Stick to running drugs Hugo

Hugo Chavez should stick to running drugs, otherwise he will get a hiding:

Venezuela’s left-wing president has raised the stakes over the Falklands Islands by pledging his armed forces would fight alongside Argentina in any conflict with Britain.

The inflammatory promise from Hugo Chavez came in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the April 1982 invasion of the islands by Argentina.

At the same time Foreign Secretary William Hague insisted the deployment of a British warship and Prince William to the Falklands was ‘entirely routine’.

Mr Chavez was speaking at a meeting of the left-leaning ALBA bloc, an alliance of eight South American and Caribbean countries, which backed Argentina in its long-running dispute with Britain over the islands.

Argentina calls the islands Las Malvinas and claims they were ‘stolen’ by Britain 180 years ago.

‘The issue of the Malvinas Islands is an issue that concerns us, especially with the strong language that has emerged from the British government, accusing Argentina of being colonialist,’ Mr Chavez said at the meeting in Caracas. ‘I’m speaking only for Venezuela, but if it occurs to the British empire to attack Argentina, Argentina won’t be alone this time.’

I hardly think the Venezuelan Navy or Air Force will cause the British Armed Forces more than a moment of concern just before they blow then out of the water and sky. For a start they have no ability to sealift or airlift troops to the Falklands, and even if they did it would be unlikely they would even get there facing up to HMS Dauntless?let alone the Trafalgar Class sub currently lurking in the Southern Atlantic.

Hugo Chavez should stick to drug running lest he destroys his country’s ability to defend itself playing silly beggars with the Argentinians in a game of high stakes against a country that has demonstrated a willingness to smack up upstart countries trying to take its land.