Ports served yet another strike notice

Emboldened by Labour’s new found support for the wharfies the Maritime Union, who aren’t blessed with brains have declared yet another strike.

The Ports of Auckland has just been served with notice of a 9th strike, effective immediately after the finish of the 8th strike. The period is 7 days.

This will give an effective strike period of 14 days. The Port of Tauranga will have a smile a mile wide.

Given that the current strike action is being ignored by the Port and it is operating with little disruption it seems the Maritime Union has failed to grasp the situation they are now in.

The tactic is obviously to draw the government into the issue, given that the lead on actions is now being taken by the Labour Party directly, guided by the CTU.

How they think this will assist the families of the striking workers escapes me.

The latest focus of the Union has been to involve wives and families, and I can only assume that on an average income of $91,000 they can afford two weeks on strike, making that case somewhat irrelevant.


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  • politically unstable

    Surely, the POAL boys must be due to review tenders for contracting out this work? or are they just bluffing…if they are bluffing, they are dead in the water.

    I hope they have a new contractor in place soon so all this shit goes away

  • Owl

    Most people are aware my previous posts but consider this piece of information just to hand.

    A sports club has been told that their kids Junior sports gear may not arrive in time for the season because of the port strike.

    Now here is the situation simply – for a moment I am going to be a supporter of MUNZ  agree with their stance on the one condition they come down to the sports ground and explain to the junior players why their sports equipment will not be here on time.’

    Thats reasonable request don’t you think?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      reasonable request – absolutely.
      Unions, request, reasonable, on time – kinda don’t mix in the same paragraph though.

      What about the business’s MUNZ are crippling due to their self serving beligerant actions?

    • politically unstable

       Dont bet on it – They will bully the kids into signing a bloody petition!!!  Blame it on the 1% bullshit

    • Guest

      Hell yeah. Tell us where they’re turning up & we can beat the cr*p out of the union scum.

      Key should just deregister *all* the unions, depose all MPs elected with union money, fire all unionist civil servants – fuck terminate al union contracts – ban ’em from ACC & benefits & super

      union FUCKS

  • Allan

    I trust that Gary Parsloe is having his wages deducted every time that a strike occurs.  Methinks that if this was the case he may think more carefully about the destructive course that he his leading the lemmings on. Soon there will be no jobs for the members however Parsloe and his merry henchmen will retain theirs and go on to find another maritime industry to destroy.  Such is the small minded thinking of the Left.

    • ConwayCaptain


      Parsloe will be on full pay, union car and all the perks.  Until yhey have secret ballots they will still vote with “the bruvvers”

  • Owl

    Whether union organizers get paid or not is not relevant because they are doing their job.
    What is relevant is the fact that for two weeks people personal lives will be disrupted. People who have no say on what is going on….children.

    So MUNZ I make an offer. You are aware of what items will coming off the ships..why don’t you make a list of the important items. Promise to unload them…deliver them…thats all the OWL is asking.

    As we know you read this….I ask that someone replies on here with just a simple Yes…there is a sport team I know who did months of sausage sizzles for new kit….for a pre-season tournament.

    Just a little bit of father Xmas….

  • bruno32

    The Auckland munters must be thicker than that kelly woman’s, fathers flagon bottom  glasses. These guys are threatening and disrupting thousands of small businesses throughout nz,in a period of history that is very tough for business.No one likes blackmailers and opportunist thieves and  They will burn in hell.

  • Guest

    POAL are doing a stunning job of keeping the wharves working all things considered. Working for a company that is reliant on imported goods I can assure you this most current round of strikes has not affected us at all. The Union might be pissing people off but they are not having anywhere near the impact they could or should be able to achieve. We all know what happened to Occupy Auckland, Occupy POAL the end is near!!