Play of the Day – Steven Joyce

Steven Joyce finished up the Address in Reply bebate by slaughtering all the Davids of Labour, it is today’s Play of the Day:


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  • You have to love his final shot at David Cunliffe; “the only growth strategy the Labour Party has is David Cunliffe’s facial hair”; gold!

    • Dion

      I liked “The K Rudd of the New Zealand Labour Party”.  If there’s a one-liner to sum up David Cunliffe that’s it.

  • Lanceuppercut1

    How depressing. These people run our country?

  • Bea

    Where are all the Opposition members?  The seats all look empty.  Do they only work part-time?

    • Troy

      Was a bit empty in the chamber.  I don’t know if anyone watched the Canadian-Kiwi Green member talk against the Corrections Amdt Bill – what a shocker.  She’s says basically that the worst offenders shouldn’t be treated as sub-human.  Um, so, if someone was to rape children, or murder and eat people, we shouldn’t treat them any different than a law-abiding citizen.  Look, all you greenies out there, can you really support a party that wants to make life easy for the worst offenders out there… fucking unbelievable. I still can’t believe that ordinary kiwi’s are brainwashed by this pack of loonies … geesh.

  • Hoha

    Why cant they fix what is going wrong in our country instead of trying to run down each other. 

    • Kimbo

       Because sometimes, my pious. sanctimonious friend, you do indeed solve the country
      s problems, and do God’s work by expsoing economic charlatans and political snake-oil merchants

      • Hoha

        Yes that maybe true but they never get around to doing it. They always sling shit backwards and forwards at each other for 2 years. By the time they start trying to fulfill they policy promises its to late as they have to start campaigning again to stay in govt.
        Look at the welfare reforms it took almost 4 years to bring them in, that is over 1 term in charge, why because they were to busy calling the opposition names and vice versa.

  • Agent BallSack

    Typical Labour. The louder you are the more right you seem – to yourself.

  • Damn Labour make a pile of noise from nothing – in any case I have to give some points to The Speaker for pwning Hipkins on his Point of Order. Classic gold from Lockwood, Pure gold from Joyce

  • Frederico

    Sorry Whale, I’m as far right as the next man but that was just plain silly!…time to start taking running the joint seriously!!

    • Euan Rt

      Labour and the opposition have had every opportunity to to make something of the past few weeks and yet they are absent. They deserve what they get if they are not going to challenge the govt. They don’t ‘run’ the country. It is running all the time and yet another policy rolled out today for welfare reform is keeping the country running in the right direction. The debating chamber is for debating and there is little opposition raising anything relevant to debate, so this is what happens – the govt belittling the weak opposition. The important stuff like policy is not created in the debating chamber – it is supposed to be debated, but with no opposition, do you expect the govt to debate with itself?

      • Euan Rt

        Sorry not clear “they don’t run the country” should be read as “the country is not run from the chamber”

  • Phil

    Is Joyce the modern Muldoon?

  • Jman

    Juvenile stuff. You can hear someone, probably Mallard, screeching “jealous! jealous! cos he can’t grow his own hair”.

    I can see the value in this as it keeps the opposition feeling demoralized and not being taken seriously. If that’s what it takes to keep the delinquents in Labour out of power then go to it man.

  • Dr Wang

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.