Shilling for Shell when it suits her

hat tip Motella Blog

Lucy Lawless got herself arrested today protesting against Shell.

Like most Greenpeace activists she is a hypocrite.

She wasn’t averse to taking their money in the past:


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  • Blah

    So people can’t educate themselves to form an opinion that varies from one held previously?

    • Dion

      Yes of course you can – but if you’re politically active it’s a bad look when you do.

  • helen

    Agreed. we’re all hypocrites – what matters is what you choose to do NOW.

    • Boss Hogg

      Changing opinions is one thing – complete U turns is another.  Lucy used to drive a V12 6 litre Merc, now she wants evryone else to get a resource consent to refuel one.

      Would you like an estimate of the fuel bill for filming seven seasons of Xena – nearly all powered by Diesel gen sets……..The fuel cards on that show were Shell form memory….

      Drill, Dig, Sell – Love it.

      And I now work in renewable energy as well as Oil and Gas.  We need the lot.

      • Vlad

        You are so right Boss, they shot on location & sets at Bethells and sucked up half the output from Kuwait running the gensets, I wish I had remembered that and posted.  

      • jay cee

        interesting, when the government was giving away our taxes to help warner brothers you guys here said it was a good thing. so ms lawless worked on a set that used diesel generators and she was responsible for that decision how? and what about all the kiwis who had jobs thanks to her talent or does that only apply to the hobbit.

      • Euan Rt

        Jaycee you are purposely trying to twist this. I think you will most if not all here are happy for the job creation. The problem is the perceived hypocrisy that oil drilling is bad but consumption of said product is no probem.

      • Boss Hogg

        Thanks Euan, you get and Jay Cee does not.

        I am personally thankful for Lucy’s success with her carreer and I think Her hubby, Rob Tappert should be Knighted (but he is American) for the amount of film work he has brought to NZ.  I reckon he would have produced more TV and film revenue for NZ than Sir Peter Jackson and he has been doing it consistently since the start of Hercules in the early 90’s.

        I just don’t get the actress waking up one day suddenly going all green like.

  • peterwn

    Wondering if Greenpeace is paying her sponsorship fees? Enough idiots seemed to be conned into donating to Greenpeace.

  • Tony

    Wait – I was a struggling actress/model and had to eat. I was tricked into prostituting myself by my agent – It wasn’t my fault that they took the pictures and put them on the internet………..I feel so ashamed of myself……………

    • Catweasel321

      Tony, I suggest you get a new agent.

      • Tony

        I didn’t think that it was that bad……..:-(

  • James Gray

    Just saw her getting let out, from a window in an office next door to the temporary New Plymouth police station. Unfortunately the window didn’t open and I didn’t have a bar of soap to throw.

  • Vlad

    This is just a delight, whatever did we do before the internet and blogs?  

  • Macca

    So now that the hypocritical bitch has been set free,  I hope she’s got a good pair of walking shoes to get herself back home!  After all,  being such a staunch anti drill it, mine it etc opponent, she couldn’t possibly jump aboard any form of transport that uses those horrible fossil fuels!  God give me bloody strength!   When are these clowns going to wake up!

  • peterwn

    Just think, she will now need visas to enter Australia, UK, USA, etc. Hope the cops can nail them for breaking that light. That is actually the most serious aspect – intentional damage of safety gear.

    They are just fall-guys – set up by ringleader anarchists in Greenpeace who are oh so careful not to get directly involved.

    Hope Shell can get reparation and can have a receiver appointed to receive the automatic payments from the mugs who got signed up by Greenpeace ‘chuggers’ (but hey! Greenpeace is not a charity).

    • Gn35

      No she she wont get a conviction, she can afford the country’s best lawyers, and thus she will use her sense of grandiose entitlement to get herself discharged without conviction. This is what rich people do you see. Unlike the other mugs up the pole.

      • A-random-reader

        It’s hard to get off a burglary charge without conviction (which is what she is charged with).

        If convicted of burglary she will be compelled to give a DNA sample for the national police database.

        She’ll still be able to get into Australia but will need to declare her conviction every time she crosses the border.

      • peterwn


        AFAIK while you can generally talk your way through Oz immigration with a minor conviction, they will tell you to get a visa next time. Safer to get one.

  • Hakim of phut

    Shilling for  Blue Chip… Well there was Wyatt Creech and John Luxton on the board. But this is the money shot … Lockwood Smith with his Blue Chip pals. 

    • Guest

      Sharpen up Phutwit, the topic is Lucy Lawless and Shell.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Off topic, take a walk. Banned – Trevor and Clare.

      Oops sorry, this is not Red Blert

    • Linking to the standard will get you banned faster than anything else. Don’t do it again.

  • ConwayCaptain

    There is nothing wrong with changing your opinion over the years, we have all done it.

    BUT when you start doing things like protesting about oil exploration and you are flying round the wrold in jets, travelling up and down the country in cars and building a mega size mansion in one of the most expensive suburbs in NZ and then tell evryone that drilling for oil is not good and you have a bigger carbon footprint than anyone else well that is HYPOCROSY 

    • Catweasel321

      No, thats called free enterprise. Just typical of a socialist to drag out the politics of envy and forment class warfare.

      • ConwayCaptain

        I am not a socialist and forment class warfare that is left to the likes of Parsloe et al.

        I am pointing out the hypocracy of someone who is grandstanding about the ecology etc etc on a drilling vessel butt then is buikding a huge mansion using all sorts of energy and resources that they keep banging on about as dirty and bad for the environment.  Just like Al Gore.

  • Catweasel321

    There no argument. If anyone knows what hypocracy looks like it’d be Whale Oil.

    • Gn35

      hypocrisy, actually.
      Since you’re on line, dictionaries are free.

      • Catweasel321

        Thanks spell checker Gn35, you’re obviously a fun guy to have around at parties.
        Do you do this for everyone here or are you just flirting with me?

      • Euan Rt

        No it is just that we like to poke trolls catpee.

  • Chris

    Why don’t we see anything on this in the MSM, would have made a great story for  Close up. Just would have loved them asking about this ad after she came down from the ships tower.

    • Vlad

      Radio picked it up, TV hacks are all in the pub

  • Phar Lap

    Hope the living on her deeds of   camera trick  fantasy twenty years ago catches up with her.Would be great to hear a real judge put her in Arohata for a wee while.Now the USA which she is protesting  against will bar her as an eco terrorist. Homelands security are always on the alert for frauds,tits or no tits.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Pity about the arrests. Six months in a leaky boat would have sorted the hypocrites out. Take the TV cameras – Deadliest Catch and all that stuff

  • Guest

    So it’s ok when you are a poor struggling actor to take pimping money from a corporate to get to the 1% but when you are in the .00001% like Xena is, she wants to stop the nasty evil corporates!!! Smells like she’s had a bad case of forgetting what got her all her filthy tv money in the first place.
    Large corporates.

  • Guest

    So Loony Lucy was shilling for Shell back when they were engaging in human rights abuse in West Africa, when Shell were a party to the execution of Ken Saro-Wira, the freedom fighter?

  • Mr_Blobby

    What would the bill be for a ship like that sitting around for a few days?
    Why is it the Courts never award damages. It would make them think about the consequences a bit more. Maybe decide that waving goodbye flags from the wharf would be more productive.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Mr Blobby

      I would estinmate that as ship like this sitting there or steaming to the next location would cost US$50k pd.

      Once in operation and all ancilliary gear, choppers, supply vessels to bring fuel water, drilling mud, crew changes etc in excess of US$100k per day even as high as US$150kpd

      Considering that they only have a small window of opportunity they have to get a move on.


    actors,enough said.

  • Chris

    Maybe she’s changed her mind and regrets doing the ad?  I would’ve thought this was something admirable, to admit she was wrong to have done it?  I’m sure you’ve posted a Daily Proverb or two that encapsulates the point?

  • Brian Smaller

    Yeah – she is well entitled to a religious conversion. I don’t hold that against her. However, she IS a hypocrite. Happy to use the product in enormous quantities to run her career and life, just doesn’t think that anyone should actually look for the resource and exploit it.

  • MrAuz1989

    Can anyone remember which mine in Australia she worked at before she took up acting?

    • Jester

      Both her and her then husband worked for a gold mine operation just outside Kalgoorlie.

      Who would have thought it…..Lucy Lawless a gold digger.

      • MrAuz1989


  • ConwayCaptain

    They are all going on about pollution from oil spills etc.

    The first HUGE oil spills were the Torrey Canyon and the Amoco Cadiz both at the entrance to the English Channel.

    They tried to disperse the oil using Teepol in vast quantities.  They found that this dispersant caused more problems than the oil itself.  They evn trid bombing the wrec to the Torry canyon with Napalm and that didnt work.

    In many cases they are finding that the oils disperses and breaks down naturally especially the lighter oils.  As I have said before more oi;l gets into the environment NATURALLY than by oil spills or ships pumping oil and sludge over the side.

    The penalties for pollution by pumping sludge or tank cleaning residue over the side these days is HORRENDOUS and no shipping co in the right mind would do it.

    In the 70’s there were a series of explosions on 200,000 tonne tankers.  They found that this was caused by the water droplets from the Butterworth sparyers became electrically charged as they were “fired” around the tank.  As they hit the bulkhead or steel they gave off and electric charge and there was a mini storm lightning created.  If the gas in the atmosphere in the tank was at the right lvele there was an explosion.

    Now they use the gases fronm the ships engines to make the atmosphere in the tanks inert and they use crude oil washing wherby crude oil is sprayed through the cleaning system and any oil adhering to the inside of the tanks ends up on the bottom and is then pumped into the slop tank.

    Also all tankers built now are double hulled and the balllast tanks are sepoarate from the cargo tanks.  In the older tankers the cargo tanks were used as ballast tanks and whne de ballasting the water had to go through oily water purifiers.

  • parorchestia

    I am curious. How did they perform their bodily functions while on the top of the derrick?   Was there a pile of carbon poo prints on the deck that had to be cleaned up? 
    And I hope she is going to walk back to the US to minimise her C footprint.  But she may not be allowed in if she has a criminal record.