Pimping the Poor

For the past few weeks Simon Collins in the NZ Herald in collusion with Jacinda Ardern, Labour and to a certain extent The Greens have been Pimping the Poor in a bid to embarrass the government.

They manufactured misery as they went painting a picture that they wanted to paint and have been extremely economical with the truth along the way.

I am going to explore precisely how they have operated and will use the case of Tania Wysocki to prove their shameless pimping of the poor as they manufactured misery.


Last week Simon Collins reported the story of Tania Wysocki. On the surface this looked just another case of a beneficiary bludging off the state wanting more. Predictably talkback and the blogs went off on it and equally predictably the left wing politicians jumped on the band-wagon for some cheap headlines and grandstanding at the expense of a woman and her family.

Something didn’t ring true about this case…things didn’t add up…and on Thurday night last week I received an email from Tania Wysocki, who was indignant that her story hadn’t been told properly and that she was being painted as a bludger on large, flipping it up for random blokes to create a lifestyle. It is fair to say that she was mad as hell.

After exchanging emails over a few days I can now understand why she is mad as hell and I will explain why. But in order to do so I need to provide a timetable for you. then in subsequent posts I will explain why Tania Wysocki should feel aggrieved, but not with who you would think.


Back in October last year Tania Wysocki decided that she no longer wanted to be a benefit dependent solo mother, that she wanted to train for a decent job and become a taxpayer again. Tania is not some young thing exploited the DPB for personal gain. She is 38 years old and freely admits in conversations with me that she has made mistakes in her life but at 38, after leaving school at 15 has actually worked for most of her life. It is only in the past 4 years that she became a beneficiary. That story in and of itself shows some steel and I will cover that later as it is material to the case against Simon Collins.

Tania approached the WINZ office in Pukekohe, it is the nearest office to her home. It is fair to say that they were less than helpful, but it is also fair to say that the rules and regulations surrounding training at the level Tania is contemplating are perplexing. She was confused and struggling to see how she could actually extricate herself from a life on a benefit.

She went and visited her local MPO, Paul Hutchison. Tania agrees that at the time Paul Hutchison treated her with respect, with caring and agreed to write to the Minister and to the WINZ office in Pukekohe…both things he did.

Despite repeatedly informing the local office of the details of the course she was enrolled in, and I might add approved for a student loan, WINZ could not see a way to accomodate her child care requirements. The rules, which I will discuss later, are a little silly. Tania experienced the frustration of dealing with a government department. On December 27, two days after Christmas and after most of Wellington had shut down for she emailed John Key’s office.

Later in in late January and early February with the start of her course imminent she started emailing other political parties until un utter frustration she sent out an angry email asking if anyone cared about her situation.

That is the lead up and timeline. I have seen the emails and I have read them all. It is what happens next that is truly appalling when you understand the full details. Details Simon Collins omitted and details Jacinda Ardern has kept quiet.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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  • Harold

    Did someone hold a gun to her head and force her to have multiple children with multiple partners? I’m sick of reading about other people’s poor, self inflicted choices. Why doesn’t she move to be closer to her course? Why doesn’t she become a prostitute? It’s perfrectly legal these days – just hope she pays her taxes.

    •  As WO says Harold; “stay tuned for the next instalment”

      Things may not be as they seemd, and Jacinda Ardern may have backed the wrong horse…

    • Unbelievable.

      My first emotion when i read your comment was anger.

      It rapidly evolved into pity.

      •  Likewise Jackie – soulless selfish individual indeed. The left would love him as an example of National Party supporters.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – Labour Party manufacturing stories, telling deliberate lies and half truths to suit their own ends…. sounds just like their electioneering tactics. 

    •  You’re believing what you read in the newspaper – first big mistake…

    • jay cee

      and natonals.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I thought that Socialist Cindy was the horse

  • Quintin Hogg

    Don’t forget the watermelons are in this rancid little mess as well.

    •  Quite so QH; it was Jan Logie who arranged for the Greens to fly Ms Wysocki to Wellington last week to front the media in an attempt to embarrass the government.

      Who’s embarrassed now?

      • What i can’t believe is that The Greens jumped all over this story yet on their website they are calling for submissions in support of street prostitution.

        So in one blog post from The Greens have written about “shaming” beneficiaries and how awful it would be for Tania to become a prostitute – then in the next blog post they are calling for people to make submissions against any bill that will result in any bylaws in respect to street prostitution.

        Which is it Greens?!?!

  • Grandstream

    And the truth shall set you free !  The more I read your post, the more I believe that it is less about pimping the poor, and more about being able to fool some of the poeple all of the time. 

  • LesleyNZ

    Where is her and her expartners extended family? Can they help her with childcare?

    • Hakim of phut

      Dont ask awkward questions….. this is all about  kicking labour

      • LesleyNZ

        Awkward questions still have to be asked. Simon Collins and Jacinda Arden should have asked this question but they didn’t because they were so excited about their now not so “poor” story that it slipped their mind -or is it they just didn’t want to know.
        This is also about transparency and accountability in NZ mainstream media and hos easy it is to manipulate readers into thinking what they are reading is the truth when it is not.

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  • Whafe

    Great thread Cam, look forward to the next installment…..

    I smell a rat big time, of which am not at all surprised.

    •  As Cameron has shown – more rats than could have first been imagined.

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  • Please answer in your blog

    So many questions.  Why is she training for a job that has not positions available?  There are many many qualified vet nurses already unemployed.  Seems a total waste of tax-payer funds.  Why not train for a career that at least will provide some financial security for her children.  Otherwise really the entire course is simply a ”interest” course and she will still be on the DPB at the end of it.

    • Euan Rt

      As I understand it, Tania is wanting to pay her own training so that would not be a drain on tax payers funds. She is wanting to be able to claim child care as other short courses would provide if she did them. She has every right to train in an area where there are no apparent jobs if that is her passion, which it genuinely seems to be given her past experience. If she can get a break with a sympathetic employer, (if I owned a vet practice I would look at employing someone with this amount of motivation), then she will be off the benefit. We are not yet a socialist state that tells people what they can or can’t pursue.

  • Wendy

    in response to the guy about the extended family – some of us have to work as well to pay our own way and would help if we could.

    • Tania

      Tania here my family live in Wellington so to far away to help,  My older child’s aunty is helping with both kids as much as she is able.  I did not want to move closer to unitec as then rent increase and no support if kids sick.  would have to take time off from unitec

      • Euan Rt

        Tania, I wish you well and hope you reach your dreams.

  • Jodibaby

    She won’t be off the benefit being a vet nurse. Esp if she’s only doing the Cert. She needs a Diploma and then she may have a slim chance of getting a job. Hundred and hundreds of vet nurses graduate each year and the job turn over is extremely low and also how many vet practises are there?? maybe one a village, a couple a town? Which might employ two nurses?
    there are many many better choices out there to study.

  • Quazy

    where did you guys get ya crystal ball from to say there wont be any vet job available in 2yrs ….