Saving the Port from Kings Cross

The Maritime Union has launched a big expensive PR campaign to save jobs they pretty much destroyed in the first place. More precious members funds being wasted.

The Maritime Union is spearheading a major publicity campaign to save the jobs of 320 Auckland wharfies.

Maritime Union president Garry Parsloe said it launched the SaveOurPort campaign last month.

It aimed to set the record straight about the issues which had gained strong interest in Auckland and internationally.

The campaign is a coalition of port workers, their families and supporters, and Aucklanders, according to the campaign website It is supported by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions and The International Transport Federation.

It comes as the Ports of Auckland progresses with plans to contract out workers after months of failed negotiations with the union over the watersiders’ collective contract.

SaveOurPort’s goal was to “protect the rights of workers at the port to have job security and family time”, the website said.

Of course I have already busted Labour and their now cosy relationship with the Maritime Union in helping promote this site through Labour party conduits.

But while the union workers are on strike next week Garry Parsloe and his union boyos will be living it up in swanky hotels and enjoying a conference in Sydney. I doubt they will be too concerned about casualisation as they negotiate rates with the “employees” of King Cross.

One thing is for certain, the Port will work through the strike without the unionised labour, who will sit and watch as truck after truck rolls out with stock and goods for customers despite the strike fo the Maritime Union. Perhaps then, while their leadership is enjoying the sights and sounds of Sydney the union workers will realise they have been sold down the river by Garry Parsloe and his union pals.


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  • SalaciousTCrumb

    The delicious irony of it. SAVE OUR PORTS indeed. From whom exactly, Mr Parsloe?

    I fully expect the ambush marketing campaing from Ports of Tauranga – “USE US INSTEAD – WE GET SHIT DONE”

  • Vlad

    What are Mainfreight doing sticking their beaks into this in a separate alliance with the CTU!  Richard Prebble is on their Board ffs. 

    • Guest

      I suspect they are keen for the union to kill itself, then they can step in as angels to employ the stevedores. 

  • Karl Laird

    Anyone notice it’s a .com address?  Shouldn’t a parochial Union trying to pull all the anti-capitalist / casualisation / offshoring strings at least be using a .nz variant?

  • Johno1234

    Has anyone noticed that Garry Parsloe is a director of the company Auckland Stevedoring Company Ltd? And that MUNZ owns Auckland Stevedoring Company Ltd? Parsloe personally, ASCL and MUNZ are all listed as located in Anzac Ave. 
    Question: If POAL contracts out container handling, will Auckland Stevedoring Company Ltd tender for this work?
    Question: Is there a conflict of interest here?

  • Grizz30

    Does anyone know if these strikes are now preventing the POAL from getting any of their work done?

    • peterwn

      The sun rises every morning on time. There seem to be no sob stories from merchants about how their businesses are ruined through waiting for stuff. Seems to be business as usual down at the port. Seems like a hunger strike where no one cares about the striker. Johno1234 – POAL would reserve the right to reject the lowest or any tender. hey would not want to appoint a company whose heart is not in the job.

      • Johno1234

        Peterwn – what the wharfies all go to ASCL meaning they’d be the only one capable of supplying the staff.

  • Chiefsfan73

    Interestingly only 478 like the Saveourport facebook page.  Thats probably not even all the indolent port workers, hangers on and union hacks.  

  • Timandtim

    Yes there has been plenty written on G Parsloe directorships and poal and p o Tauranga. G Parsloe has made one bad commercial decision. A competing company can’t undermine another company. In this case conlinxx – who is owned by poal. Auckland stevedores limited is indirectly owned by ports of Tauranga.

    What the council and MUNZ hasn’t worked out yet – there is another player who has not raised it’s head yet but be assured a meeting has already been held. The rate payers, watch this space….
    Go see OWL work on the company set up etc.

  • Rogerlindsay

    I wonder how many shares Garry Parsloe has in Port of Tauranga.