
      Phillip, you are wasted posting here, you would however, be great at the Standard, where much of the stuff posted is made up fantasy with no basis in reality.Oh, and there’s also a good sprinkling of unemployed, roman sandal wearing, vegetarian sausage and tofu eaters there as well. Yep, you’d be well placed in that world, where the colour of the sky is different…..

      •  is yr sky always tory-blue there..vino..?

        [email protected]

      • In Vino Veritas

        Phillip, it is, until someone with sound logic and fact, can prove otherwise.

        Post some facts about POAL and lets see what you’ve got. (and I note you have put all that reply on one line, excellent!)

    • Grandstream

      Phil – you occasionally post something valid – this post is not ! This post is the sort of shit that HakimOP and Kosh keep spouting…..this is a manifest lie. 

    • Bafacu

      Given the hours I work (about 90-100 per week at a company I started) and the meagre hourly return so I can keep staff employed at twice my net return per annum – YES, I’ll work there.

      Let me see – guaranteed 2040 hours per annum with a return of $91K gross and work when the ships are in, and have time off when theyr’e not in – OK – can someone point out where the application form is and I’ll be onto it straight away. 

    • toby_toby

      That is, of course, all lies. Do you just put your fingers in your ears when you’re presented with solid evidence contrary to your beliefs?


      Hey,go and check out the post from Hoha in 61 years. Has got some interesting facts that just might conflict with yours.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Earning big bucks usually comes with a few conditions attached Phil. In this case, Vino is quite correct in that what they are being offered is a deal no rational person could class as unfair; particularly given the income level.

      And remember, these guys are not highly qualified but are earning more than frontline police personnel, some medical professionals and lawyers.

      But I guess that is justified in your socialistic mecca.

    • Groans

      You’re up early today Phil.  I suppossed you’ve done your Govt Contract work and Aggregating as well!  This deal seems very fair.  I say take the offer or get lost and let someone who wants to work take the job.

    • James Gray

      For 91K in pay and benefits, definitely

    • Steve (North Shore)

      What the fuck would you know about job security phool? Is being Welfare Dependent the security that you desire?


    Parsole,good on ya mate.Have proven to all you are a complete twat.Good luck,and please just go away.

  • [
    There would be one more consequence. If the council did try to overturn its previous decision and support the striking union at the expense of the Port it owned, Lens council would likely erupt into the kind of shitfight that would wreck Lens term for good, and bring in the auditor general for some forensic examinations of council behaviour.]

    More to the point it would at minimum attract a Government Monitor AND the Auditor General or at maximum here come those Commissioners AND still the Auditor General. Either way one fraked Council that would be for sure. But then again would the left leaning lot try something that daft? 

  • Vikingonmars

    Perhaps Len should go ahead and do it. then the Govt. could appoint Rodney to come along and sort out the mess. That would be great outcome. He coul;d screw Key into reversing the Nats. bullshit maori stuff he was forced to incorporate. Sounds quite beneficial to me.

  • thor42

    Jeez, Parsloe reminds me of Alf Garnett! Could easily be his brother.