Plays of the Day

It was predictable that Trevor Mallard would cop a shellacking for his scalping, and so it panned out. Gerry Brownlee got in a nice slap on a non-Point of Order.

But it was Steven Joyce, ably assisted by Tau Henare delivered a superb smacking:


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  • Guestosterone


  • Lindsay Addie

    That’s hilarious!!

  • Thorn

    Shearer has no easy options dealing with Mallard.

    • joe bloggs

      Beg to differ – he has a very easy option and it runs something like this: there’s the door – close it on the way out.

      • Thorn

        Its an easy option from a purely moral perspective, but if he dumps Mallard, Cunny and Little should be able to muster the support to roll Shearer.

      • joe bloggs

        Beg to differ again Thorn – it’s not a purely moral issue, it’s a pure performance issue.

        Mallard is a tactless confrontational buffoon with anger management issues, an inveterate liar, a hypocrite, and a grubby little serial money-grabber…

        It may well suit us to have him in the Opposition but FFS there’s something intrinstically wrong in the taxpayer being obliged to continue funding his incompetence

  • Sarrs

    Red painted ticket office…perhaps one of a chain of such offices…that did make me laugh

  • Agent BallSack

    Pwned. Just goes to show Mallard has no conscience whatsoever. Perhaps Kora will dedicate Politician to him.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Beyond the blatant hypocrisy and double standards from the lame duck – perhaps even more disconcerting was the manner and humour both sides seemed to enjoy over this “small matter”
    It seemed both sides took the entire saga as a joke. Yep – kinda funny, but blatant hypocrisy, lies, deceit and cheating from an MP is not a laughing matter – regardless of the circumstances.
    Typical Labour though…

    • Pita

       Come on  Blokeintakapuna…you know the law only applies to the plebs.

      Where else can someone get away with misappropriating (stealing) $158,000 and nothing is done about it? It makes using tax payers money to fly the missus to Auckland look like chump change. 

      • Hakim of phut

        National got away  with dodging the $110,000  for the GST –  and Joyce was behind it in 2005

  • RightNow

    Nice. Jonathan Coleman got a couple of shots in too in his address in reply. from 3:55 

    Loved it when he referred to “The king of uber-cool, NZ’s hippest 57 year old, Trevor Mallard” 

  • The Robberdog


  •  i expected more..from that question..and that whole questiontime..

    ..speaker smith had the line of the day..(if involuntary).. his most pompous voice he said:..”..we are not here to grandstand!”..

    ..everyone fell about guffawing/slapping their knees..then smith caught up..

    ..i grade questiontimes out of ten..that one got 3/10…

    (a do not bother watching the replay..)

    [email protected]

    • excuse me

       No sense of humour, eh Phil?

      • Rockfield

        Surgically removed …… like the Swiss.


  • Steve (North Shore)


    Stop laughing Trev, this isn’t realy funny. Did you buy the tickets or where they complimentary?
    If the latter, you should have returned them

  • Pita

    When can we expect to see the police take action under Section 25 of the “Major events Management Act 2007” an commit an offence against the section brings a fine not exceeding $5000…a prima facie would appear to exist…I would expect the police to act swiftly in this case.

    • Hakim of phut

      Not a major event , the Wellington7s are not listed as major event either.

      The reason why a few events are protected is because  of the big taxpayer bucks going into them

      A few garage bands doesnt make it major event- especially if its run in an event backwater like Wellington

      • hakim go troll away somewhere else

      • Hakim of phut

        ads1922, dont you like the truth ?

      • M3N78L

        Yeah a backwater,, containing the houses of Parlaiment. Defending the indefensible again Hackin off foot, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

      • Hakim of phut

        Just because you dont like it , its still not a criminal offence for the obvious reason its not a ‘major event’. The 7s arent either  you have to go to RWC level

      • M3N78L

         So by that logic, if the duckman was scalping tix to what was in your opinion a major event in auckland you’d be pissed off? But because he’s belittling (and ripping off) the work of the promoter in stinky old event backwater wellington you’re fine with it? You been sucking trevs banana again douchebag?

  • ConwayCaptain

    If this is the standard of behaviour from a SENIOR MP and ex Minister of the Crown he should resign.


    • Boss Hogg

      Fully agree.  He must be one of the most unemployable an dislikeable people in public office in the country.  He has certainly been promoted above his level of competence.  As for conscience – he obviously never had one.

      • Hakim of phut

        Not a big deal and certainly not a crime.
        Instead we have a government running a  farm sale brokerage for the Chinese government and its agents

      • Boss Hogg

        Wipe your chin HoP.

        It does not have to be criminal to be wrong.

        The details on land sales volumes over recent past years are a matter of record.

      • Hakim of phut

        Real funny that ‘Road Rage ‘ Tau Henare  is giving his  2c worth.
        He was the one  giving back door funding deals to Donna Huata when he was Minister of Maori Affairs, now that is  dodgy. They broke all the rules to do it , but they needed her vote in the dying days of the Shipley Govt. Look up the A-G reports at the time

      • Boss Hogg

        More dribble.   That was last century when Shipely was Boss.  I thought Donna went to the pokie for misuse of some funds around that time??  Are you saying Tau was doing something dodgy?  What exactly?

        I must say though, on a different tack, Tau seems to have found the pies…….. 

      • Hakim of phut

        yes she was spending the funding on her personal life but how did she the the government grants in the first place ?
        Tau Henare  was doing back door deals  to get around cabinet rules

        At least five different funding agencies appeared to have been involved in providing funds either to Pipi or to other associated organisations. This raised cross-sectoral issues – such as the prevention of “double dipping” – that the Auditor-General (as the auditor of all the funding agencies involved) was well placed to consider. 

      • Boss Hogg

        HoP (what does that name mean – Wise man of Muffled Sounds – or what?)

        Thanks for detail – still last century.  Isn’t that why we some statute of limitations so we can move on out of distant history.

        Happy Trolling – you might need to go and wipe Trevs chin as well, I am sure there will be dribble everywhere around him.

  • politically unstable

     We have 120(?) MP’s in the house at say $150k each plus all the other costs. Even at the $150k over an 8 hour day equates to over $40,000 per hour for these people to sit on their arses in parliament. Its a fucking disgrace that all these people see fit to waste taxpayer money on this bullshit. I dont agree with what he did – but labour should piss him off and let parliament get on with what they are meant to do.

    • Liberty

      Get a life.

      There is a cost to democracy.

      If  National  wants to take the piss out of a Hypercritical
      Git .

      It is good value for money.

      More to the point why hasn’t Duckman  been sacked.

      Technically not illegal to sell these  tickets 
      but its morally  wrong for a MP

      To profit  on the

      If Labour had a leader he would be gone.

  • bruno32

    I always thought mallard was a dodgy,prik. This has to be the tip of the iceberg. A Japanese response is appropriate .