Reclaiming the day

The Herald has an article asking how we can reclaim Waitangi Day.

It is then full of a whole lot of liberal guilt and anguish. But I tell you what, I’m over all the b.s. promulgated by Maori intent on looking backwards to 1840 instead of looking forwards.

So for Waitangi Day I am going to have a Brown Out. I’m not going to talk about it, blog about it or comment on the annual gnashing and wailing of teeth held at Waitangi.

The only people really interested in Waitangi are the 1%…the elites of Maori and politicians. Foreverybody else it is the first Statutroy holiday and we hope for a fine day, good surf and great company not all the racial bikering that Waitangi Day has become.

Helen Clark did the right thing is staying away after she was insulted…”The Crown” should stay away permanently and while we are at it ignore the Ratana cult too.

Ngapuhi would be better off spending the day working out solutions to their appalling child abuse statistics and awful housing situation instead of pandering to elites at Waitangi.

As far as I am concerned the Treaty of Waitangi is an interesting historical document of as much relevance as the Treaty of Versailles to modern New Zealand. Both documents were meant to bring peace and instead they promoted divsion and conflict.

It is time to consign it all to the history books and start building a modern, relevant society in New Zealand not one focused on grievance and outrage.

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  • Zeewestie

    Agree entirely!

  • Pete George

    The media have also taken over the day (and days before) as an opportunity to talk up crap so they get crap to report.

    I think we need to have an alternate day for all Kiwis, the only way we’ll get that is if we make it happen ourselves.

  • Anonymous


  • Gareth

    the only good waitangi day celebration is in london, circle line pub crawl where eveeyone gets along, no dramas, no bullshit just everybody proud to be a kiwi regadless of race… It is how things should be here.

  • Kiwidon

    Ground hog day – yawn.
    Get off the drugs, stop the bash and get a job and I just might sit up and listen!

  • Vegas

    So, the Good Friday of Waitangi has rolled around again. The sense of sadness that surrounds our National Day is palpable.

    I am all for a New Zealand Day in mid winter. Let’s have a jolly, happy day to celebrate our country.

    • Pete George

      I’d prefer July for a winter option, to separate it enough from some old biddy’s non-birthday. Or the start of spring.

      It won’t happen from the top down, the only way to do it is to establish a de facto day.

      It won’t be a public holiday, so a Sunday (eg first Sunday of July/September) might work best, it’s still a family day for some.

  • Waitangi Day is a lost cause as far as a New Zealand Day. A new day is required. Get rid of “peons day off” (Queens Birthday) I might be joining that Republican outfit.

  • starboard

    Yes agree . WD has been hijacked by maori for their benefit only. Fuck ’em. Im not even gona watch the ” news ” these next few days. What a shame we cant have a day similar to Aussie where we are all proud.

  • Vegas

    You have opened up a scabby wound here, WO, but we need to get this sorted once and for all.

    • Pita

       It will never be sorted as long as your ass points to the ground…there is too much vested in the grievance industry that is provided  oxygen every Waitangi day.

  • Caleb

    Its a real shame.
    missionaries and pioneers made this isolated, little country.
    there efforts overshadowed and even turned against now days.
    the work that went into the treaty..

  • Anonymous

    It’s all been said. What a disgraceful exhibition of medieval shenanigans.

  • tas

    I think people should “celebrate” Waitangi day by actually reading the treaty. Then everyone would realize that (i) it’s a simple one-page document, of which only three or four sentences are meaningful, (ii) the meaning and intent of the treaty is perfectly clear, and (iii) it says nothing about partnership or any of the other nonsense that pollutes the news on the day. Once those three realizations are made, we can all just enjoy the day off.

  • I do not like my own national day. 

    Just when I thought it was safe to get back in the water the grievance industry comes back in full force asking for water rights.

    Perhaps tomorrow people should try a more serious solution to Waitangi day – ignore it and go to work. 

    • Gazzaw

      ‘Ignore it and go to work’.

      Precisely what I will be doing as I’m self employed & have better things to do with my time later in the week. WD means shit to me – disgraceful isn’t it?

      • Greg M

        That’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m in the office now

  • Vikingonmars

    Well guys at the risk of being harranged out of the country lets face some home truths.
    Both National and Labour have created this situation, National being the worst of the sycophants to encourage it all. That of course is continuing.
     Now I guess most of Whales readers vote National so you are part of the problem. Just like the terrorist and control legislation that Key got passed into law last year. Now look what’s happened. The Yanks are running our police force with brute force and ignorance. But that’s another story.

    Before I write the next bit I am going to say I have not voted for this person so have no axe to grind.

    The only politicans who have stood up against this Maori everything have been Winston. ARGHHH I can hear you all screaming already. But its true and go back and look at what he has said forever about Maori. Your National jaundice has prevented you from listening.

    And the other is Rodney and the Nats. shafted him over your super city Maori deal. So if you want this shit to continue continue to vote Nats. After all the Nats. shelter such people as Tau Henere , Simon Bridges,Findlayson who has arranged the Law that gives him the power to hand out behind closed doors to Maori and so many others of Maori descent. Indeed they have by all intents and purposes infiltrated the National Party so that within an election or two it will be the party of Maori. Check it out and see just who is Maori related. The Labour Party is subject to the same insidious process.

    I liked Deborah Coddingtons piece today. Here is the headline.
    People at fault soon blame anyone but themselves

    So perhaps you should be looking at the face that looks back at you  when you look in the mirror and deciding if you actually .

    Youe esteemed Leader has already said of this latest round of blackmail over asset sales,

    That he has an :elegant solution. ” Whatever that may mean it won’t be for the benefit of all Kiwi’s.

    I guess “Elegant Solution” is the type of phrase you would expect him to
    use, he is a master at throwing various such phrases into the
    discussion,he uses them to hide behind when he is commenting on
    controversial topics.

    Of course he is confident that the Maori
    party will stay aligned with National,who else would bend so easy to
    their every demand and Sharples knows it to.It is all political
    posturing and Sharples is just reminding Key who runs this country.

    • I agree. I’m voting Act in 2014. Assuming they’ve got a marketable leader and I won’t have to fear wasting my vote. 

    • Fozzie61

      John Key bolts from Waitangi …….

      Brave Sir Robin   Johnny ran
      away. Bravely ran away away. When
      danger reared it’s ugly head, He bravely turned his
      tail and fled.  Yes, brave Sir Robin
      Johnny turned about  And
      gallantly he chickened out. ****Bravely****
      taking  to his feet, He beat a very brave retreat.  Bravest of the braaaave, Sir Robin!  Johnny !

      Thanks to Monty Python and their
      lyrics to Brave Sir Robin form their film Search for the Holy Grail – 
      oh  and a very  ‘elegant” exit  too boot John (to the Copthorne)

      • AnonWgtn

        The media, for the last two weeks plus, have blown this farce up so we know  what to expect from the Maori morons

        Look at the SST today and they are still on everybody’s greivances.
        I can see why the national colours are Black – its in the psych now that negativity comes first.

        The so called media lost the last election and are now the official opposition up to the next election – then with their help God help New Zealand.
        We will get  what we deserve.

  • the realisation is sinking in for many of the pakeha amongst the 87% of nzers opposed to the economic-insanity in flogging  off our commonly-owned assets stuff/staff of it were.. the greedy elites here who already own the supermarkets etc etc..

    ..that already screw us blind..every which way..

    ..(has anyone else noticed the foreign backpackers whimpering in states of shock at the eye-watering prices we are forced to pay for our basic foodstuffs..? just one example..

    ..our economic/business elites are in the main parts of mini-cartels…and it has always been thus..

    ..and that is why there was so much room for the likes of spec-savers to move into..) owning the power companies will for our rapacious/greedy elites..

    ….will be just another tool to use to screw the rest of us blind….

    ..the realisation for those pakeha opposed to this happening.. that getting in behind/beside maori opposition to this travesty.. the best chance of stopping it from happening…

    ..this issue is going to backfire on nact in a multitude of ways..

    ..and one of them may well be a solidifying of the progressive and maori political forces into one..

    ..the right have used divide and rule far too successfully for far too ling…

    ..somehow i don’t think even key will be ‘elegant’ enough to pirouette out of this one..

    …pass the popcorn..!

    [email protected]

    • Mark

      Wow your writing style is really annoying to read. Why do you separate sentences with multiple dots?

    • starboard

      ppfftt your a fine one to quote ” screw us blind “. Thats what you do phool. You parasite off me each week. I work my ass off to pay you to sit on yours. I know you are capable of working. You lazy bastard.You are as bad as maori. Bone idle.

      • Anonymous

        As bad as? I thought he was, judging by his last name.

      • kehua

        So are you talking “all Maori“-  “some Maori“- “most Maori“- or a “few Maori“?
        Would it be a fact that in NZ there are more non-Maori recieving Social Welfare and Working for Income Benefits?

      • Anonymous

        kehua: there are far more non maori than maori in the general population, so it’s not a very clever comparison. Put it into percentages, that’ll paint a different picture.

      • kehua


        I  rest my case.

      • Euan Rt

        kehua, if you did more exercise you might be able to carry your own case for longer.

    • Vij

      As usual, you make no sense, especially since you are not on point as always.  If you have an axe to grind go an do it somewhere else

    • ConwayCaptain

      I was talking to two young backpacekrs in Pak n Save in Rotorua yesterday.  They were from Cornwall and they reckoned it was cheap.  Now I have heard about Poms complaining who have arrived here revcently but what they dont say is that the NZ$ has gone from 2.9 to Stg to 2 to 1Stg so this does make the food expensevive in their eyes.  Also the Euro has depreciated from something like 2 to NZ$ to 1.6 to NZ$ so of course things are expensive in comparison.

      I import books and have reduced my prices in lne with the exchange rates, However the likes of Pearson, Collins etc havent

      • Vegas

        There are other aspects as to why we are more expensive. There’s the economy of scale, no subsidies and everything is taxed with GST.
        As an export country, if we didn’t pay the price then much more would be shipped offshore.

    • Thorn

      Phailure, your ‘word-salad’ posts reflect the barely coherent and often meaningless mix of words and phrases characteristic of advancing schizophrenia, aggravated by your continual use of marijuana. Its only a matter of time before you cease to be lucid. Enjoy the descent!

    • Anonymous

       Can’t be bother reading it all. To many dots, maybe you can break up the dots with some dashes and place some hidden messages in your short stories

    • James Gray












  • Anonymous

    Waitangi day will always be a whingeing Māori freakshow for as long as the governments are pandering to their demands and wants (no, not NEEDS) . The treaty should be no more than a historical document in this day and age.

    • Anonymous

      In a nutshell: decommission the gravy train.

      • Agent BallSack

        Derail the Gravy Train!!!!

        Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

  • Orange

    And your prophecy has come true – the rentamob have disgraced the marae again


      Mad dogs and Englishmen.

  • Gazzaw

    Just abandon the day. Cancel it. Forget it. Waitangi Day achieves nothing but divisiveness & angst.

    Replace it with a truly national day that is CELEBRATED along the lines of the US, Singapore & France.


    • Pete George

      Suggestions? Some other existing date (Dominion Day has been suggested)? Or concoct a unique Kiwi day of celebration?


        Sir Ed Hillarys Birthday.

      • Pete George

        Ed’s birthday is 20th July (1919), that would be a good winter date.

      • Gazzaw

        New Zealand Day would be just fine. The date is a bit if an issue and it’s a long time between drinks from Queens Birthday until Labour Day but that means a winter celebration which isnt really condusive to outside celebrations. Maybe extend Labour weekend to four days.

      • Luke
      • Euan Rt

        ‘When we won the Rugby World Cup day’

      • Steve (North Shore)

        A new day Pete. A day that becomes New Zealand day, the day we abandon Maori Seats in Govt (and Councils). A day we stop paying.
        I owe nothing and I don’t see why my elected MP should tell me that my TAXES will go to Maori payouts because Maori need KOHA to live of the rest of us.

      • Pharmachick

        How about ANZAC day as our national day. More than any other time of the year I’m proud to be a kiwi, standing in the cold hearing the Last Post that day. 

  • RightNow

    The problem is that the poor Maori are too stupid to realise that rich Maori have been fucking them over since long before whitey came to NZ.
    Poor Maori should ask rich Maori why they’re keeping all the treaty gravy to themselves.

    •  yes..that is the division in maori politics..

      ..the maori party represents the maori iwi and economic-elite..

      ..hone is pitching for everyone else..

      [email protected]

      • Pete George

        Everyone else? Who exactly? He didn’t get an ‘everyone else’ scale vote.


    Right on the money.When do we stop,and consign this waste of time to the history books.It has become as observed,a chance to have a rant by Maori for whatever is pissing them off at the time.They should use it to sort out there appalling stats of crime,abuse(Child/partner),and working towards getting the chip off there shoulders.If something is not done,this pig trough mentality that Maori have will haunt us for generations.  

    • a fact/reality check for you there steve or monique..

      ..the gummint-funds pay-day for the leeches who invested/poured money into what they knew was a dying/dead business..but it had a

      ..south canterbury finance..

      ..that payout to those unprincipled-parasites/elites saw a much bigger cost to taxpayers than from all the waitangi treaty-settlements to date..’m betting you didn’t know that fact…eh..?

      so..just who exactly are the ‘troughers’ here..?

      [email protected]

      • Gazzaw

        Strange quotes coming from you Phil.

        ‘.. the gummint-funds pay-day for the leeches’ . Then you go on to mention SCF.

        And I thought that you were talking about yourself.

        ..’ just who exactly are the troughers here..?’

        Well, you should know.


        Dont give a shit.Sick of this pandering to maori bullshit that we have been subjected to..Stick to the subject at hand.

      • Anonymous

        Off the topic again phil, as usual. Time to put the weed down.

  • Shipmodeler


    One of
    the best things about living in Australia
    for any length of time and then being invited to become an Australian was to
    experience Australia Day celebrations.

    in Sydney and on the lower North
    Shore I experienced thousands of
    families using the day to come together as a family for a picnic around the
    shores of Sydney
    Harbour . Cremorne, where I lived and
    Cremorne Point had plenty of grassy areas where families congregated to spend
    the day with family, friends and watch the sail boats on the harrbour. Cricket
    was played, barbeques were lit, balls were tossed around and in general people
    had a wonderful day of coming together as a nation. To reflect on how fortunate
    they were to be living in the lucky country.


    stark contrast one comes home to NZ to experience Waitangi Day of nothing but
    Maori protest. It has become so divisive of “them and us” now that
    without Maori grabbing  media headlines by throwing shit at politicians or
    generally being rude, crude and unattractive at Waitangi one would wonder what
    was wrong!

    rest of us have so turned off the feeling of coming together and celebrating
    the day, that Waitangi is just what it is. A TV 6 o’clock news, 10 minute
    headline grab for tonight’s news of one of Honi’s mates throwing or abusing or
    attacking John Key or any other politician that dares to  go onto the
    marae up there.


    the Aboriginie have issues and they protest (look at current tent city in
    Canberra outside the
    Federal Parliament that’s been there for 40 years!).
    Australia is a much larger country
    with a much larger population so one could say there’s no comparison. The fact
    is there is a time and place for everything and our Waitangi Day has become a
    political football that we, the media and most of all our politicians have
    allowed to turn into a bitch feast.


    year the Maori Party are using their leverage to extract more out of National
    over assets sales and the treaty. Next year it will be something else. It’s
    like who can grab the most of the headlines. The Maori Party didn’t do well in
    the elections so this is their chance to pull back a bit of mana.


    attitude to the whole thing is, change the name, ignore Waitangi. Pull the politicians
    back to a simple ceremony in Wellington
    and no more. Let the people take over the day again and enjoy it is for what it
    is. If that doesn’t work then God help us as we march on to the separate
    society that we are becoming!




    • Anonymous

      Don’t know what your comment contained, don’t care. Any post that is laid out in the way you just have isn’t worth the time reading. Waste of space, waste of time, just a total waste. Mate of phil u’s are you?

  • dad4justice

    I second that. What a waste of time.

  • Agent BallSack
    It’s time. This bunch of racist Maori have shit in our nest for too long now. It shows what a farce this day is for everyone apart from a handful of fuckwits on a far north marae.


      Yeah,time this shit paper treaty was flushed down the history toilet.Disgrace is the word that should discribe Waitangi day.John Key,hats off to you for wanting to go back next year.I sure would not waste my time on those useless assholes.

      •  no response to that fact that the scf-payouts were larger than all treaty settlements combined..?

        ..steve or monique..?

        [email protected]


        Have ,and dont give a shit.

    • starboard

      I like your style ballsack.

  • Tookinator

    Don’t these protesters up in Waitangi realise that we have to sell the assets to pay for their dole money and WINZ benefits?

  • Agent BallSack

    And if you need more proof that the whole thing is politically and radically motivated:

    “After Key left, Shearer was ushered onto the marae with no protest”

  • Agent BallSack

    While we are on the subject of which day should be New Zealand day, I suggest Anzac day. The men and women who gave their lives for this country did more for NZ than any politician or Maori tribe has done. Thats the day I say is unofficial NZ day.

    • Pete George

      An advantage of ANZAC Day is that there are few who would dare protest against the memory of our fallen, and if they did they would likely get appropriate bollocks for it.

      • Gazzaw

        You obviously weren’t around in the 70s Pete. Those arsehole anti Vietnam protesters didn’t give a fuck about desecrating cenotaphs and spitting on veterans.



      •   “…STEVE AND MONIQUE Collapse
        Have ,and dont give a shit…”

        so yr objections are purely race-based then..?

        you twist yr knickers into great big complicated knots over ‘troughing maoris’..

        ..over the process of redressing in a very small way..the clear/proven injustices/thefts of/by our forebearers/the state…

        ..but rich white guys..(in the main..) a conscious flooding of money into a clear rip-off of taxpayer funds…

        ..that cost more than all treaty settlements to date…

        ..and these..(what should we call them?..) off laughing with the money..

        ..and you ‘don’t give a shit’…eh..? any definition…what does that make you..?

        ..steve or monique…?

        [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        phillip ure:

        South Canterbury Finance: mum & dad investors, pensioners with thier life savings (yes, they worked for it) business people got educated and worked for their money.

        Treaty settlements: greedy elite maori with hands out to fill their pockets with money, land claims and assets in the name of “our people”.

        I know where I want the money to go……


        Philip Ure.For your Info,I am 1/16 Maori,and my Father in law is Maori.I can say we are both ashamed of all this treaty rubbish.We both have worked hard for what we have got,and I continue to do so,including Waitangi day,. Race based no,but I know a rip off when I see one. I,like many who have posted on this subject are sick and tired of having to put up with some Maori,and there continued treaty claims for whatever strike their fancy,(and to make a quick buck).The idea that this will continue in the future,is an outrage.Get over the mentality that you all are hard done by,and owed something.Guess it was lucky that they were given a treaty,and a chance.Some countries owe there indigenous people a lot more then we do Maori.They were not hunted like the Aboriginies,or shoved on reservations like the American Indians.And anyway Maori were not indigenous to this place .As their history shows they came by canoe,and found this place.Not unlike Pakeha,and their boats.The fact they got taken over,well that could have happened to the indigenous people of this land first(think someone ate the evidence).I call myself a New Zealander.I am a mix,a mongrel if you like,but I am ashamed of the 1/16 in me that bears witness to this debacle,called Treaty claims,Waitangi.If you wash out all the brown bashing on here,I think it is pretty clear we are all, getting sick of it.I dont live in, or care about the past.Maybe the treaty should be resigned to that as well.PS sorry everyone about the long rant,guess my 1/16th wanted a say Happy Waitangi day,Cheers Steve

  • Mort

    Waitangi day is worth celebrating, but just celebrate it at different signing grounds. The Govt could tour the various signatory sites for the next 45 years before returning to Waitangi. By then the grievance industry fellators will be long dead.
    If they want to kill off the grievance industry once and for all, then all they have to do is accept that the Littlewood Version of the treaty is the final English version of the treaty, and that the current English version is a draft only. Then we could accept the writings of people like John Robinson who have recently acknowledged that the accepted history is a little askew of the real history.

  • Boss Hogg

    Have we all read “The Travesty of Waitangi” and “Travesty after Travesty” by, I think, Tom Scott.  Am I right ??

    I have the books on the shelf and I recomennd that these be reviewed annualy.


  • Phar Lap

    Helen Clark from the Labour Party spoke true words when she said  Maori were the “last cab off the rank”.How prolific.The chickens have come home to roost.Trust Maori?yeah when,and why,they renege whenever they cant stand the heat in the kitchen,especially Sharples.Sooner he pulls the  plug and joins the craven lying cowards in the opposition parties the sooner NZ will go forward.

    • “… Helen Clark from the Labour Party spoke true words when she said  Maori
      were the “last cab off the rank”…”

      i know what she meant at that moment..what do you mean..?

      “…How prolific…”..what on earth do you mean by that..?

      “..The chickens have come
      home to roost…”

      ..what exactly do you mean by that..?..”

      “…Trust Maori?yeah when,and why,they renege whenever they
      cant stand the heat in the kitchen,especially Sharples…”

      what exactly do you mean by that..?

      “Sooner he pulls
      the  plug and joins the craven lying cowards in the opposition parties
      the sooner NZ will go forward…”

      strange you should say that when the maori party is what is propping up this key/nact govt..

      ..what exactly do you mean by that..?

      ..i am serious..

      ..i don’t have a clue what you are on about..

      ..does anyone else…?

      [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        ” strange you should say that when the maori party is what is propping up this key/nact govt..”

        Trying your hand at comedy now phil?

        The Maori Party is a millstone around the neck of the government, far from “propping up”.

        I for one will be grinning from ear to ear if they walk out of government over the asset sales.

      • Phar Lap

        Finally worked you out you dutch renegade ,you are Hori Debrees ,The wee pest that loves publicity.You really are the original square peg in a round hole.

  • jay cee

    cancel waitangi day? are you kidding? where else would “queen” titewai get to latch on to some dignitary or other and strut her latest colour rinse. i agree its a pity we can’t be like the aussies and just celebrate the day as one people i.e. new zealanders.

    • starboard

      she be dead soon..judging by her appearance today , one down couple more to go.

  • busman007

    maybe a online petition to remove waitangi day and move to another day and celebrate New zealand   – make it illegal to protest on this day also no exceptions

  • Greg M

    Ignore Waitangi day. Do what I’m doing , work sunday / monday, then take Thurs / Fri off and have a bullshit free long weekend.

  • Ploughman

    The celebrations in all the places other than Waitangi are great – no protests, lots of fun activities with Maori and Pakeha  getting along brilliantly, and great kai.  So the solution is to help the marae organisers make the Waitangi celebrations the same – ban all protest and direct the protesters to Wellington. Access to the Marae and Treaty Grounds by invitation only.