Questions for the Greens

Why are the Greens not telling anyone that she worked for 5 years as a senior policy advisor for The Greens?

She was also a parliamentary advisor at one point.

That means she was well aware of the Parliamentary environment.

I wonder whether she or the Greens have previously paid for her to have an electronic note taker in that environment before?

Clearly the Greens are using disability as a means to grandstand.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Totally agree its a grandstand. Most people think its the nasty National Party (The Gummint) somehow stopping our poor wee deaf (Green) MP from taking her rightful place in Parliament.

  • Catwoman

    Quote about Gareth Hughes page on Greens website.  It really does show the intelligence of the man!

    “……but also knows that he is where he is because he has always been himself. ”


  • nzd.gbp

    If you’re going to keep saying this provocative stuff then I’m going to have to keep replying and I’m developing a disability myself due to sleep deprivation! WHO CARES IF IT IS A GRANDSTAND? Isn’t it great that we are removing barriers to participation?! All for only 30grand or whatever? The more who hold the government (of all parties) to account, the better surely. These scumbags will all try to sneak in extras at our expense so let’s shine as many lights on them as we can!!

  • What is this? Disability Bashing Week? Come on… get over it and start making Parliament accessible for ALL. Quit being selfish Kiwi’s bickering over these small things. It’s not just about her… there’s thousands of Kiwi’s with a Hearing loss that need the same access to Parliament. History just keeps repeating itself… at first it was women who entered Parliament being told their place was in the kitchen, next it was Maori’s, next it was Gays, now it’s Disabilities… Democracy is for ALL.

    • Guestosterone

      the point is numnuts that abusing the speaker is not the way to go about it

      what a fucking cryfest over nothing

      there is due process and if that doesn’t work then changes will be suggested/voted on/implemented

      • nzd.gbp

        No. numnuts. This isn’t about abusing the speaker. Read the comments. They are nearly all along the lines of “why should we pay to let a deaf person participate in our democracy. If we let them then where do we draw the line”

        The line is not yours to draw.

        (hehe, I haven’t heard “numnuts” for ages)

    • nzd.gbp

      It’s incredible that you even need to say that in this day and age. 

      • Guestosterone

        my comment is about the actions of the green party not the opinions of a bunch of internet warriors on who should and shouldn’t be in parliament

        i made no comment about any line drawing

      • nzd.gbp

        Ok fair enough. Now that I read your comment again I agree with you. I was trapped in the other thread where the comments were as I described above.

    • Roscoe

      You know Kim this issue has done so much damage to the hearing impaired community in New Zealand allowing the Greens to use one of their own ex employees to pull this stunt.  You should be directing your anger to the party directly.

      • nzd.gbp

        How can enabling participation in our democracy be seen as a stunt? That’s the kind of pompous language Helen Clark or Rob Muldoon would have used.

    • Anonymous

      As has been pointed out – the additional funding isn’t for equipment but for personnel. Personnel funding has already been allocated to each party. Additional funding allocations must follow the proper channels before they can be approved.

      No one here is saying deaf people shouldn’t be allowed in parliament – they are simply saying that proper funding protocols must be followed. No one is saying that deaf people shouldn’t have access to the parliamentary process – just that…wait for…additional funding must be applied for and approved! You can have a huge moan and cry discrimination if the Government declines the additional funding. 

      • Peter Wilson

        They can certainly fast track such a simple requirement. They are buying a fight they can’t win, when right wingers just as myself get angry at Lockwood.

        It’s not like the Greens would get an advantage from the employment of an extra person. Now the detail might be up for negotiation. Would the assistant be constantly required, at committee meetings for example? That I wouldn’t go along with. A simple interpretor in Parliament is all they are looking at I assume.

      • nzd.gbp

        I think the problem here is that we’ve just come from the other thread where LOADS of people said that deaf people should perhaps get a different job. One they’re more suited to.

      • Sarrs

        Peter – I don’t think they are buying any fight – they are proceeding with caution. I think you are right when you say the details are up for negotiation – if the details are still being negotiated, then the cost is as well. You can’t fast track funding when the total cost of what you are trying to fund hasn’t been adequately defined. 

  • Agent BallSack

    I have no issue with the $30k bill to set this up and make it go away, but think that the Greens should have brought this to the attention of Parliamentary Services months ago. Good on Mojo Mathers for getting into Parliament but she’s deaf not stupid. Its been blown way out of proportion by a bunch of caftan wearing, tea drinking hippies.

    • Paulus

      It is not the payment for the equipment, which is covered – it is the cost of staffing this equipment.Up to two operatives running around Mojo Blowjo whenever she wants.
      It is an employment matter.
      Having worked in Parliament for 5 years Mojo Blowjo should know better.
      A media/greenpeace backed PR stunt.

  • You miss the point, her past experience only supports her credentials as a potentially effective MP. Mojo continually battles to overcome her deafness to perform at the level she is required and to be told that the money given to all MPs to support their role must in her case be used to compensate for her disability is repugnant and unethical. 700,000 New Zealanders suffer from hearing loss to various degrees and to say that the individual or Party has to fund the extra support needed for someone from that community to exist in parliament is bizarre. This sort of attitude will place even more barriers in front of those with disabilities who have political aspirations. 

    • Raymond

      Would you employ a second person to help an employee do their job? Of course you would not, Mojo Mathers has worked in the system for years she is well aware that this assistance was not available and stood for rlection anyway – it is all a try on by the Greens Party – Shame on them they have caused irrepairable damage to the deaf community.  

      • Peter Wilson

        You would employ the second person if you thought the employee was worth it, and Mojo’s employers clearly do (the voters)

      • Guestosterone

        You would employ the second person if you thought the employee was worth it, and Mojo’s employers clearly do (the voters)”

        i agree with the first part but the second part needs qualifying, it sounds like the sort of baseless summation winston would profer

    • Anonymous

      Then why didn’t the Green party query this when the personnel funding was allocated and negotiate additional funding at the time? 

      People aren’t angry at the deaf community, they are angry at the Green party for politicising an issue that could have been dealt with quietly and efficiently. For goodness sake, this is the first deaf MP in NZ history – something to celebrate, yes. Something to learn from for future deaf MP’s, definitely yes. 

    • kehua

      No barriers at all the Greens want it the bloody Greens should pay for it, they in their wisdom chose a deaf person to work with them in Parliament. Waste of time bunch of List MP`s, waste of my money. As the Greens would say “Ban them“, dreamers!

  • Anonymous

    The key question, in my mind, is – did the Green party expressly state what would be needed to cater to the requirements of Mojo Mathers’ and the additional costs associated? This has just been sprung on the speaker who has never had to cater for a deaf MP before. 

    It’s like when a vegetarian comes round to my house for tea and gets upset when I’m cooking steak – you should have told me before you came round that you had special requirements and what they specifically were so I could cater to them. I’m quite happy to pop down to the shop and get you some tofu but calling me ignorant and discriminatory isn’t right. I’m not asking you to pay for the tofu yourself – I just need some time to get down to the ATM and get some money out so I can pay for it. 

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  • Doug_S

    I had a few spare minutes on my hands earlier and found another deaf MP in Austria. She is also a tree hugger and her policies bare a striking resemblance to the NZGP. I took a look at her Wiki page and noted someone had added a comment the Ms Mathers is the 4th MP and has been since December 2001?? I couldn’t find any history info other than tracing it to someone called Clercfan. Link below

    It would be interesting to know if the Clecfan is someone we might know? the reason I looked in the first place was to try to a certain what support other deaf MP’s receive. So far I have found nothing other than someone assigned to sign while other MP’s speak.

  • Agent BallSack

    This makes deaf people seem unable to do their job effectively. The Greens stunt has made one woman seem more disabled than she is and raised the ire of the deaf community.

  • davidw99

    Just looking beyond the immediate, I would love to be privy to the person specs for the transcription job.  Just where in the priorities they would put “must be a member of the Green Party and espouse Green principles and ideals” is the first question.  Presumably this person may be subject to Official Secrets Act clearance and could potentially be a source of leaks of highly confidential Green Party strategy and tactics.
    I’ll warrant that they have already identified someone they wish to have in the position.  Someone who can add some research or advisory muscle to teh Party and someone who will possibly be more than a keyboard operator.
    I would also question the cost.  A trained person may command $30 per hour ($30,000 cost over 1000 hours) but what about coverage for sickness, holidays etc.  All history tells me is that the approximate cost for total employment cost is about 2x salary.  Who is pulling whose leg here? there is no way they will get a person who can transcribe 60wpm for $15 per hour. 
    Something smells.

    • Peter Wilson

      Sign language interpreter yes. Electronic transscription or whatever…no  Enabling her to do her job in parliament. yes…..a backdoor to get another paid researcher? no

  • Dr Wang

    Miss Mojo didn’t seem to have any problems communicating with Sainsbury on CloseUp last night – without any special equipment. What exactly is she asking for?

    • Hakim of phut

      There would have  been a sign language interpreter off camera in the studio

      • Catwoman

         Mojo does not sign, she prefers to lip read

      • Gazzaw

        How do you know that?

      • Symgardiner

        Mojo said she reads lips and doesn’t sign in her first interview after the election.

  • Hakim of phut

    Disability budget paid by the taxpayers for all NZ every year is around $2 bill.

    Some seem to think they should have all been put in a sack at birth and drowned…. to avoid any future inconvenience

    • Sarrs

      Don’t go to that place. I know you’re implying that that’s what the ‘evil right’ would do but please, don’t go there. It’s not true. What an awful, provocative thing to say – and the only point of it is to encourage other people into making inflammatory statements. Don’t drag this thread down to that level. 

    • Guestosterone

      you are a bitter and twisted piece of work douchebag

    • Gazzaw

      What exactly are you implying HoP?

      • Guestosterone


    • Thorn

      Your proposed crime against humanity is what exactly what the Fabian Socialists in NZ and elsewhere have supported as a key doctrine. 

      As reported in the Guardian, “Fabian socialists provided the intellectual justification for the eugenics policy that led to the lost generations scandal” This why Fabians, and ask Bernard Hickey where he stands on this, have sought and sadly often succeeded in undermining the traditional family, property rights, and individual freedom.

      Fuck you and your kind.

  • Agent BallSack

    “MPs gets funding to cover 80 hours of staff time a week, or two full-time equivalent workers, for assistants inside and outside Parliament.
    Mathers estimates she needs 1000 hours a year for staff to send an instant transcript of proceedings in the debating chamber to a laptop on her desk.”
    She gets 2 staff, 40hours each per week: 2560 hours in a 32 week year, – 1000 for note taking, still leaves 1560 hours. 
    So she could conceivably put in a request &  use her 2 staff until the request passes muster when PSC meets early March.

  • Dr Wang

    I also think we all would benefit from a translator for Winston Peters – I couldn’t understand a word he was saying (neither could the Speaker) during question-time in parliament last week, when he was “drunk in charge of a question”.

  • Engineer

    Shouldn’t we get translators for the whole green party for all official events and media releases, to translate from moron to English?

  • Kosh103

    She is a MP and should not have to pay to do her job. Simple as that. If someone needed a wheelchair ramp, it would be put in at parl’s expense, as well as all the adjustments needed to the seating.

    No different here.

    • Sarrs

      I am happy for the Govt to fund the additional expense if it isn’t attached to Mojo Mathers’ herself. As has been pointed out – lots of deaf people want access to the goings on in parliament. 
      Structure the application for funding in a way that the service provided assists Ms Mathers to do her job but, should she leave parliament, it can remain in place and continue to benefit the hearing impaired throughout NZ. At the moment, the way it reads to me, is that it will directly benefit Ms Mathers but is contingent on Ms Mathers’ appearance in parliament. To me that is more like the wheelchair than the ramp – a wheelchair directly benefits the disabled individual while the ramp benefits the disabled public. As long as the solution to this problem is long term and will continue to benefit the hearing impaired of NZ should Ms Mathers leave parliament I will be happy. 

      • Ksoh103

        Thats fine by me. Put something in place that is there for the long run.

    • Callum

       Last I checked no one asked her to pay, it has been suggested though that she use a portion of her or her parties funding allocation to cover the expense.

      • Kosh103

        And I am saying that she shouldnt have to use that for this.

  • Super_Guest

    I don’t really care either way. It’s clear that the Greens are using her for publicity, so I don’t really care if she doesn’t get it. If she does, well, it’s not the end of the world, just a waste of money.

  • jay cee

    yes she may read lips, but think about it, the debating chamber can have more than one person at a time talking and if she can’t see them front on she wont know what is being said.
    in my opinion she is just trying to make a point about treating deaf people equally something they have been calling for for years.

  • Jamesj

    I have mixed views on this. 

    1/ She’s a list MP so she wasn’t voted in by the public but was installed by the Greens.

    2/ Now that she’s here yes she does need to participate in Parliament but the costs for her to do so need to be reasonable.  I use the word reasonable in the sense of in relation to her salary of around $130,000 (ie her recognised worth to the public).  $30,000 is a lot proportionally of her salary – around 25% extra cost.  Are there cheaper options available to allow her to participate?

    3/ The Greens are definately playing politics on this.  The speaker didn’t say that she couldn’t have what she wanted he said that there was no budget to do so and that a decision would have to wait until the committee met in February. I do think it was in quite poor taste to use her maiden speech to attack the speaker over this.