Saving the Planet


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  • i am a big carlin fan-boy..

    ..have you heard/seen him riffing on the greedy rich who are screwing the rest of us blind..and how they are doing it..?..and what we all have to do to turn that around..?


    ..recommended-viewing.. that one

    ..i understand his cynicism about some/many in the environment movement..

    ….there are the likes of turei..who i view as a career-politician..who sees/saw the green party as her best vehicle..

    ..that she boasts she is not green in her personal life at all..and eats animals/flaunts the wearing of dead-animal skins…

    ..only confirms that for me…

    ..(in fact all self-regarding greens who eat animals are a walking example of oxymoron/hypocrite..

    ..without even looking at the suffering of the animals..the environmental footprint of their dead-animal diet labels them as such..and it is a subject i get seriously reviled for over there..(albeit usually in a passive-aggressive manner..))

    i lean in on that subject there/with them..and intend continuing/amping it up..(‘the boy’ and i are making some more political-cartoons this afternoon..and i have turei clasping a burger..and her t-shirt reading ‘l (heart-symbol) dead-animals..’)

    ..the flaw in carlins thesis is he contends we should not interfere with nature .(.yet it is just our interference in nature that has screwed it/

    ..he also gets a tad anthromorphic there…whoar..!..the planet thinking..and all that..

    ..i take his key messages as being no matter how badly we treat the planet it will survive..’s just that we won’t be here…(unsure as how you see that as an anti-green-action message..did you watch it all the way thru..?..)

    ..the other message i saw/took was his observation that ‘we don’t even know how to take care of each other’..

    ..points for nerve to you tho’ oil…

    …attempting a revisionist exercise on the politics of george carlin to fit your world view is an act of jaw-dropping audacity…eh..?

    ..shame he isn’t here to have a word with you about your desires to rip away state support from those who need it..

    ..whaddayareckon he would say…?

    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, good entertainment.

      One point though Phil, the only thing you seem to know IS being on State support.   The pollies will never “rip away state support”  but what is wrong scaling down handouts and increasing hand ups and getting bludgers like you actually contributing rahter than just taking, taking and taking.

      • well..i have been a in the home straight with that one…

        ..and i am conceited enough to think i ‘contribute’ to the political dialogue..

        ..i also think i ‘contribute’ with the news aggregation i do each day… i said before..i am just underpaid..

        ..but i will give you one parenting tip for free..(that worked for me/us..and could save you years of grief..)

        .when ‘ the boy’ was ten-eleven he was getting excellent school reports/doing really well.. i sat him down and made a deal with him..

        ..i told him he could be the master of how he used/allocated his time..

        ..he could play games when he his homework when he chose..etc..

        ..his side of the deal being that his essay marks/school reports had to remain excellent…

        ..if they slipped..a new regime will be instigated.. i said.. has worked out well for him…and for me…

        ..and we have no reasons to have even one of those ‘have you done your homework yet?’ conversations/disputes…

        [email protected]

      •  you do know the poverty handcuffs around the wrists of the likes of

        ..namely..if you get a part-time job…after earning $80 per week..

        ..there is a claback provision of 85 cents in the dollar..

        ..(that figure again..?..85 cents in the dollar..)

        ..seems fair that the poorest should have to pay that..

        …and the richest/elites should pay zero tax on their capital-gains..


        [email protected]

      • Callum

         Phil, the 85% rebate rate is 100% reasonable. It is not a tax, the benefit you receive is for those unable to provide for themselves therefore if you are working and earning why should you continue to receive it?
        As for your continued “no capital gains tax” rubbish, any investment with capital gain as a goal is taxed as income with the person (or company/trust) paying at their marginal rate. But that doesn’t suit your “rich people are evil” campaign does it?

  • ‘the boy’ and i have done that second political-cartoon i mentioned…. is turei and peters..

    [email protected]


    • Boss Hogg

      You made the choice to become a parent and the timing of this.  I chose to refrain from this commitment until I felt we could provide properly for our child.

      Assuming the “boys” mother is well, has there been any child care payments from her for the first 18 years?????

  • i mean..m.y.o.f.b

    i already hang out far more than you people hiding behind aliases.. go first..

    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, Boss Hogg is a nick name that firends at work use, just a bit of fun.  Stacey Hoggard is the name.

      Paid tax since working after school in the 6th form, 1978.  Mrs Boss Hogg is a stay at home Mum after I had my turn for the first year.  Never any benefits collected – ever.

      No criminal convictions – want to know anything else.

      • are you at all smug..?

        ..and what say..heaven and mrs hoggard split up/illness/accident/whatever..

        ..and you were left with the responsibilties of raising yr children..

        ..and the only way you could do that to the degree you desired/knew was needed..

        ..was to receive state -support..

        ..would that state support still be the ‘evil’ you now think it is..?


        ..and where does the milk of human kindness come into all this..? you have absolutely no empathy for those parents..who for whatever reasons/twists of fate..have to raise their children on their own..? actually want to drive them/those children into an even more parlous-state..

        ..can you really not see how easy it could be that you would find yourself in that same position..? you lack the imagination to do that..? would/would you cope..?

        [email protected]

      • Boss Hogg

        Phil, I have never said that welfare is evil.  We have a compassionate society that wants to asist needy people.  All good intentions.  I cannot  believe that M J Savage would endorse what we are currently doing with welfare.  My assertion is that welfarism is out of control in many countries and it is failing on many levels.  This leads to generatioanal welfarism which is a proven failure.

        I do not have the answers as to how this can be rectified but the cost of welfare must be reduced in the future – that I am sure of.

        The country where I live has no welfare benefits, low tax, high indirect taxes in various forms, highest personal savings in the OECD, higher average income than the USA, unemployment below 2%, house mortgage rates around 1.5%, low crime in all respects, Drug dealers get hung and the list of success goes on.  I include hanging of drug dealers as a success as there anti drug laws will prove to be seen as one of the most successful policies in the future.  

        This country learned from the obvious failures of communism, socialists, welfarism and eventually the loose lending and debt practices of western banks due to gov encouragement and lack of regulations.  The leaders are wise with long term strategies, policies and tactics must provide good to the majority for the greater good.  Minority lobby groups get little air time, as should be the case.

        We get Winston – on this measure alone the system is broken, very broken. 

  • Thorn

    ManUre, its good to learn the boy is doing well, being responsible and apparently well-adjusted despite you hanging around. That being the case, the odds are you are not the biological father given your fracked genes. 

    •  do you ever present an original thought..?

      ..or is shit-throwing all you are up to..?

      ..and snivelling/hiding behind a fake name at that..

      ..what are you afraid of..?

      [email protected]

  • Mark

    Phil, I feel sorry for the boy.. being raised (indoctrinated) by a lazy, illiterate bludger, he probably expects that his life will be funded by the working, non criminal productive society. Why don’t you do the right thing and release him to a better life, with people that will care about him and allow him to fulfill his potential? Oh, that’s right, he’s just a meal ticket to you, like so many poor fucking kids in this country, consigned to a life of misery by their delinquent parents

    •  i must show this one to ‘the boy’…

      ..he also enjoys the more hysterical-offerings…

      ..especially when they feature him…

      [email protected]

  • ew..!..stacy hoggard..!.. are seriously advocating singapore as a role-model for us..?

    ..good luck with that

    and wot..!..are you saying the booze and tobacco pushers are ‘hung’…?


    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, Singapore is not perfect – nothing is.

      The culture here is of low booze consumption, they just don’t drink much.  The expats and tourists do.  Smoking is in decline through education, high tax on cigs and strict import controls at the borders.

      Cigs and booze is not like Meth.   You know this.  I dont care about dope, mildly harmful, but not dangerous.

      • Boss Hogg

        They also control gambling closely.  Costs $100 for a local to get in the Casino door, free for foriegners.

  • stacy hoggard said:..”..I do not have the answers as to how this can be rectified but the cost
    of welfare must be reduced in the future – that I am sure of…”

    no..the greedy elites who have been getting richer and richer by screwing/on the backs of the rest of us…

    ..that is the ‘cost’ that ‘must be reduced’..

    ..and we do know how to do

    [email protected]

  • Dutyfree

    You have the catch phrases Phillip, how about the names and how much you expect to get from the greedy elite? Are you talking about people who earn shock, horror say $90k to $150k per year, like the Auckland wharfies?  No you will be dreaming about all the really rich people, the ones we actually need a hell of alot more of.  I suspect you could scower the internet and come up with at least the richest 100 (just look at the NBR website).  Lets tax them at 70% on income for fun, do you think it will “close the gap”, create “a knowledge economy” be enough to move the minimum wage to $15 or $20 as cunny would like? The problem is we have too many poor people, beneficiaries or workers, we actually should be aspiring to have way too many “rich” people.  But it is easier to redistribute income than it is to create it, hence the driver to the lowest common denominator in NZ.  I’m not saying I have the answers, I’m not saying it is easy, but neither the politics of envy nor the politics of greed are the solution.

  • seeing as you ask..

    ..i see/advocate a more progressive tax system..yes..

    ..but that  is not all..

    ..but a comprehensive capital gains tax is a definite imperative..

    ..(at wage-earner rate..i reckon..this is a debate going on in america at the moment..the arguing of the case for raising their current rate of capital gains tax of that high-wage rate…seems only

    ..our rich/elites paying zero capital gains tax is the aberration..most countries have a cgt..we are the odd ones out..letting our richest pay zero-tax..whoar..!

    ..and a financial transaction tax on the banksters is another ‘must’..

    (prior to the last election..treasury estimated a 1% ftc would raise enough money to do away with gst..twice over..whoar..!

    ..also serious sin-taxes on booze/tobacco…

    ..the legalising/taxation of cannabis..(the safest of all social-lubricants..after all..)

    ..and the use of taxation-persuasion (like that phrase..?’s mine..!..)..on those wrecking our environment.. them into change..

    .and conversely..give tax-relief/rewards to clean-tech/positive agents of change ‘industries’.. is that for starters/to be getting on with..?

    ..we need to use those tools to re-make the more-equal new zealand we used to have..

    ..and one where we care for all..

    ..’tis all eminintly do-able…we just need the political/social-will.. thing is for sure..the road we are going down now..that direction dictated by that rightwing/neo-lib revolution..

    ..leads directly to port morsebey…

    ..been there..?

    [email protected]