Politician of the Week not Mojo but Boris

Unfortunately the comments that caused me to award Mojo Mathers politician of the week have now been attributed to Todd McClay who has clarified:

My question was in relation to possible charges for online content not their normal broadcasters. Ie they have some great series, programmes etc that whilst they should remain free to NZers, as with BBC, could be on a fee paying basis for foreigners. Just as you can buy BBC dvds, or programmes from overseas radio and news services. They have huge amounts of content which is not even digitized yet.

So it looks like Todd McClay should have the Politician of the Week for suggesting that Radio New Zealand starts charging for some content.


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  • peterwn

    Point that Todd missed is nations are quite keen for the world to hear their ‘public’ broadcasts. Think BBC World Service ( http://www.ominous-valve.com/sounds/bbc0.mp3 ), Voice of America ABC (Australia) and even Radio New Zealand’s short wave service. Arguably listeners are interested in news and information rather than entertainment. The Goon Show was rather tedious to listen to on BBC World Service short wave.