With the strike action underway down at the Ports of Auckland some interesting information has come in via the tipline.

Apparently a golfing trip was undertaken by MUNZ officials this week while their members were trying to figure out how to work through the partial strike Parsloe and co had ordered.

But its also turns out that MUNZ leaders will not be showing solidarity with their port brothers and sisters when the full strike kicks in on the 24th.  No….Parsloe and co will instead be sunning themselves, troughing it up and drinking the bar dry on a conference junket in Australia on 28 February.

Now we know why the Labour party has been asked to kick in some support for the strike. It is to cover for their absentee overlords in the union.

Back in the old days it is a matter of union legend that Bill Anderson used to stop his own union salary whenever his members were on strike.

Not so Gary Parsloe and co of the Maritime Union – not only are they getting paid – but they’re tripping off to Australia on a junket while the Caropotamus and Helen “Hobbit Hater” Kelly run the picket line at Ports of Auckland. The blokes are handing control to the wimmin…with Caropotamus becoming the fifth woman on the wharf. No doubt the fourth woman, Darien, will be mustering the hordes of angry Labour party children and handing out placards for them all to use.

If I were a worker, now facing two weeks with no pay because of the strikes,  I’d feel a bit grumpy if I found out about that. Certainly someone inside MUNZ isn’t happy at all.


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  • Beenthere

    It seems they are still trying to win some battles & it hasn’t occurred to them they have already lost the war..

  • Petal

    “mustering the hordes of angry Labour party children”


    • honcho

      I think The Whale is refering to Young Labour (or what ever they call themselves), I believe it is still uni summer holidays so Cam may well be spot on the mark.

    • Thorn

      They are angry as the majority of their mums can’t remember who the biological fathers were.

  • ConwayCaptain

    What do you expect WO????  They are into the trough in a big way typical socialists.

    On the subject of socialist I dont normally agree with Paul Henry but his comment on the back page of todays NZH is quite true.  Loopy has made Akl so expensive to live in with his pet projects that no one will be able to afford to live/work there.

  • Agent BallSack

    I know if I ask my kids to sacrifice something for the good of the family or household, I don’t then live it up while they are sacrificing. That would be slightly unfair perhaps?

  • Prov

    The Interport Sports Tournament is a 70 year old plus sports tournament that happens every year – open to all MUNZ members – paid for by members – attended by rank and file workers from around the country.

    • Guest

       “13–18 February 2012 Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

      Come down and enjoy a week of fishing, or golf, or indoor sports. Wives and partners welcome.

      Players can enjoy all this for $250 (fishing) or $150 (golf and indoor sports.)

      Lots of fun, meet MUNZ members from other ports – let’s keep this great maritime tradition going!

      Registrations and payment must be in by end of October 2011.

      More info contact Tony Brown on (07) 5755939 or mobile 021395187

      Email [email protected]

      Mail 7 Claridge Place, Mount Maunganui 3116″

      One assumes any and all costs come out of people’s pockets. Especially if they’re running a supplied car :-)

  • In Vino Veritas

    “Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings, Socialism the equal sharing of misery”. Sir Winston Churchill.

    He might have added to the Socialism bit “except for those in leadership positions”.

  • John

    ” The union is affiliated to the Labour Party of New Zealand, and also has strong links to other left pro-worker parties including Greens and Alliance.In 2011 the Maritime Union will campaign for the re-election of a Labour-led Government supported by coalition partners that share the political goals of our Union.The Maritime Union commits to an active contribution to the election campaign at the branch level.The Maritime Union recognizes the importance of not relying on achieving its goals simply through parliamentary methods, and will continue to use industrial tactics and community campaigns to further the interests of the majority, the working class.    “This is a quote taken from the summing up of an article titaled “Election 2011” which was on the MUNZ web site prior to the election and up until I sent, and had published, in letters to the Ed, Dom Post. trade dispute, or naked play for politcal power?

  • Think it was somewhere on your blog – can’t find it – but think we need to implement full disclosure on political contributions and they must be from individually named persons, not unions, not companies, not family/ blind trusts. Would stop all this intrigue regardless of which party. And they should be published, as they are in the USA.