Quote of the Day

Winston Peters is a crook

From Tariana Turia:

Whanau Ora Minister Tariana Turia said Mr Peters’ attacks were scurrilous. “We are talking about a person who in his previous time in Parliament took $158,000 worth of taxpayers’ money and never ever paid it back. Mr Peters knows nothing, and he shouldn’t keep guessing.”

This is what I like to see politicians who aren’t squeamish and are prepared to shiv their opponents.

While we are at it, when is Winston Peters going to pay us back. It simply isn’t acceptable for him to fob this issue off by claiming that he donated to charity…I doubt that Susan Couch has seen a single cent.


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  • Guest

    Aye but the man has a leather hide – nothing touches him!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    What about Labour attempting to fix / rig the 2008 election when they also stole almost $1 Million dollars in tax payer funds to deliberately and cynically over-spend this amount as they attmepted to rort the system they created, then they needed to retrospectively change the law so they wouldn’t need to prosecute themselves for theft, corruption and treason.

    Have Labour paid that money back?
    If not, how is it they are still allowed to electioneer on stolen tax payer funds?

    • Anonymous

      The answer to this problem? Ban on public funding for election campaigns. 

  • Anonymous

    When Tariana first became a Minister, I thought that she was a lobbyist with a Beehive office and was most unimpressed with her. I have been most impressed with Tariana’s progress in politics and the way she has learned what the job was really about.

  • Paulus

    Tariana has done a great job. I hope that she and Pieter (also a good job) do not throw a wobbly and make fools of themselves in the process.
    They should not let feral Maori Peters get to them (aided by the media).

  • spike

    Whaleoil has obviously been psychologically hurt on some personal level by Winston Peters to be so anti Peter’s and so pro-separatist. I know which side i would take… By the way the media does not aid Peters (the had a Peters blackout) whereas it often aids maori activist propaganda such as that which spews from the mouth of Tariana and Sharples, look how much coverage the Maori party gets compared to their share of the vote…it’s crazy!

    • kehua

      No Spike, thinking people are just sick of the thieving , lying old `has been` who in another time did promise so much but in effect delivered so little. As a once very strong Winston supporter I am now embarrassed by his actions and sick of him rabbling on about each and every political situation that is arising. He would best hold his tongue and at least that way he may only be thought of as a fool because every time he opens it ,he proves that he is a fool.