Quote of the Week

By Gordon Campbell of Scoop:

Yet clearly, Mallard and the Labour leadership have learned nothing from this grubby little saga. Maybe the electorate has, though. Because any young voter has been given a very simple political lesson in terms that they can readily understand, Namely, that if you want to change the government, vote for the Greens. Because Labour are a party who’ll screw you over ticket prices for any music gig, any chance they get.


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  • Vikingonmars

    Yep vote Greens, they understand everything.
    Charging or blocking by location

    We all get frustrated when various sites are blocked because your
    IP address says you are from the wrong country. Well one NZ MP wants
    Radio NZ to do the same. Select Committee News reported:

    Mojo Mathers (Green) asked RNZ whether people from
    all over the world are now listening to RNZ through the internet.
    Griffin responded that about 75% of internet customers are from New
    Zealand and the rest are from around the world. Cavanagh added that
    online broadcasting was hugely beneficial to RNZ as it enabled them to
    supply on-demand content and reach New Zealander’s anywhere in the
    World. Mathers suggested charging international internet users of RNZ
    and Cavanagh not sure about the idea.

    • Gazzaw

      And she was the Senior Policy Advisor for the Greens??

    • ConwayCaptain

      the problem that we have in the Parliaments of many of the Western Democracies is that we now have the “Professional Politian”

      In days gone by people had a career and then decided that they wanted to go into politics and were voted into Parliament.  We therefore had a good cross section of experience from farmers throug ex servicemen and women, union leaders, business people etc etc.

      Now we have the Professional Pollie.  Go to school, go to uni, get a job in an NGO, Govt Dept, Union, Political Party or of that ilk.  Then get into Parliament.

      Damn all outside experience, damn all worldy experience abd damn all common sense.

      In the words of the late lamented Captain Macmillan at the Akl Nautical School, “It is called common sense as it is so [email protected]#$%g unusual”

      • George

        I remember MacMillan well. Lifeboat course, advice about passengers attempting to order the coxwain around “unship the tiller bar, whack him over the head reship the tiller and carry on as before. YOU are to be in charge!”

      • ConwayCaptain


        Mother Mac or Bwana Mkubwa (Great Chief in Swahili) as he was known to us in the Masters FG Class was not adverse to picking up a Nories Tables (Thick and heavy) and chucking it across the room if you got a question wrong during Friday Afternoon Prayers.  That was when you did the Collision Regulations.

        After about 2 hrs of Bwana’s searching questions it was down to the Imperial Tavern with the lads and to DMP (Drink More Piss)

        A GREAT Teacher.  Had an Extra Masters and he ran that school with an iron fist. No Bloody Velvet Glove to hide it.  When you went up for your exams you knew that you knew your subject.  He died 18 months or so ago and it was a private service otherwise you wouldnt have been able to get in and the PISS UP afterwards would have been memorable.

        RIP Bwana

      •  Easiest way to stop carreer politicians is to cap the number of terms a politician can sit in the house for…
        American presidents are restricted to two terms. Why cant our politicians be subjected to a regime where they can sit 2 to 3 terms consecutively, or four maximum, over their entire political carreer.
        The member for Whananaki, aka Winston Peters would be gone, having sat in Hunua, Tauranga, on his bum and bloody near everywhere else over many terms.
        Banks would be gone, The Duck would be gone, and many others would be on borrowed time!

  • Johnboy

    The real question (that has never been answered) is why would an wrinkled old joker like Mallard be buying tickets for a bloody concert that silly little twenty year olds are keen on and whats more has a history of doing the same?

    Is he really into kids music or is he just a frustrated dirty old man?

    Creepy sort of dude eh!