Profoundly Dead?

We all know Winston Peters has lost his hair, hence the wig. We also know that the bottle appears to have got the better of him. After yesterday’s performance I’m starting to think he has lost his marbles.

In a bid to cement his place as the real Leader of the Opposition despite the obvious handicaps that come with advanced years he sent out a press release supporting Mojo Mathers as New Zealand’s first “profoundly dead” MP.

NZ First reacted quickly to the news, speedily issuing a media statement announcing that the party would help meet the extra cost, but made an unfortunate error in the second paragraph.

“This follows the refusal of the Speaker’s Office to allow special funding for the equipment needed by Ms Mathers who is New Zealand’s first profoundly dead MP,” the original statement read.

Perhaps they were talking about Winston Peters, New Zealand’s first Zombie politician, who is profoundly dead.


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  • I’ve done this typo mistake many times… it’s unfortunate the ‘d’ and ‘f’ keys are next to each other. The Dead community is having a laugh at the moment as we see the funny side of it.

  • Southshore

    Good on you KIm – nothing else to do – but you truly don’t; need this kind of SUPPORT!

  • Agent BallSack

    Profoundly dead? As are Winnies constituents.

  • Richard B. (formally poorman)

    Also note the use of the term ‘equipment’.

    So Whinney is able to refer to people as ‘equipment’
    But John Key can’t call them ‘old’ ???

  • AnonWgtn

    After 5 years in the Parliamentary system I find it difficult to accept that she is “profoundly deaf”, but now she is in Parliament she needs additional staff to hold her hand in Parliament.
    It is not the equipment, which is fundably available, it is a staffing matter for the Greenpeace party to pay from their generous $5.9m allocation.
    A media beatup, as usual.