Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

David Farrar has a mild swipe at the Greens for their silly statements about Mojo having to fund her own transcribing equipment in parliament.

He then goes on to update his mild swipe.

UPDATE: The Herald reports further info:

However, the Speaker’s office said Dr Smith and Parliamentary Services did not have the authority to approve the extra funding.

“He would have to go to the Parliamentary Service Commission, he’d have to go to the Government and ask for additional funding to do what she wants because its not part of the appropriation,” a spokeswoman said.

Dr Smith would raise the issue at next month’s Parliamentary Service Commission meeting.

The Speaker is holding a press conference at 3.30 pm also on this issue.

Once again the Greens have obscured the truth by only releasing partial information, and hiding behind their holier than thou shield of sanctimony. They are the single best reason we should increase the threshold for parties getting into parliament under MMP to 8%.

Of course there wouldn’t be an issue if Winston Peters paid back his parties $158,000 still outstanding to Parliamentary Servies…Winston has offered to stump up some cash, perhaps he could stump up the rest by paying back the $158,000.


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  • Brendon

    Think id rather there be no threshold, conservatives would have got in, at 2.5% they should be there, not that I voted for them but I do not think that is fair.

    • Argon

      I disagree, look at some of the other parties that poll below the threshold but above the representation level…
      Smaller parties already wield greater than proportional power within parliament.

      • Brendon

        to get a member into parliament parties would obviously need to get at least 1.2% if my maths is right, each person in parliament is 1.2%.  to get two people you would need 1.4% etc.  any thing wrong with this?  who would have got in under this model.

  • Hakim of phut

    wouldn’t be an issue if Winston Peters paid back his parties $158,000 still outstanding ”

    NZ First paid  the money to charity, in spite of a campaign by the National party and Farrar to blackmail charities  to not accept it.
    The precedent was set by the National party who  in 2005 spent all the broadcasting money  without paying the GST, later they claimed it ‘went to charity’

    • A trust fund controlled by his own lawyer is not a Charity.

    • Brian

      Actually, Hakim of phut, National party couldn’t pay the GST without going over the spending threshold. As part of an agreement with the broadcasters at the time, they paid for charities to have advertsing broadcast. Those broadcasters would normally provide free to air adverts for charities anyway so they didn’t lose too much. Most people belive it was not a deliberate ploy by the National party.
      For the record, just before the last election, Winston told the Herald that they would have had to pay gift duty if they repaid the $158k back to the government. That is the biggest load of BS and would have taken 5 mins of checking with IRD to confirm it, but the journalist just swallowed his line.

      Redarding Mojo’s request for electronic note taking. We already have it. It’s called Hansard and is free.

      • Hakim of phut

        What a great rort, find one way to steal $110,000 and say the law prevents you paying it back.

      • And it wasn’t Winston;s money to decide to give it to charity, it was ours and we still want it back.

    • So if I steal $158 000 of your money, and I donate it all to a charity (nominated by me) that’s alright then is it?

      • Hakim of phut

        If I avoid paying GST of $100k  then I would go to jail.
        National broke the law and has avoided paying the consequences.
        Joyce should have gone to jail

      • In Vino Veritas

        Hakim, your knowledge of the collection of GST by the IRD is obviously nil. If the National Party had failed to pay GST to the IRD, and given the public nature of this event, the IRD would have chased them, and insisted on payment plus penalties for late payment. Ergo, they paid the IRD. By extension, your facts are wrong.

      • Brian

        Roger, I don’t think Hakim deals with GST or has any idea of the real world, so let me make it easier for him. Hakim, National paid for the advertising that they were allowed to spend. From memory, they planned their campaign based upon costs given, but they hadn’t factored in that GST would be charged on top. I guess (since I do not know for certain) that advertsing rates may be advised to the buyers ex GST. They did not avoid paying GST, they paid the amount that would have out them over the allocated amount to the Media to pay for the charities adverts. GST is in that payment.
        The media would pay an adjusted value of GST for the adverts since the value of adverts supplied would have now changed.   (That was the agreement they came up with). It was a mental balls up, but not a deliberate “spend Govt money and change the law to make it legal when it clearly wasn’t and then back date it”.

        Sorry for the threadjack Cam. I’ll shut up now.

      • Callum

        HoP, your understanding of GST is obviously very limited. National never had any IRD obligations, the obligation to the IRD lay with TVNZ as supplier of a good or service.

      • Hakim of phut

        I know exactly what happened, and how the National party and Joyce in particular were warned the funds were GST inclusive  but ignored that and spent it anyway.
        The reason was  National got only 20% of the vote  in the previous election so had a much reduced broadcasting allocation compared with labour.
        The beauty of the rort was that the funds didnt go through nationals hands so technically they werent the ones to pay, but they booked television time  to the full value knowing there would be a shortfall when the  fixed amount was sent from the government to TVNZ.
        In political terms they ‘stole the money’ and if they want to  run around yelling ‘thief’ about other parties then the mud will be thrown back. So save all the flimsy legal excuses and the claims of innocence.

    • Vij

      Can you please be truthful and not spin garbage like a moronic idiot like 2 other regular commentators.

  • Gravedodger

    @ Brendon have you any idea what that would do for forming and maintaining stable Government?

    • Brendon

      i dont like smaller parties ‘wagging the dog’ either but i do think that the number of people from each part elected into parliament should actually represent the party vote.  anyone keen on cracking the numbers on this?  who would have been in/out if this was the case?  you also should not be an electorate and list candidate, one or the other, not both.

  • Andy

    Since the Greens’ election posters looked like trade ads for the wind industry, I’d like to know what their financial interests are in this department. Anyone know?

    • phronesis

      Given the whole wind turbine thing is a scam that quite apart from being a blot on the landscape requires those windmills to function without major parts replacement for decades to recoup the initial  environmental cost of their production you may well ask.

      The answer I suspect is however that Greens are just retarded. 

  • Catwoman

    This is another great example of the Greens planning.  Election = November 2011.  It is now February 2012 – surely they could have addressed this before now.  Another Turei publicity stunt.

  • Kosh103

    Anywho, IMO Parl should have to fund the deaf Green MP fully in order for her to do her job. She is an MP and in almost any other country it would be unheard of to demand that a representive of the people pay in order to serve.

    • MrV

      Nobody is saying that the equipment shouldn’t be funded.

      The issue is why did the Greens not find some money from within their plentiful existing budget and get the equipment ready for the 1st day of parliament. Then they could claim it back from parliament once all the process stuff has been worked out.

      Spread over even one parliamentary term we are not talking about a huge amount of money.

      Instead they have gone for the sob story/entitlement routine.

      • Vij

        Absolutely correct, but let’s not try stop the spin from some morons who live in their own reality

      • Ksoh103

        It should be provided for her. Full stop. And she is entitled to it under human rights laws, and even Key has said they will look at what needs funding.

        So if dear old Jonny seems to have clicked as to how wrong this is, then I am sure he dear followers should be able to grasp it.

    • Gazzaw

      The Greens got $5.64 million of taxpayers money to cover parliamentary expenses. What is this if it is not a parliamentary expense?

    • Next thing she will be complaining tot he Human Right Commission because she got turned down for the job as Music Reviewer at the Listener.

      • Ksoh103

        If she does not get this funded, then damm right she should go to the HRC.

    • Thorn

      She is a List MP with loyalty to the Party, and none to any constituent. 

    • Dion

      I actually agree with you (despite your stupid Key Derangement comments further down the thread – still upset about National Standards are we?).

      The issue here is that the Greens leadership tried to turn someone’s disability into a mechanism for political point scoring.  Cam is right – they hide behind a shield of sanctimony.

      • jay cee

        kinda forgetting the money that was stumped up by parliament to fund totally unneccessary te reo translators aren’t we? the precedent has been well and trully established

  • Pete George

    Gareth Hughes Musterer mentioned as being involved (with possible breach of confidentiality), concerted Green sympathy social media campaign, only two dots to join?

  • Thorn

    In addition to being as deaf as a post, this Mojo creature has a thick hide.

  • Hagar

    Maybe the Greens didnt HEAR what the speaker spoke!

  • Phar Lap

    Not sure what all the fuss is about with Mojo.After all every Mp gets funded in parliament by the taxpayer up to eighty hours per week .that is by secretarial help etc etc.That is sixteen hours per day paid by the sucker NZ taxpayer.Seems to me Mojo and the commie “Greens” want her to get more than the funding for eighty hours  is  provided for. Surely the Greens should pay the difference out of the close to six million dollars they get already.The gravy train continues to roll non stop.

    • Hakim of phut

      And why does the police protection for Key come out of the police budget. 

      Why isnt it funded by the PMs office, and if they overspend  as they have had a habit of doing they can reduce the number of spin doctors working in the PMs office

    • Phar Lap

      Heard the so called co leader  from the” Greens “on the Larry Williams show, spinning her lies.I got the impression that Turei would love to get some   plastic surgery funding for herself so she might be admitted to the ugly bugs ball ,fat chance.Also sounded to me that our old friend Lockwood was quite happy to keep his “Mojo” over Mojo.Just sad that the two “Greenies “Mather and Turei are dealing from the bottom of the deck.

      • Hakim of phut

        For fucks sake shes deaf!
        Its not like  when ACTs Donna used public funds for stomach stapling

  • Alex

    Quelle surprise Gareth Hughes was behind this.  The guy clearly has an estranged relationship with the truth.  Next time I see him on my bus, I may well have a chat about the importance of telling the truth.

  • Ksoh103

    I am willing to bet that if this was a National MP all the “haters” on here would be demanding all services be provided and paid for.

    • Alex

      There are some silly comments I will admit.  But (as someone near deaf myself), I’m beside myself that Gareth Hughes has so flagrantly misrepresented the situation, so allowing the “what’s a deaf MP doing there anyway” crowd to come out of the waterworks.  And I’m pretty disgusted that Hughes has crapped on the Speaker and his staff who seem to be doing the best they can.  I think they should apologise.

      • MrV

        He has a history of doing this, I’m amazed people listen to the guy given he has cried wolf so many times.

      • Hakim of phut

        Sorry , its politics and you aren’t going to win public opinion by ‘kicking a cripple’

      • Andrew McMillan

        This sort of nonsense is becoming the norm from Hughes. And every time he drags his Party into the mire. His fellow members need to take him to task.

      • Alex

        @d6df296d9f8286431ddef95a7b8c0b87:disqus you do have a habit of making some just dumb posts.  No one is “kicking a cripple”.  What Hughes entirely forgot is that the Speaker is impartial  and is not the subject of political attack, especially if that attack is a downright lie. I suspect — and hope — the Speaker reprimands Hughes in front of the House.

      • Roland

        Alex you sound like a sensible man I imagine that you would also dispute the claim that the note taking equipment will permit 700,000 hearing impaired New Zealanders to “hear: the parliamentary debates – surely?

  • jonno1

    I thought that the equipment (note-taking software) was being provided, ie the capital cost, similar in principle to providing wheelchair access for someone, but that staffing costs aren’t covered. These are logically an operating cost payable from party funds (estimated cost of a part-time secretary $20-30k/yr). So what’s the problem here?

    • Pete George

      Yes,I think Mojo used the wheelchair comparison but it wasn’t the same as her situation,  it would be aas if someone in a wheelchair needed someone on hand to push them everywhere.

      It raises the question of whether personal assistance should be provided as an extra – and then it rises the issue of for what. I f someone is dumb, or blind, or illiterate, or paralysed, what level of assistance should they have for observing and recording what goes on in parliament. If an MP became brain damaged (I mean physically)?

      It may be that new rules need to be worked out that will cover a range of possibilities, not just waived for one person because the Greens tweet up some sympathy.

      • jonno1

        Fair enough, but you can use an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter – a lot cheaper than paying for a fulltime pusher!

  • Kirsten_mullany

    You’re off on a crazy weird tangent which has no bearing on the current topic.
    For what it’s worth, had Mojo been an ELECTED Member of Parliament,then we should be looking to fund whatever equipment she requires to do the job properly.  However, she’s come in off the list and accordingly, her party should foot the bill.  As Gazzaw mentioned above, they’ve so far received $5.5mil of tax payer funds, I’m sure they can find the money within that.

    The Greens playing the ‘poor me’ card by exploiting their members’ disability is poor at best. 

  • Phar Lap

    Lets face it Mathers is a Green Stooge plant.They put her on the list ,the voters didnt have any say.Now that bunch of sign bashers and secret rent trust merchants are looking for political sympathy.Mojo is a sick plan by the snake oil” Greens” to win votes from the hearing impaired. I think the sneaky bastards should pay her themselves.If an electorate seat was won by her ,of course the rules would be different.Seems the snake oil party think that a retread MP is the same as an electorate MP,dont think so,would Mathers win an electorate seat ,dont think so.

  • Chris

    Maybe if all the Greenie supporters paid some money towards it , over a number of years , it would work out to be a few cents overall..

  • Keeping Stock

    @ Hakim of phut – Matt McCarten dodged PAYE obligations totaling $250 k over an eighteen-month period. I haven’t seen his sorry arse hauled off to prison. Just sayin’…

  • Brighton Belle

    And here’s a gem from the Greens Party website – Mojo Mathers in her past life was, wait for it…”Mojo Mathers a former Green Party Strategic Policy Advisor”   Would anyone still like to debate the rights and wrongs of this issue, its a rort by the Greens Party to get their own team member into parliament and now they want the public of New Zraland or the government to pay for the extra services needed to accomodate their member.  Sorry but this is decidedly underhand and if purchased the Greens Party should pay for it.  Otherwise put it on hold until Mojo Mathers has proven herself in parliament – after all she may not survive one term??  Mojo Mathers is a “placement” member of parliament.