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On Marriage Equality:

“[P]residential candidates tend to be a generation (or two) beyond the millennial generation and therefore reflect where the party has been on many social issues, not where it is going. Does anyone believe that we are going to stop and reverse the progress of women moving into combat roles in the military? It’s almost as nonsensical as arguing that after going through the task of retraining and adapting to the abolition of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ that we would turn around, root out gays already serving and reverse recruiting and other practices. At some point ideology collides with reality,” – Jennifer Rubin.

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  • Groans

    If you had a platoon of hetero sexual males, a platoon of gays, and a platoon of women and set them at war against each other the hetero-sexual males would win every time.  Gays, woman in combat roles? No way.  They just bring the standard down.

    • Auto_immune

      I would of thought the platoon of hetero males would get distracted by the platoon of women coming at them

      • Groans

        Yes, especially as they know that the girls have topless pillow fights in barracks

      •  Be nice to think they’d all look like and behave like Playboy models – but if you research those women that get into any aggressive role anywhere you’ll see the majority are far more ruthless and blood-thirsty than men…

    • Guestosterone

      you’d be pretty keen to shoot “gays” wouldn’t you groans?

      • Groans

        Not at all.  All I ask is that if you are inflicted with the homo disease don’t try and tell me nothings wrong.

  • Aichear

    “Marriage Equality” what is with this adoption of the framing tactics of the left by Whale Oil. I know you’re in favour of changing the definition of marriage as a policy matter but, please, do it more honourably.

  • Andrei

    At some point ideology collides with reality,

    It has already – at  Srebrenica  

  • Andrei

    And again in the Persian Gulf

    The sad thing about Liberals is even when facts fly in the face of the fantasy world they live in they still continue  to believe in their nonsense.