Politician of the Week

Mojo Mathers might be bringing a bit of sense to the Greens.

Mojo Mathers (Green) asked RNZ whether people from all over the world are now listening to RNZ through the internet. Griffin responded that about 75% of internet customers are from New Zealand and the rest are from around the world. Cavanagh added that online broadcasting was hugely beneficial to RNZ as it enabled them to supply on-demand content and reach New Zealander’s anywhere in the World. Mathers suggested charging international internet users of RNZ and Cavanagh not sure about the idea.

Radio New Zealand are pleading they are broke because they give away free content and don’t sell advertising. It is about time they stopped bludging and sticking their hand out, and excellent (if technically wrong) suggestions like this one from Mojo are a really good start.

Ignore that she was technically challenged and wrong-headed in trying to restrict or charge for access…She raises, if somewhat obtusely, that delivery via the internet is different from free to air and commercial free radio. I can’t see any problem whatsoever with Radio New Zealand putting advertising on their website and also on their online delivered content. The proposition is simple…if you want commercial free content listen to the wireless, if you want content delivered anywhere, any time then be prepared for advertising.

Mojo is the first of the 2011 intake to be award Whaleoil’s politician of the week. Well done Mojo for at least speaking up.


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  • Guest

    Not a bad idea actually. 

  • Gazzmaniac

    The ABC make money by selling their content online and by putting DVDs into stores.  That could be applied here.
    Wait a second, RNZ don’t have anything people would pay for.  I think advertising supported programming is probably a good idea.

  • Johnboy


  • niggly

    Good idea that on line advertising.

    And what about online donations? Plenty of international philanthropist’s & grateful types out there (easy peasy donate online).

    RNZ should also be seeking sponsorship (an anathema to RNZ over the decades), after all they do have good product in amongst there.

  • Good on Eminem!!!!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Good idea I’m sure all 5 listeners will appreciate it.

  • MarcWills

    The 25% of international listeners includes (mostly) NZers, so I don’t think this is a great idea. So you make a charge or sell advertising – the costs for administering this would exceed the revenue, = nett loss and you still have the same costs for making the feed available in the first place.

    God we have enough trouble being relevant in the real big world without doing our best to switch the current audience off.

    The “free” service is a great investment and we should treasure those who take the time to listen and not exploit them.

  • Dr Wang

    While she’s at it, could Ms Mojo also get written (English) subtitles on her interviews, speeches etc please – I can’t understand what the fuck she’s trying to say.

    Presumably the voters are entitled to hear and understand what the fuck their employees are saying too?

    • Greg M

       Good comment Dr.
      If this woman is representing say 10% of the population, what the fuck are the rest of us getting for our money? Diddley squat again, which seems to be all the minor parties can offer.

  • Sallydeb

    What’s so special about RNZ? Why are taxpayers forced to fork out for them at all? If enough listeners want advertising free broadcasting wether it be radio or internet, then subscriber or donation models will work.