Shearer rolled by union of Ports dispute, Ctd

Unless David Shearer was in a complete daze walking around the Big Gay Out he surely must have noticed his MPs lining up to sign and support the Save our Ports petitions…surely?

Did he sign it even?

Charles Chauvel did.


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  • honcho

    I find it ironic that they call themselves ‘save our port’, when they are the ones set on destroying it. Also when they imply ‘our’ port, it isnt theirs, its the rate payers of aucklands port, they are just the workers.

    If they really wanted to save the port they would be back at work, earning that cushy weekly paycheck.
    The real sign should read “hook up our union bosses”

  • Super_Guest

    Pretty easy to save the ports. Boot out the union and bring in people who want to do very little and get paid a huge sum for it.

  • Roger

    Should say “save my over paid job”.  Chucky thought the poster holder was the lead with ZZ Top and he was applying for tickets to a ZZ Top concert – he plannned to flog them on Trademe.