Play of the Day

There was an interesting development today Question Time today where John Key stood and asked a supplementary question, it was loaded and it delivered a smackdown for Winston Peters.

To be fair to Winston, in today’s Play Of The Day I have included a clip where he explains his position on selling shares in Kiwibank… and what he said to Michael Cullen about foreign ownership of public assets…

Winston Peters really does have his own idiolect. He still denies that he supports the Mixed Ownership Model.


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  • Doug_S

    So as more up to date reference would be “We are caught with a country unable to develop and with high debt” they are the same words just take away the Air in Air NZ. The man couldn’t lie straight in bed for gods sake.

  • Boss Hogg

    Hello all of you NZ First Voters, 1 in every person that voted.  How do you feel now you complete fools.  You have put one of the most complete Pillocks into Parliament as the Court Jester, but you have deprived a small town in NZ of their Village Idiot.

    • Boss Hogg

      1 in every 20 person – sorry about typo, getting excited about this oxygen thief.

      • kayaker

        WP is a highly deluded narcissist inextricably self-bound to the baubles of office. I mean, what else could he do? Who else would have him? It’s a sad indictment that we are saddled with such losers and, much more, funding their ‘retirement plans’.

      •  I think your and kayaker’s views apply to most of the people we have in parliament.

  • Rightoverlabour

    And people voted for this clown..BUT we effing pay his salary. MMP supporters –  get what you bloody deserve…

    • Troy

      Wigston Peters is periously close to being booted by the Speaker – and that isn’t far away given his now repeated warnings directed at Wigston. Peters is the court clown, everybody knows it, he won’t last long.

  • Hakim of phut

    Key was also caught saying we wont sell Kiwibank and then saying we would sell. 

    • Agent BallSack

      And your preferred government bought into uranium enrichment and weapons manufacturing with our KiwiSaver scheme. Who do you think looks the biggest hypocrite?

    • Liberty

      Sell  Kiwibank sounds like more good news.

      Unfortunately Phatman is making things up.   

  • Phar Lap

    When Peters was in he and the doomed Liebour Party sold the South Island Power grid to the Americans  in 2004/5,he also aided and abetted Cullen when the Wellington Power Grid was sold to the Hong Kong Chinese.Lest we forget.

  • Johnboy

    The saddest thing about our Parliament is when you step back and take a dispassionate view of all the members they are all little Winston wannabees.

    He has just polished his posing better than the rest of them.

    However we will struggle on and support our various favorites until our little country is totally bankrupt.

    Then we will whine and complain and blame each other for our plight.

    Rice is nice I have heard!

    • Killjoy

      The saddest thing about our country, when you step back and take a well considered view of all the expectant, entitlement driven, socialist leeches is that they’re all little lazy has-beens.

      You have just posted (slightly) better than the rest of them (in that I can read what you’ve written).

      However we will struggle on and support our various bludgers until our little country is totally bankrupt.

      Then you will whine and complain and blame the “rich” for your plight.

      Working is rewarding I have heard!

    • Boss Hogg

      We live in Singapore where many criminals get hung and the rice is nice……….Cheers

      What is not to like about that !!

  • I can’t help but note you’ve severely edited Winston’s Q&A appearance so that he can’t explain himself. Good grief, your journalism’s about as “fair & balanced” as Fox News. 

    Anyway, a quick read of the interview transcript shows you’ve omitted the best part

    WINSTON Well, the answer’s simply this: we, at the time, were caught with a company unable to develop and with high debt.  It was a mistake to believe the National Party on this issue, and I said so at the time we walked out of Cabinet-
    GUYON Did you make a mistake on that?
    WINSTON I did make a mistake.
    GUYON On Auckland Airport?
    WINSTON I made a mistake in believing the National Party’s promise.  Because they wanted their cornerstone investor to be foreign, as you well know.  That’s the percentage you’re referring to.  And after that I made up my mind we’d never do that again because they couldn’t be trusted.  The Wellington Airport saw the end of the Coalition, when we would not accept that sale.
    (interview transcript available here: )

    • Shaun Wallis

      Once again Curwen you avoid the critical issue to try and deflect your shit-stain of a Dear Leader. What is the difference between Winston on MOMs in 2008 and Winston in 2012? My guess? Four years.

      • Good grief, Shaun; that’s a guess on par with Bill English making up numbers for Asset Sales revenue. If you’d bothered to read the transcript you’d have seen Winston answers that point. 

        The difference is that the privatization of our power companies is just that – a theft comprised of taking half the existing asset and putting it on an open market. 

        Adding $500m of capital to Kiwibank is not the same thing as half-stealing an asset. 

      • In Vino Veritas

        Curwen, a theft?  Selling something is a theft? On what basis can this statement be made?
        Your and Winston’s view on Kiwibank is idiotic. All you are suggesting is that the governments share of the company is diluted to 2 thirds rather than half (with cash back, reducing risk). Also, if the business was so good that an outside investor would take up $500m to “expand the capital base”, then why wouldnt the government?
        How old are you sonny? You must be mighty young to be that wet behind the ears.

      • Shaun Wallis

        So Curwen, if the four SOEs opened up shares for expansion, you and the Grey Rinse would support it?

        Just a fact: the distinction is just as false as Winston’s NO sign. It defies commercial reality to make distinctions on this non-existent basis.