Release the pictures

A Scoop journalist has been busted doing an Ambrose, but this time against David Shearer.

A reporter from the website Scoop will resign from Parliament’s press gallery after being caught photographing documents in Labour leader David Shearer’s office.

Lyndon Hood was among a number of journalists waiting in the office for an interview with Mr Shearer yesterday afternoon, and was spotted taking photos of documents on the leader’s desk by a Labour Party press secretary.

Scoop general manager Alastair Thompson confirmed today Hood would resign from the gallery but would continue working as a reporter in Wellington.

Scoop had written a letter to Mr Shearer apologising for the incident.

This has interesting parallels with the Bradley Ambrose case. One of David Farrar’s commenters notes:

Surely the photos were taken by accident?

And, having invited the journos in, hadn’t Shearer made it a public event where he couldn’t expect that anything seen or heard to be kept from the public at large?

I say release the documents! Public interest…there must be something in those documents otherwise why would Lyndon Hood have mistakenly photographed them? Just what is Shearer hiding?

Will Russell Brown and Judy Callingham, amongst others, be seeking to spread the images far and wide in this instance?

Will we see Duncan Garner and Winston Peters call for the documents to be released?


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  • Apolonia

    Will Shearer call in the police because of this unprincipled attack on our democracy?                As JK  said,  ” When will it all stop?” 

    • Dr Wang

      No of course not. Shearer will demand the photos are released – he has nothing to hide (does he?)

      If he’s invited the media into his office as some sort of lame media stunt, he can’t claim that it was private – duh!

  • Roger

    As Sheare say about Key “This (the Key/Banks meeting) was a media stunt”. “You can’t invite media/photographers into your office/cafe/wherever then claim privacy”. Haha. 

    Pot Kettle Black or is it Boot Other Foot – Mouth. 

    • Lofty

      Yup roger it is foot in mouth disease alright.

      Bullshit & bullshitters come immediately to mind.

      • Hakimofphut

        An office is private and dont forget the media had microphones running to interview Banks inside the cafe before Key arrived  pushed them all outside.
        So in that case he was recoding inside the cafe and wasnt allowed to retrieve  his microphone.
        We all remember the last words  revealed  on the tea tapes( before wanting to bump off Peters supporters)
        “Its a microphone”

  • ChrisP

    I’m surprised Ambrose beat them to it.
    Scoop are wankers and Hood is one of the prime tuggers.
    Put the bastard in the stocks I say and kick Thompson in the nuts for good measure….repeatedly.