Silence from Labour on latest foreign land sale

Labour has been surprisingly silent on the latest farm sales to a foreign investor:

Hollywood movie mogul James Cameron is coming to live in Wairarapa – and he is bringing his family with him.

The director of blockbuster films Titanic and Avatar has purchased two large plots of land along Western Lake Rd in south Wairarapa, where he is expected to arrive and live later this year.

Records released today from the Overseas Investment Office show that James F Cameron, of Canada, was given consent in December to purchase two separate properties, one 817 hectares and the other nearly 250 hectares.

Why the silence from Labour on the sale of valuable and profitable farm land to foreign investors. Surely they must be consistent and decry this purchase too?

Or is Labour’s threshold for outrage being a Chinee?


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  • AceMcWicked

    Is James Cameron Canadian?

    • Hakimofphut

      He wants to LIVE here, on his farm. That is normally allowed as its not an investment

  • Grandstream

    And where is Michale Fay protesting the sale of this land ?

    Who was selling this land ? Is that inof available ? Wonder if it was local iwi or Peter Jackson ?

  • i think the concerns are around chinese attempts to create vertical-markets…

    ..(basically what the british/american empires did..)

    i don’t think those concerns would be around cameron..

    ..and speaking of foreign exploitation..

    ..and our politicians being as dumb as a sack of doorknobs..

    ..and just selling us down the river..unthinking..

    ..the progressive govt in ecquador..bemoaning the low oil royalties they were getting for their natural resources..

    ..have negotiated a new deal…

    ..where the oil companies now will pay them a royalty of 87%..

    ..that figure they bemoaned…?…13%…

    …the figure ‘negotiated’ by the useless bastards who are our political ‘leaders’..?

    ..for the extraction of our natural resource/oil..?




    • James Gray

      Will you please learn to capitalize your sentences and use periods correctly?

      • Vij

        Ignore him

    • Phil, I warned you on another post…stop giving yourself a link. I give links from this blog not you.

      • what link..?

        i have always signed that way..

        ..since the first day i started commenting anywhere..

        ..way back in the mists of time..

        ..your software makes the link..

        ..not me.. sort it..

        [email protected]:disqus

      • Joe Bloggs

        euwww – link-whore! Where’s the Dettol?

        If you must defile Cam’s blog at least have the good taste to write intelligibly.

        Here’s a style guide to help you sort your act out.

    • Agent BallSack

      Phil you don’t need to link, your name on your disqus profile links back to your blog.

      • Anonymous

        you’re actually reading his comments? hell, its become second nature to me to just skip and read the others. Once you’ve seen one full stop, you’ve seen ’em all!

      • Agent BallSack

        I do the same but that link at the end for some reason pisses me off. Enough to never visit his blog.

    • Scanner

      Phuck off Phool, you’re still a pimple on the arse of humanity, I just love paying taxes so twats like you can spend the working day with your mouth wrapped around a bong,  go and occupy a job.

    • Angry Croc

      It is spelt WHORE.

      • Angry Croc

         Even Kosh makes more sense then you Phil. 

    • YNFEM

      Phil is obviously one of the 20% of NZ kids who leaves school without basic numeracy and literacy skills

      • Vij

        totally agree

    • Oh no, not you again, with your pseudo literary pretensions and  silly response

  • EX Navy Greg

    Here we go again, You will run out of full stops at this rate.

    Greg (

    • Pharmachick

      Best. Reply. EVER. ;-)

  • Gazzaw

    Just as well the movie personality is James Cameron and not Jackie Chan. Labour would be throwing another WP lookalike tanty and Fay appealing the High Court.

  • I wonder if Winston Peters considers this sale to be “economic treason” or whether David Shearer thinks this sale will make us “tenants in our own land”.

    Thus far, their silence is deafening; hypocrisy much?

  • so..we are all happy about that 5% royalty negotiated by big-jezza..and signed off by key..

    ..are we..?

    ..i thought you lot claimed economic-literacy as part of yr ‘appeal’.. someone explain the economic-literacy in that one for me..?

    ..the way i see it.. is a sellout of eyewatering proportions.. can it not be..?

    ..’leftie’ ecuador negotiates 87% royalty… ‘master-of-the-universe’ key.. aok with us getting 5%..

    ..the man is an economic-retard.. can he not be..?


    • i did not click link-button..

      [email protected]

      • jabba


      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t matter. If you type in the url it will become a link. Solution? Don’t type in the url.

        Besides, your posts are impossible to read. Maybe learn how to write?

    • Sam

      Oh  my  god.  What are you on??

      • Dion

        Sam, we have reason to believe that he may be stoned.

    • but wait..!..there’s more…!

       “..In 2010 New Zealand’s crude oil production was worth a staggering US$2,521,625,288 –
      – or (at current exchange rates) $2.97 billion New Zealand Dollars.

      The governments tax take on that is $148 m –

      – or roughly the same amount given away to oil companies as sweeteners like seismic mapping research…”

      (how can you read that..and not weep..?..not care…?

      ..just ‘cos it’s yr crew who have screwed us this way..?

      [email protected]

      • Super Guest

        If a company goes to all the effort to get the oil, shouldn’t they be entitled to the profits? It belonged to no-one, it was just gunk in the ground, unless you oppose property rights and believe it should belong to the “people” whatever that means.

      • Vij

        moron, make some sense or go away

    • Thorn

      What’s the problem with vertical markets? 

    • Vij

      You are an idiot who cannot write anything sensibly, go away

  • i think that 87% of the income should come to us..

    ..not 5%…

    ..are you serious..? are happy about that…?

    just to recap for you..

    the oil companies make $3 billion…

    …we get $148 million in royalties…

    ..and we give the oil companies about $148 million in subsidies..?

    ..and this was 2010…

    ..2011 won’t be any better….

    ..and you rightwingers are all aok about that..?

    ..are you kidding me..?

    [email protected]

    • Thorn

      Buy shares in the oil companies and you will be well rewarded. 

    • now..i’m a solutions-oriented kinda guy.. here is how i reckon we fix this.. many of you here are so ‘well-connected’..

      ..can i suggest to those connected to have a word with whoever..

      ..and see if they can have have a word with the ecuadorians…

      ..and hire the negotiating-team they contractors/consultants… come down here and do the same for’d be as simple as that…


      [email protected]

      • I’m a solutions kinda guy too Phil, and my solution is for you to bugger off before WO bans you like Happy Feet did.

      • Vij

        You still make no sense

    • Anonymous

      ….come on man…

      …learn to type….

      ….cut this shit out…

      …nobody is/will take you seriously…

      you’[email protected]

    • Vij

      idiot, you make no sense

    • In Vino Veritas

      The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the
      inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Winston Churchill.

      As true now as it was then.

    • insider

      Oil companies make $3 billion? Utter nonsense. Show how that adds up?

      Total Sales are not the same as profits.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

    [email protected]:disqus

    It will not take long you fucking parasite

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Labour are always silent unless it is good PR for them and the Media is pre-informed

    • Hakimofphut

      Not the same , hes coming here to live, so its not buying up the land for ‘offshore investors’

      • So the word of a Canuck is worth more than the word of a Chinee?

    • jay cee

      just like national

  • dad4justice

    Who signed the free trade deal with Mr Wong or is it Mr Lumberjack or was it Owen Glenn??
    It’s all so confusing I just sold my farm to a rabbit.

    • who signed the oil royalties deal..?

      ..was that mr stupid…?

      [email protected]

      • dad4justice

        How many chemists have you robbed this week?

      • Super Guest

        Hmmm, I don’t care about oil royalties. For some reason you think you’re entitled to the money because….uhhh….

        But the thing is you didn’t earn it, so you don’t get it. Regardless who’s going to listen to a borderline illiterate criminal stoner?

      • Scanner

        You’re still a goats cock Phool, by the way we’ve now moved your status up to a boil on the arse of humanity, you can feel proud of this achievement, it’s probably the only award you’ve ever had, apart from three to five years in the big house.

      • Jassen

        Riddle me this then wanker.

        Did we only start oiling in this country in 2008 when National took power. No?

        See how easy the 9 years of Labour is to forget.

    • Hakimofphut

      FTA  specifically excluded making land sales open slather, as we would be able to buy up Chinese land, which they dont allow

  • Anonymous

    This is why Lay-bore dare not speak:

    But having said that, they did base their election campaign on hypocrisy (asset sales) so maybe the temptation of an open mouth and 2 lonely feet might prove to be too great.

    • dad4justice

      Labour are beyond a sick joke Trav. Only a fool would not want them gone from New Zealand forever. They have caused enuf f##king damage.!


    Good for the film industryetc,and he wants to live here to.Nothing Labour could add if they wanted to.Redneck politics only works if you can scare up support.

  • Urban Redneck

    Labour were vehemently opposed to the sale of Auckland International to the Canadians but otoh they OK’d those Wellington transmission line sales to some Hong Kong based outfit – so all of this xenophobia talk being peddled by the liberal right is just Alinskyite bullshit. The media are going to focus on this issue now, every time one square millimeter of farmland is sold to overseas interests – just to make National squirm and I’d expect a seachange to occur, the high tide mark of their electoral support will begin to ebb away.

    Re James Cameron. We already have enough pharisaical left-wing nutjobs in NZ, why do we need to import any more?

    • Boss Hogg

      It is so he can visit Sir Peter Jackson nearby.  Many NZ film crew and companies did well from Avatar and they will be shooting the next one soon in NZ with effects by WETA.

      I thought we would like this sort of investment and commitment to NZ and work for locals.

  • @winstonpeters
    Winston Peters

    What does James Cameron know about dairy farming? Yet another example of National kowtowing to big money.

    Winston’s woken up…!/winstonpeters

  • no..i believe the country should get 87% of the income…

    ..not 5%

    ..$3 billion each year we have flushed down the loo..

    ..and you call me ‘illiterate’..?


    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      RE: illiterate…..oh fuck it. If you can’t spot the irony, then there’s no point in me hilighting it a third time.

    • Dion

      > no..i believe the country should get 87% of the income…
      Phil, that doesn’t make you illiterate it makes you an idiot.

  • and to put this into an international perspective..’s very similar to our place on the oecd child-poverty rates.. know how we are third from the worst in the oecd..?

    ..well our oil royalties rate as a nation.. fourth lowest in the world… about that jezza..?

    .how about that key..?

    [email protected]

    • Dion

      I tend to prefer the term “child neglect”.

    • Boss Hogg


      Some different Oil and Gas Tax systems are listed here

      There are many reasons for different taxes and royalties.  You are trying to lump them all in one as a royalty – wrong.

      NZ oil is a drop in the bucket and we are lucky to have any oil companies being bothered with production of the volumes currently coming out of NZ.

      Ecuador is swimming in easy to get oil – yet Petrobras and Noble are leaving.  It is even too corrupt for the Brasilians to handle.

      We had workers on a site in Ecuador a few years ago.  The local armed bandits come on to site to steal condensates to disolve cocaine out of the plants.  Not nice people.  You probably consider these guys heroes as cocaine is nicer than P for you.

      Is that the utopia style left wing government you want?

      Take your political master degree in bullshit and shove where the sun don’t shine – Pillock.

      • come off it hogg..

        the ecuadorians went from 13% to 87%..

        ..spin that

        and if i was able to link here i wd show you an in-depth piece on the transformation taking place in ecuador… has been taken from a basket-case to what is described as ‘the most exciting place in the world’..

        ..and funnily enough..much of the policies being used could have been lifted from mana policy..

        y’know..!..a progressive tax system/capital gains transaction tax..

        ..all that good stuff.. do know they are all coming your way…eh..?

        ..’cos we are the 99%…

        ..we have the numbers.. we will prevail…

        ..spin that

        [email protected]

      • Boss Hogg

        Try a bit of balance to your phsychotic view.

        I hope Ecuador does not run out of oil too soon – they have done a deal with the devil

      • mister nui

        Ure, you’re a fucking idiot if you think there has been transformation in Nationalising the Ecuadorian Oil industry. Most of the Oil in Ecuador was already produced by the state owned oil company – Petroproduccion. The whole fucking place was a corrupt cesspit. People cutting pipelines so the oil would flow into the streams so they would get the job cleaning it up…. Yeah, that’s the lefts version of a make work scheme.

        I should know, I was the one there when the bandits came to “steal” the condensates to process their cocaine. They didn’t actually steal it, but colluded with the security to get their hands on the condensate.

        They were dealing with the devil long before now, the plant that Hoggy-san speaks of was financed by the Chinese back in 2004, which was long before the hard-left Correa came to power.

      • mister nui

        Furthermore linkwhore, I’m reading the Hays Global O+G salary guide for 2012 right now. Your plan would drive oil exploration + production away from NZ – The average salary in this sector in NZ is USD116,500 – which is where the real money is made for the NZ economy, through direct & indirect employment.

        And you want to drive all that employment & revenue away from NZ…

        Ecuador is not on the list, but I would suspect it falls somewhere between Venezuela at USD75,500 and Argentina at USD68,800. Big difference to NZ.

        Brazil, with a similar royalty regime to NZ by % of earnings, has average salaries at USD119,600.

      • Boss Hogg

        Mister Nui – You can only be one of about two people……….I think I can guess.  Cheers from Hoggy-San

    • Super Guest

      Boohoo. Stop worrying about “society” and get your own shit together.

    • Thorn

      More manure.

  • Lofty

    One cannot be amazed by the hypocritical bluster & bullshit
    from those imposters who inhabit the once proud party.

    You all know the one, the party that used to stand up for principle, and shot from a straight gun, unlike the one that is populated by imposters and posers.

    I cannot ever go back to supporting the present load of bullshitters .

    A very old friend of mine, and one who I hold in the greatest esteem, and devoted a god part of his life to the honorable labour party, once said…”you cannot bullshit a bullshitter”

  • Phar Lap

    Liebour are a racist Party.Seems their sound of silence indicts them.

  • Agent BallSack

    Labour are having a hard time making people believe that the Chinese will come and dig up the farms and displace them back to China. Even lefty Kiwis are not that thick.

    • Thorn

      You are very generous in your belief.

  • Bart

    I’m so glad Phil Ure is posting here.   My index finger has become so strong as the scroll wheel on my mouse whizzes past his banal mis-punctuated ravings!

    Meanwhile, on Planet Earth…….

  • jay cee

    i’ve no problem with a canadian buying A farm here as i can buy land there. i do have a problem with chinese buying 16 farms here when i can’t buy land there.  simple as that. i agree the ONE
    thing that pissed me off with labour was the so called free trade agreement with china that saw a lot of kiwi jobs go down the drain.xenophobia? doubt it more a case of once bitten………

    • Alex

      so why is it only now that you express that you’re “pissed off”?  Or is it because that would’ve have been disloyal to the leftist tribe to have expressed it when Labour was in power?  I’d have a lot more respect for you leftists if you actually criticised Labour while it was in power.  It seems that foreign ownership of land, as with child poverty, only ever becomes an issue when National is in power.  And despite in both regards National continuing much the same policies as Labour. 

      • i thank you for yr ‘respect’ there alex..

        ‘cos i ripped into labour when they were in power on just those issues..

        ..i also hammered away at labour in particular over their inattention to child-poverty..

        ..i didn’t suddenly find these issues when nact came to power..

        ..tho’ of course..they are just making everything worse…

        ..those nact people..

        [email protected]

    • Chinese can’t buy their own land either. The rules are the same.

  • Aren’t we all forgetting that Cameron is a major darling of the AGW left? How could Labour even think of objecting to his highness coming to live here? Just keep an eye on his carbon emission output….could be entertaining….and embarrassing for certain people.

  • MrV

    Don’t worry, Winstons on the case.

  • Agent BallSack

    Why don’t we just bulldoze Christchurch and sell it to the Chinese?

  • Brian Smaller

    People like phool think that because the government gets a 5% royalty that is all the country gets from moining or oil extraction. They forget that while there was 2b worth of oil taken (if that is the figure) that it probably cost 1.5billion to extract it and a lot of that is spent here. Wages, equipment, fuel, maintenance, supplies etc etc. 

    • the actual figure is three trillion..smaller..

      ..and you are happy with nz being paid the fourth lowest royalty rates in the world..?

      ..and sneer at that 87% paid to/negotiated by ‘leftie’-ecuador..? really are one blinded by yr ideology..?

      [email protected]

      • If Ecuador is the shizz go fucking live there and bombard them with ellipsis overkill…

  • no whale..i like new zealand..

    ..and at the moment..we are like ecuador used to be…

    ..(unstable-economy/unstable govt/dependant on america..(dotcom/fbi..?..our mercenary soldiers..?)

    ..and are you seriously saying you are quite happy about us having the fourth lowest royalty payments in the world..? would rather we just continued getting 5%..and not a figure nearer 87&

    ..whither economic-literacy..?

    ..alex earlier slagged lefties for being just tribal… could this thread be any less of an exemplar of ideological-blindness…

    ..with you all happy we are being screwed every which way by the seven sisters…

    ..just because yr brownlee/key are the ones who made the exemplar of a deal that totally sucks and blows…

    ..every which way..? could that be less tribally-blind..?

    ..(and that gave me a burst of nostalgia there..whale..that urging to move to ecuador.. that an update on..

    ‘why don’t you go and live in commie..!…1


    ..fings ain’t wot they used to

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      Tinfoil hat’s on nice and tight I see.

      • i actually think the 5%ers are the tinfoil-hat well as being economically-dumb/economic-illiterates.. could that not be..?


        ..they should have been laughed out of the room..

        ..instead key/brownlee just tugged their forelocks..

        ..and asked the oil companies could they please wear/use a condom…

        [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        I’m not the one posting conspiracy theory bollocks on a right wing blog while excepting his views to be treated with respect.

    • Thorn

      NZ does not like you, and does not need your manure.

  • Peter Wilson

    One comment has popped into my head, now that some foreigner with considerable esteem has bought land here:

    Oops – from pro and anti land sale protagonists.

  • superguest..

    ..what is ‘conspiracy-bollocks’ about easily verifiable facts..?.. comparing royalty-rates..

    ..i am not alleging conspiracy..

    ..i am calling eyewatering-incompetence..

    ..that has morphed into a form of economic-treachery/betrayal.. could it not be..?

    ….these men are utter fools. could they not be..?.

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      No, you think you’re entitled to someone else’s money, even though you haven’t worked for it, and you believe there’s some grand machination on the right that’s keeping the money away from you.