Pimping the Poor, Ctd – Labour Collude With Herald

This is part three of the continuing series Pimping the Poor, where I explore how the media in collusion with shameless politicians Pimp the Poor in order to manufacture stories of misery.

We have covered the timeline and the back story of Tania Wysocki. It was necessary so that you can fully understand what happened next.

After Tania, utterly frustrated with an intransigent WINZ office in Pukekohe and seemingly being ignored in her plight, sent out an email to all parties she was contacted by two politicians. The attitude and behaviour of those two politicians are in stark contrast with each other.

One shamelessly shopped the story to the media and the other actually treated the issue as any competent MP should.

As they say…Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Help from The Greens

Let us look at the actions of Jan Logie first. The good news.

Jan Logie is a new MP. She lives in Wellington. She stood in Mana electorate against Kris Fa’afoi. Whilst Fa’afoi is invisible Jan Logie is extremely visible and has got involved in a case way outside of Wellington, in South Auckland. I asked Tania Wysocki to rate her interactions and resolutions with Jan Logie and she have her an 8 out of 10. Jan has kept in contact, emailed, phoned, sends txts as well as arranged a flight to Wellington to attempt to get some resolution to the issue.

Credit where credit is due, this new MP is actually trying to make a difference. Even during no doubt what is a busy time as she tries to get her mind around being a new MP and the responsibilities and workload that brings in a small Party.

No Help from Labour

Now for the bad news.

When Jacinda Ardern received the cry for help from Tania Wysocki she made a phone call to Tania. It was a short call. In that call she didn’t garner extra details, she simply told Tania that she had “friends in the media” and that Simon Collins would giver her a call.

She was true to her word on that Monday. Quasi Electorate agent for the List MP, Simon Collins called a short time later and arrange to drive out with a photographer for his scoop of the week, a beneficiary who wants to prostitute herself to pay for vocational training.

Simon Collins did attend Tania’s modest house in rural South Auckland. He then proceeded to actually ignore the issues regarding training and child care, focus only on the prostitution angle. He ignored Tania’s back story, clearly he didn’t deem it relevant to the picture he was trying to portray of an uncaring government expecting women to prostitute themselves to pay for training.

We know that Simon Collins doesn’t care about his subjects because he threw Craig and Carla to the wolves without a simple background check on Facebook and other social media and dating sites. Had he done even the basics he would have realised that in that case Carla was hardly a fit subject for his touching stories. She suffers from severe depression, from her own Facebook updates has a marriage on the rocks as she looks on dating sites for some comfort, and had discussed suicide. I can’t imagine how Carla now feels after having been shamelessly pimped out by Simon Collins in his manufactured series on misery.

He didn’t care because he had a story about misery to manufacture. He aslo didn’t care about Tania Wysocki either, because he printed the names of her children, the area in which she lives and worse, the only contact he has had since the story was a quick email to let Tania know just how many people read the article online.

How touching. No comments about how she was doing. Nothing about if there was any progress with the authorities. Nope, just how many views his cool article Pimping out the Poor, manufacturing misery had got.

Worse though is that Jacinda Ardern followed up with a single phone call about how awesome the article was. That’s it. One phone call before the article to sell tania out to Simon Collins and one phone call after to congratulate herself ont eh publicity coup.

All the while Jan Logie is doing what Jacinda Ardern either couldn’t or wouldn’t do….actually try and help.

How do I know she couldn’t or wouldn’t help?

Well because yesterday I contacted the Minister’s office for a comment and to ask some questions. My questions were simple. Has either Simon Collins and/or Jacinda Ardern been in contact with the Minister’s office, or with the Ministry of Social Development with the case of Tania Wysocki or with the case of Craig and Carla Bradley?

The answer was an emphatic no in the case of Jacinda Ardern. Labour’s vaunted super star, who leap-frogged over all the women in the caucus to take this portfolio, appears to have been too lazy to care about people she is the opposition spokesperson for. Instead she was highly motivated to shop the stories to her quasi-Electorate Agent Simon Collins. In the case of Simon Collins, he only contacted the MSD regarding Tania Wysocki and that was only to ask about her entitlement and confirm details for his manufactured story. He has never contacted the Minister’s office for comment on any of his articles about poverty, the very areas that Paula Bennett is the Minister responsible for.

We now know that Labour, especially Jacinda Ardern is closely working with and feeding stories to Simon Collins. Even if Simon Collins won’t confirm his source for the stories we know that the story about Tania Wysocki was directly fed to him by Jacinda Ardern.

The most shameful thing about Jacinda’s actions is that she either couldn’t or wouldn’t travel 35 minutes from Aucklad Central to at least visit Tania. The best she could muster was two short taxpayer funded phone calls…plus the one to Simon Collins of course.

Jan Logie meanwhile, from Wellington has managed to provide a level of pastoral care to Tania Wysocki that would put most MPs to shame. It really isn’t any wonder that The Greens are currently out-performing Labour in parliament and acting as though they are the real opposition. It isn’t really a surprise that whilst Jan Logie scored an 8 out of 10 for her help Jacinda Ardern was rated by Tania Wysocki at a very low 2 out of 10 and then only barely scraping through to that level.

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  • tspoon
  • ConwayCaptain


    Isthere any way you can get this into the main stream media???

    • Hakim of phut

      Shes being pimped yet again , this time to push back against labour.
      Yet it was National which bought in the new rule to obstruct  mothers on the DPB getting extra assistance  when they study for advanced qualifications

      • Guestosterone

        she is being pimped on her OWN terms now hakim

        thats the point you have missed again

        start a blog if you want to campaign against government policy

      •  How can you defend Ardern HoP? What she has done is beneath contempt.

      • Hakim of phut

        So we have two fails for National : one the local WINZ  cant get it right and two Bennett  took advantage of extra assistance  when she was on the DPB and then took it away when  she was a national minister

      • peterwn

        The new rule would have been introduced because no doubt some people were abusing the system or because it was in aggregate not producing results. Normally you need a ‘basic’ qualification before contemplating an ‘advanced’ qualification, so theoretically (and practically in most cases) there is no need for support for a beneficiary seeking an ‘advanced’ qualification. It would seem that MSD should have some discretion in the case of a person who is seeking a ‘first’ tertiary qualification which happens to be classed as ‘advanced’. The discretion may exist but if so the Pukekohe WINZ office did not exercise it.

    •  Leightom Smith was quoting from WO’s pieces just before 9am

      • Hakim of phut

        LS will have all the ‘series’  on his desk before it was published.
        he probably  read most of it a few days ago.
        Just as  JA  has contacts at the Herald  Whale has a close association with  Newstalk ZB with  Smith  and Williams.

  • Guest

    Well, I guess there’s a lesson here. If you have a problem about something, don’t see Jacinda, she’ll just use and abuse you for political purposes.

    • Hakim of phut

      Jacinda  wasnt her local MP. Of course she wants to high light Nationals  discriminatory policy  on study  when you are on the DPB.

      • Sarrs

        Jan Logie wasn’t her local MP either but she did her best to help at the same time as highlighting the wider issue of irregularity in the policy. It is possible to help yourself and others at the same time. 

      • Hawker

        Well she is no ones local MP is she ?

        As she lets see whats the word thats right……… lost.

  • Mrbadger

    I notice that the MP for Hunua (which includes Pukekohe) is MIA – too busy with his hands up some chuff

  • Catwoman

    MP’s first rule of assisting constituents – talk to the person concerned and actually find out what the issue is.  Jacinda Ardern = EPIC FAIL!

  • Quazy

    you sir are awesome !!about time someone actually  gave a shit i have watched Tania struggle and try to get through will all the paperwork required x god know how many times ..bloody NZ herald reporting is and always has been gutter crap i mean really trawl a message board and find out what pisses off the people (I,ll admit i was concerned when she said you were coming to interview here yesterday  ) thankyou for doing what the  NZ herald could of done is they weren’t so busy looking for dirt  bastards !!!

  • Mark

    It is a pleasant change to read a series of well researched articles and they paint an entirely different picture that the Simon Collins effort.  Jacinda Ahern’s actions here are both lazy and sleazy.  If this is the best you can get from the the so called Labour high flyer they ahve more than a few problems.

    • niggly

      Your comment had me thinking, Simon Collins is PAID to report stories (oxymoron I know) and Jacinda Ahern is also PAID to be a politician.

      Cameron ISN’T paid to investigate Tania’s story – but does the much, much better job!

  • Again thanks for posting this Cameron – I’m remined of baying hyenas around a carcass…horrible horrible performance from everyone in this – all colours of the political spectrum.

  • jay cee

    now i’ve heard it all. the “royal new zealand herald” the official organ of the left. you guy’s are conspiracy theorists par excellence.

  • Factchecker

    You’ve confused Training Incentive Allowance criteria with Childcare Subsidy criteria.

    TIA = nothing above NCEA level 3, not Childcare subsidy.

  • Cameron these are interesting articles.  However, your writing could do with the assistance of an editor.  Typos abound.

    • Bored abroad

      Read fine to me. Surely you can find time to do it yourself, or even better submit your own work instead of critiquing others.

    • Euan Rt

      This is Cams blog. Be careful telling the owner how to do his job. I for one like that somone can be themselves without having to be ‘airbrushed’ to suit the consumer. You should see me…;-)

    • Spanishbride

       Like Robert Kiyosaki, WO is not interested in becoming a best writing author but instead a best selling author or the case of a Blog the most well read Political Blog in NZ……. wait a minute….

      I am sure that when the book he is working on is published he will have the benefit of an editor then.

      • Sarrs

        It’s nice to come here and not have to worry about any points you are trying make being lost in the criticism of your grammar and spelling. I don’t think anyone who comes here regularly is worried about the syntax and structure of the prose – we’re here for the content. 

  • RRM

    Compliments to you for doing this W.O.

    (And it’s pretty bloody rare that I have something complimentary to say here…)

  • kiwikevNZ

    nice investigative journalism 10/10. and this is why there will never be another labour govt ( it gona need to be breed out of them)

  • Saja

    This is great. I thought there must have been more to it. A bludger is not usually out there saying ‘I WANT TO GET EDUCATED, now how do I make this happen?’.  The difficulty with affording higher education is a real shame. It is hard no matter what your situation. I am married. As my husband works, and earns over $400 a week (yes, $400.. that is the Studylink limit, above which the spouse is ineligible for any allowances), I get nil assistance to complete my studies, even though my marks are very high. I am doing this because I lost my job to company liquidation (no redundancy pay there) and, unable to find a job, decided to re-enter university at the age of 37.   I wish ALL beneficiaries would be so motivated as Tania. Why is it so hard to be a student? Shouldn’t this be encouraged?