Random Impertinent Questions

Now that we know Trevor Mallard is a scalper we really need to know a few other things.

  • Does he have form in this regard? Well yes he does, he is a repeat offender.
  • Are these tickets complimentary…of the type given to all MPs from time to time? Poor form to sell comps for a profit.
  • If they are comps then why aren’t they declared in the Pecuniary Interests Register?
  • Has Trevor Mallard declared the profit on his tax return?

It seems that Trevor Mallard in between his busy life as a professional cyclist and part time MP is also a part time ticket scalper, supplementing his meagre MPs salary.


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  • Cc1976

    I bet they were free.  I know thats how is works with community events

  • S P Q R

    always knew trev was a free enterpriser and enteepranerr at heart!

    he’d be better off joining banksie as deputy leader…

  • Richard McGrath
  • Tiffy

    My daughter bought a sevens ticket a couple of years ago, off Trade me. She had to meet the ‘trader’ in the back of a local Wellington Bar.  Low and behold, the seller was one Trevor Mallard, selling the ticket over the rrp.  I always have wondered if he actually ever bought the ticket himself or whether it was a freebie, since the exchange was so clandestine.  Guess I now know.

  • Thorn

    Mallard sounds like a greedy rich prick.

  • kevin

    just a gounging greedy prick…

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    hmmmm, rampant hypocrisy, shameless use of parliamentary priviledge to defame people, nasty comments about political opponents and a tinge of dishonesty.
    I am beginning to think Mr Mallard might not be a very nice person.

    • Guestosterone

      a typical trougher

  • Euan Rt

    Trougher of the highest order.

  • timboh

    5 out of 6 of of his trades are tickets. The Sevens tickets were premium and no doubt he got them free. Unbelievable 

  • Davidp

    One more impertinent question: The buyers picked the tickets up at his electorate office. Did he re-imburse Parliamentary Services for the use of his official office as a ticket agency?

  • Agent BallSack

    Another Impertinent Question: If courier was free to the purchaser, is the tax payer picking up the bill for his free courier? 


    Tickets to his public stoning.Hey Phil you got any,happy to pay more then worth.Cheers Mate

  • He did say straight out on the radio interview someone here linked to that they weren’t complimentary tickets.

    If it turns out they were, I should imagine he would be in a whole heap of trouble.

  • Gazzaw

    Did he buy the tickets with the intent if reselling? I hear that ten sets of tickets have been sold. Trev goes on a lot about taxation I wonder if he’s declared his profits.

  • Shaun Wallis

    He should resign. A scalp for a scalp.

    Also – I wonder if Trev will kindly pay tax for his capital gain. Probably not.

    • phronesis

      It’s not a capital gain as he is clearly a trader. He needs to pay income tax.

  • Andy

    Has he paid tax on any of the profits from past and current ticket sales?

    • Thorn

      Not paying his fair share? What a surprise.

  • Roger

    I reckon WO is onto something here. Keep the pressure on to have Duck disclose the credit cards receipts/email confirmations that prove he bought all these tickets he sold. He seems to have lot’s of late memory birthdays on days Wellington has big and popular events.

    Keep it up Cam – this story has legs. 

    • joe bloggs

      Ditto – this story has more legs than a centipede…

  • joe bloggs

    And the Word of the Day today is Hubris – overconfidence, condescension, pride and arrogance; a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving prick…

  • Agent BallSack

    Trevor should have to prove he legitimately acquired those tickets. They may not be comps but they may have been bought with a credit card other than hie personal one.

    • phronesis

      Ticketek should be pressured to cancel any tickets that were bought by the Duck as he has admitted to breaching their clearly stated terms and conditions. They were E-tickets so there must be credit card records. Wonder if the kids will get in?

  • Mark

    I’m going, and I’m bloody glad that fuck duck won’t be there.. dirty lying troughing leftie pig that he is.

  • Boss Hogg

    I hope this story gets the scrutiny it deserves.  If 1/2 of this is true he must be fired and then a proper investigation must be done.  But is anyone surprised ??

    I am surprised there is no Troll in here running interference yet……………

    • Doug_S

      That’s because said Troll is in a power of DooDoo 

  • Bunswalla
    • Yep but the kids can’t use the tickets…he wants them back so he can give them to someone else…he is hating on them because they “breached his privacy”

      • Petal

        Someone once quit over some wine, didn’t they?

      • Hakim of phut

        and a National cabinet minister quit ( but the reinstated as Key didnt think it was a problem) over charging his holidays to the taxpayer.
        How quickly we forget

  • Gazzaw

    When are we going to see some leadership from Shearer? If this issue keeps escalating labour will have some serious credibility concerns. A tricky one for Shearer being a tyro in government having to reprimand a member of the old guard.

    • Bobo The Idiot

       Sorry Gazzaw

      An arsehole cant lead it is always facing backwards…..

  • Pharmachick

    Four things to say:1. The anti-scalping law is an ass2. Aside from the legal issues, I don’t generally have a problem with Mr. Mallard doing this *as long as they were NOT complementary tickets* … most of the guys n gals here claim to be for free enterprise and market forces so …. (just sayin’) 3. “2” only applied up until I saw that he now wants those tickets back because of breach of privacy. Asshat. 4. Note to self: never, ever piss off W/O 

  • David

    They must be comp tickets if he has sold them three years in a row, no declaration and surely the IRD should be involved this. Were the tickets paid for from his parliamentary allocation as an electorate MP and then flogged off for a bit of spending cash for Trev….anyone from the festival available to see who actually bought the tickets in the first place, this year, last year etc….
    Considering the moral high ground the fucking tougher takes be good to see him slayed by this… Not much chance with the MSM love in for Labour at the moment but that is Keys fault for doing fuck all for three years and his continuing tip toeing, fool.

    • Gazzaw

      Fran Mold managed to get the item well buried in the second half of TV One News & presented none of the serious issues. Don’t know about TV3.

      • Dr Wang

        It didn’t even feature in the TV1 mid-day bulletin at all! TVNZ – all the news, but slower than a newspaper!!

  • Kim Arnold

     we had all that noise around a bloody cup of tea and discussions on how Winnie the ripoff folks were all in the departure lounge and yet when we get something like this it gets buried on the news…geez, are the MSM in bed with labour or what….