Press Council tells Jackal to front

Todd McDonald aka The Jackal has been told to sling his hook by the Press Council because he won’t reveal who he is. He complained last year about the NBR and the Otago Daily Times.

Remember this is the same cock who tried to sue David Farrar but lacked the bravery to have a crack at me for posting the exact same details as David did. He is also a plagiarist.

Now here is what the Press Council has to say about internet pest and troll Todd McDonald aka The Jackal, plumber and part time race horse trainer of Ruakaka:

In September 2011 Todd McDonald complained about an article on oil and gas royalties published in the National Business Review. In October Mr McDonald complained about an article referring to blogger comments about Labour Party hoardings published in the Otago Daily Times.

In both complaints Mr McDonald gave an email address [email protected] but refused to provide any further detail.

The editor of The ODT advised Mr McDonald he had received legal advice which stated that a complainant should be properly identified.

The editor noted “The rationale of the advice to establish the identity of a complainant is the need to be satisfied the complaint is a bona fide one. An email address relates only to the source of the email and the actual user could be any person or indeed a number of persons. It may also be that the person making the complaint has a vested interest or hidden agenda of their own, which brings into question the veracity of the complaint. It is not unknown for persons or groups to attempt to manipulate the media under the guise of making complaints.”

The editor of the NBR also questioned whether they were obliged to respond to a complainant who refused to divulge any identifying information.

Requests from the Press Council for an address; phone number; driver licence details or car registration (Mr McDonald said he was homeless and lived in a car) were all refused.

This is exactly the same behaviour that Todd McDonald tried when he attempted to threaten David Farrar. Now some might say how do you know this is the same person. Well here is one of his comments he left on my blog before he was banned for trolling behaviour:

Now note that he has added .blog in the address for commenting, but I also have several abusive emails from the email address noted above.

Todd McDonald aka the Jackal isn’t a homeless man who lives in a car. He is a sad angry little man who runs a plumbing business in Ruakaka. He is a serial complainant, a try hard bully and a pathetic apologist for the Labour party.

The Press Council concludes:

The Press Council determined not to rule on Mr McDonald’s complaints. They reasoned that they should not rule on a complaint where the complainant had not provided any detail as to their bona fides.

If a newspaper were to publish material or a letter to the editor under the same circumstances (without establishing, or having the means to establish, the credentials of the commenter/letter-writer) the Press Council might very well say the newspaper was at fault. The same principle applied. If the Council accepted the complaint it was lowering its standards to a level it wouldn’t want a newspaper to practice.

The Council understood that Mr McDonald might not be able to provide a residential address, given his personal circumstances, and was not refusing the complaint on the grounds that he was homeless

However, he should still be able to provide some proof that he is Todd McDonald; that Todd McDonald does exist; that Todd McDonald is not simply a made-up alias or a name for some other party or person.

The Press Council declined to rule on Mr McDonald’s complaints.

Todd will of course now complain that this was all a conspiracy led by John Key to silence his critics who are only trying to hold him to account for the wanton rape of our country at the hands of evil banksters on behalf of the 99%.


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  • NFWAB part two!

  • joe bloggs

    Funcking hilarious.

    A nasty piece of work that Todd/Jackel – with a nasty track record.

    I particularly liked the comments from the incoming chairman of the Whangarei Racing Club who told Todd to fuck off from the committee – “Todd, you might be better off being the dictator of a small country rather than try and work on a committee”

    Then there was his abuse of Karl du Fresne who was blocked from replying on Todd’s website (the irony of this – after complaining about being barred from Kiwiblog…). loved Karl’s description of McDonald – “… mendacious, cowardly and asinine… a contemptible flea all round”.

  • MYOB

    Yeah well Jackal is right. You are a lowlife Slater. Anyone who discloses the identity of sex abuse victims is lower life than bacteria.

    • Euan Rt

      Why your anononymity you coward?

    • Any reason hiding behind the cloak of an acroynm of a respectable company?

      • Dr Wang

        He’s typing with one hand, but concentrating on what the other hand is doing – he really meant to sign off as MBLA (a slightly “less respectable” group).

      • Euan Rt

        No, probably stands for Many Years On Benefit.

      • Sarrs

        Dr Wang – I googled that and now I regret it. Must. Erase. Browsing. History. 


      MYOB,have you got the balls to use your real name,or are you just anouther tosser like your jackal mate.Suggestion-If you dont like the site/Cameron.fuck off and bother someone else.

    • Sarrs

      Hey – MYOB is a great accounting product, stop sullying their good name with your nasty words. 

    • Euan Rt

      Cam, you outed someone else the other day. This guy has broken your rule that on this blog you are always right so they don’t deserve to remain anonymous.

      • He is using a fake email. 

      • Euan Rt

        obviously Mr Todd up to his usual tricks. What a tosser.

    • Sarrs
    • Who disclosed the identity of a sex abuse victim? Certainly not me. Anonymous defmatory accusations are not tolerated here. Bye.

      • @BoJangles

         Maybe MYOB’s post is cryptic, and our scumbag Ruakaka plumber has a sx offending history as well………sounds plausible.

      • From Andrew Geddis: 

        Second, the particular examples Mr Slater has chosen to fight his battle on are not, on closer inspection, that pretty. Sure, the by-now infamous “prominent NZ entertainer” who obtained permanent name suppression following conviction for a late-night, drunken sexual assault represents a debatable judicial call. But the temporary (note that – temporary) suppression of the name of a “former-Olympian” until his trial on multiple charges of sexual violence against his wife was imposed to protect the identity of his victim. Parliament has determined that a suppression order in this situation is all but mandatory, precisely because publishing the identity of the alleged attacker would reveal to all the world that his wife (allegedly) has been raped.(Actually, given Mr Slater’s purported concern about the “rights and wrongs of crim​i​nals being able to hide their details when the vic​tims are often pub​licly named and their pict​ ures shown for all the world to see”, I’m a little surprised this aspect of the case seems to have passed him by. After all, he’s been charged with a breach of s.139(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1985 – breaching a non-publication order that protects the identity of a rape victim. Perhaps he ought to make that fact a little more prominent in his campaign, or perhaps the “real” media might like to question him on that matter?)

      • Oh look it is my very own stalker, a guy who has written more about me than anyone else…fuck off and get a life Peter.

        Oh and if I identified a “sex abuse victim” I challenge you to try and work out who, because I still can;t and don;t know exactly who it is…it meant nothing to the judge to be pointed out that the Olympian has changed his name twice via deed poll…he was more intent on following instructions from the Solicitor-General.
        But I am not going to debate you, not with all the creepy posts you write about me and the sneaky and underhand way with which you conduct yourself.

        Just fuck off.

      • Euan Rt

        I didn’t want to comment here till you had a chance of rebuttal Whale. Having read a bit of his pee pee (quite appropriately named really), his writing is verbous and self absorbed opinion pieces with no breaking stories, just rehashed personal opinion. Weak really. 

      • He wrote a fair few posts while employed by Radio Live, but curiously left out my name, but they were directed at me for sure…

        He must have left Radio Live now because he did a whingy post about being controlled by bosses despite being a “journalist”…and then wrote some full out attacks..

        Definitely has issues with me. Too fucking bad…the world has changed and he no like it.

      • Hello Cam,It seems my criticisms have upset you. That’s understandable.No debate, just a couple of clarifications: For the record, any comments I write ‘directed at’ you will generally include your name. On my blog, they’re locatable by tags: you feel I’ve missed tagging a post about you (wishful thinking?) let me know. I’m not aware of any ‘whinge’ or ‘attacks’ (‘full-out’ or otherwise) I’ve made regarding Radio Live, as you suggest. – Peter

    • joe bloggs

      Mendacious, cowardly, asinine, contemptible flea – bet you “Liked” your own post

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  • Mark

    Peter, pull the carrot out of your arse and go discover a life. Creepy stalker that you are.