Pity Winston doesn’t

The seppos have to declare their funds for ethics probes:

Rep. Spencer Bachus established a trust account earlier this week to pay for his legal fees, indicating that the Alabama Republican is preparing for what could be a protracted ethics probe.

A front-page story in last week’s Washington Post said the independent Office of Congressional Ethics was investigating the House Financial Services chairman for possible violations of existing insider-trading laws and House rules.

Bachus filed paperwork on Feb. 14 to establish the Spencer T. Bachus Legal Expense Trust to help defray the legal expenses associated with the probe.

If we had an Independent Commission Against Corruption we could start looking at etics breaches by politicians, aprticualrly around donations, funding and electoral law breaches.

It is a pity we don;t have the same requirements for disclosure that other jurisdictions have. If we did then it is highly unlikely Winston Peters would be gracing anyone other than a prison warder with his presence.


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  • Apolonia

    Give us our money back Winston.