Shearer advocating for Concealed Carry?

David Shearer was clearly advocating for concealed carry when he said:

“you don’t wear your guns on the outside.”

Fearing the prospect of future bloodshed in the Labour Party Caucus room, a new sign is to be erected just outside the door.



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  • Guest

    That’s not what Richard Prosser from NZ First says – you clip your handgun to the sun visor of your car.

  • alternate speech-bubbles:

    ..’undoing yr shirt wasn’t enough..?’..


    .”i’m right behind you..just relax..’


    .’.i’ve heard of lobbying..but this is getting ridiculous..’


    ..”your united nations is showing..’


    “ weapon of choice is the shiv..’


    ..’i’ll show you my concealed weapon..if you show me yours’..


    ..’..up for a reach-around..?..”


    “..wanna caucus..?..”


    ..”..let’s do this together..’

    [email protected]

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Phool telling stink jokes again. Should be on stage, the next one out of town.

  • Kosh103

    I love when WO is 2 faced. He bitched and moaned about cheap shots in a previous thread, and then makes one of his own.

    • Troy

      He’s just catering to knobs like you.

  • Super_Guest

    There can’t be much room left in that hallway for Shearer, after Grant’s gut and ego.

  • Phar Lap

     Reminds me of the old Dear Dorothy Dix  agony aunt column,when some asked the question.Every time a boy kisses me something hard sticks into my tummy.Do you think he has a bottle in his pocket.

  • kevin

    The only shearer concealment happening here is personality concealment…

  • Kosh103

    My goodness look at all the hyprcrisy going on in here.

    • Tom

      Psssst….. Go play in traffic

      • Kosh103

        Sorry I dont agree with National party Health policy.