Staffing Issues at the Christchurch City Council

The tip line has been running hot with details of bullying and a hostile environment at the Christchurch City Council.

The huge number of tips all point to the same thing. Apparently the mayor, the CEO and of all people the Mayoress, have issues managing people, and move people on who refuse to be serfs. They force out those who, in their view, have faces that do not fit.

Anyone with more information should send it in via the tipline. There will be a series of posts exposing the shocking employment culture at the Christchurch City Council when I have had time to sift through all this information, and corroborate some of it with some OIAs.


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  • Roscoe

    I imagine that the “Mayoress” is not the kind of woman to
    keep her own counsel – it seems bizarre that she has an office in the inner sanctum
    anyway, it is almost as if she has to help Bob do the job.  She is certainly not appointed or elected and
    I can’t understand how anyone could justify her touring Asia –  a culture well known for not happily
    acknowledging women.  Have they not heard
    that you never leave your office when there is revolution brewing, cause you’re
    likely to lose your chair?

  • Andy

    “The Mayoress”. You should take a look at her Facebook page and the sycophantic followers that she has. Toe-curling stuff

    • Gazzaw

      THe FB page is pretty impressive but with a salaried PR staff of 24 at the CCC what else would you expect.

      • Anonymous

         ***Twenty-four*** PR staff??? JEEEEE-sus! 
        Yet more proof of the dysfunctional council.
        I wonder how many PR staff Sir Dove Myer-Robinson had in his day. Probably none.

      • Gazzaw

        That was the figure quoted here a couple of days ago. As a Jafa it wouldn’t have concerned me in the slightest if the Ch’ch ratepayers were stupid enough to pick up the tab but as the city is now the beneficiary of many billions of taxpayers’ dollars it’s a different ballgame.

  • Guest

    Don’t forget the Felicity price survey that adds another $80,000 to the PR bill for council – 24 staff say on average $65K what’s that some $2.35 million dollars on PR?

  • Kthxbai

    Why is the mayor’s wife having anything to do with staffing?  She’s unelected and unappointed, and has no place interfering in operational matters. 

    Sounds like a job for the Auditor General’s office.