Random Impertinent Question

If the Shanghai Pengxin bid for the Westpac farms formerly owned by the Crafar family doesn’t meet OIO requirements because it doesn’t add any value to New Zealand then presumably James Cameron’s purchase of a farm doesn’t either?

Shanghai Pengxin was going to spend $100 million upgrading the farms, it wouldn’t have been leveraged money wither like Fay’s bid…they were also going to open up markets in China and spend millions developing that as well for products other than milk powder.

Whereas Jame Cameron in his favour was going to live on the farm….looks like his little sale is rooted too now by this new interpretation of the law by an activist judge.


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  • Hakim of phut

    Doesnt matter, since he intends to live here permanently his application was approved under that provision

    • Pete George

      So all Shanghai Pengxin has to do is say they intend to add value to New Zedaland? If the word of Cameron is good enough…

      • Hakim of phut

        The laws says the application is approved if you intend to live here, and there are penalties for lying.
        The SP bid was a commercial bid for a dozen farms and has to be under different criteria.
        But now it looks like the National Party wants to change the law to make it easier for  huge chinese businesses to but up large areas of NZ farms

      • politically unstable

         Does Shania Twain live in NZ??? She owns some pretty good real estate in the South ISland

  • Arnie

    Why not the same concern, when an IWI sold I think 7000 ha to a Swiss consortium, are the heads of that group going to live in NZ, I wonder? 

  • AnonWgtn

    The Fay PR company has not actually made an application to the OIO – its only at the PR stage for Fay, who wants to rip off New Zealand again, again, again. He should go back to Switzerland where he lives.

    • Hakim of phut

      Fay is one member of a consortium, and they are all NZers  do dont have to apply to OIO

      meanwhile , the national government  has  spent 9 months helping a chinese construction company behind the scenes, lining up an SOE to operate ( outside their remit) and they still got it wrong.

      Nest to come  special law change to make it easier for chinese companies to own farms they dont know the first thing about


     Back water thinking yet again.Dont want to live here,are not New Zealanders,dont know how to farm,Are CHINESE..But they are willing to spend $100 million to update run down farms,want to open up trade with Chinese market,which could be worth millions.and are letting Landcorp manage units.Anyone had a look around Mission Heights/Howick in Auckland.Most of the houses,built, being built,and land are owned by Chinese.And they are buying land up everyday.If we can make more money by trading with the biggest market in our part of the world,then we should welcome it.We are a trading nation.Pull your heads out of the sand long enough to see that this deal was not such a bad one.Now by the actions of halting this sale,we may get a Kiwi (Sir M Fay)who does not live here by all acoounts and his mates,which will keep the running/owning of the farms in  NZ.No trade deals,no $100 million dollarupdates(which kiwi companies would have got),But hes a KIWI damm it.Is not Switzerland a Tax haven for some.Hey Winnie now  theres a soapbox for ya