Quote of the Day

from Mark Mitchell’s maiden speech:

One thing I could see early in my career was the amount of damage gangs and organised crime did to our communities. Whether they be the Mongrel Mob, Hell’s Angels, or Asian triads, they are parasites living off the back of our communities and a bunch of low-life cowards. Hunting in packs, they rob, steal, rape, murder, intimidate, assault, and generally terrorise anyone unlucky enough to get in their way.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Exchange “Mongrel Mob, Hell’s Angels, or Asian triads” for “Unions and the Labour Party” and it reads just the same!

  • Boss Hogg

    He forgot to mention Manufacture, Distribute and Sell Meth, Crack, Heroine, Dope etc getting people from all parts of society hooked on their poison.

  • niggly

    He also forgot to mention the damage done to our communities by the likes of the Greens and Labour (eg blaming all of society’s ills on the Government, hey but’s just ignore gangs, patch wars, dopey parents, people’s lack of responsibility etc)!