Ructions in the Mayor’s Office, Ctd

The other day I blogged about the ructions in Len Brown’s office.

On the weekend we may have had a glimpse of a possible solution. Campaign supremo Conor Roberts was spied attending the Shearer/Robertson entourage at the Big Gay Out. While Shearer was going for metro-sexual machismo, Conor was in a bright red polo.

Photo from Setford (Can we have a bloggers account system please?)

Could this be the solution to the conflict in the Mayor’s office?

By seconding the campaign maestro to Shearer’s beleaguered office it also perhaps a signal that Len Brown’s office has realised that he needs to move back to the centre in order to retain his mayoralty. With all the fuss that his 13 new Jafa-taxes has garnered he will have twigged very quickly that something is going to have to be done to mitigate the perception that he is a tax and spend mayor. James Bews-Hair must have the ear of the Mayor as Conor Roberts is now being openly seen with Camp Shearer.

This would be good for Conor too, though the biggest challenge will be listening patiently to Trevor Mallard about all his big, failed, ideas about campaigning.

UPDATE: I may be incorrect in that a commenter says that is Simon Randall not Conor Roberts…looks the the war in the Mayors office is set to continue then.



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  • Hakim of phut

    You missed the obvious message behind the  photo-  op of Key with the Trannies ( in pink)
    He would have been asking about  all the secrets to selling their  ass-ets

  • pdm

    Is Jacind Arderne the bird in the middle?

    BTW if Roberts is attaching himself to Shearer – what will Nash do?

  • spagbol

    That’s Simon Randall, not Conor Roberts. 

    • Oh don’t ruin a good story…

      • Spagbol

        Guts whale, I was there and can confirm you’ve got it wrong.

      • Yes…but it does show that the war is still on in the Mayors office…which from my point of view is awesome.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    overheard comments by Labour Party members “Do we have to go to yet another party after this where we leave our keys in a large bowl again – it’s not another strategy meeting is it?”

  • gay_poster

    I can confirm that is most definitely Simon Randall. Gosh I love trolls.