Salvaging Costa Concordia

via the tipline

I was sent this pdf with some explanation about how the salvors may go about salvaging the Costa Concordia:

Concordia Salvage


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  • Greg M

    My feeling is it will be cut up on site, the cost of repairs would be almost the same as a new build. Plus, who would buy a ticket to sail on her ?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Well folks there we have it.  Fraught with danger and unforseeable incidents.

    If they do get her off my opinion says that she is a Constructive Total Loss (CTL).

    Who would want to sail on her either as crew or pax.

    In 1972 there was a major incident where the Royston Grange was in collision with the tanker Tien Chee at the bend in the channel coming out of Buenos Aires.  The RG went on fire and everyone was lost and she was towed into Montevideo.  She was repairable and when Houlder Bros were told this they told everyone that she would be put back into service.  Houlders (part of the Furness Withy Group) were told in no uncertain terms that NO ONE would step foot on her.  She was scrapped.

    Interesting collision and cause of the resulting fire.

    • ConwayCaptain

      The collision in the River Plate was very interesting.  The Royston Grange a large reefer ship was outward bound and the Tien Chee inward.  In the channel to Buenos Aires there is an almost right angled turn.  When a ship proceeds down a channel there is interaction between the vessel and the banks which causes problems, also when two ships pass close together there is an attraction between the ships.

      These ships met at the turn and the RG hit the TC.  They can only surmise what happened next.  A tank was ruptured and the cargo sprayed like the injector into an engine.

      This caught fire from a source either sparks as metal ground together, sparks from power lines etc. The RG was engulfed in a fire ball the TC escaped somehow.

      Everyone on the RG was killed and at the funeral IN BA Cathedral there was a symbolic coffin draped in the national flag for each nationality killed.

      The RG was towed into Montevideo and the shore staff went aboard and started the generators and fans immediately she was that little damaged down below but the superstructure was a black ,mess.

      At the time of the collision is was between the UK and the Cape and we had an AB on board who had been on the RG for 7 or 8 trips and decided to have a change of scenery and all his mates were killed.

      I was in BA and Monte about 2 months later and as we were coming down the channel outward boind the Tien Chee was dragging her anchor into the channel just at the bend.

      We went intro Monte and saw the RG.  Her derricks were still up but she was waiting to be towed to the breakers.

  • ConwayCaptain


    Tricolore was sunk in the middle of the shipping lanes in the channel full of brand new BMWs etc.  She was a v large RoRo so wide open spaces and decks with a large collision hole on one side.  She was definitely cheaper to cut up than repair and you wouldnt have to worry about people refusing to sail on her if she had been refloated.

    • Greg M

       Agreed Captain, 2871 brand new volvo’s, saab’s and beemers, what a waste, but no lives lost.
      I think it was Smit salvors that designed the cutting wire method, would it work with a ship as large as CC?

      • ConwayCaptain


        With the Tricolore they were cutting up a big box, basically a hull with some decks and a tank top.  Here we are cutting through cabins, stairs and all the accoutrements of a pax vessel.

        Tricolore was sitting on the sea bed, this is BALANCED on a shelf and any movement could cause it to go down the slope. Remember they are taking 2500 tons out of her so we now have a very light ship. As you saw through here this is imparting forces to and fro on the wreck and she could go down the slope.

  • Agent BallSack

    The “If Everything Goes Wrong” section is amusing.

  • Hakim of phut

    The Russians salvaged the Kursk because  the knew the Yanks would go after the interesting bits if they left it on the sea floor.

    • Guestosterone


      to get their hands on russian technology the yanks have to go to the bottom of the ocean