Stop whining and remember who won the war

The Argentinians are whining about Britain sending a ship to its own waters.

Britain has defended its right to send a warship to the Falklands, after Argentina threatened to report it to the United Nations for “militarising” the archipelago.

As if having a big sook and going to the UN will make a difference.

And typical of Argies who don’t have any victories to celebrate they are celebrating the poms sinking of the General Belgrano

Tensions between Britain and Argentina have risen ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War. The Argentine government has recently named the upcoming football season in honour of the Belgrano, a naval ship sunk by British forces in the conflict.

Some Argie loving lefty tree hugging hippy will probably start going on about how the Belgrano was fleeing when it was sunk. The Belgrano was an Argie boat, there is a better than average chance it was fleeing, but it was war and the Argies needed a good lesson, and Thatcher was right.

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  • Blair Mulholland

    I thought the papers recently released showed it wasn’t fleeing?

    • ConwayCaptain


      You are war and you put in an 8″ gun cruiser with attendant destroyers and an opposing sub sees you, what do you expect them to do??  Surface and shout Yoohoo Typhoo come across for a cuppa!!!!

      If he had got within 10 miles of the Task Force she could have caused immense damage.  The whol purpose of war is to as much damage to your opponent as poss.  She was steaming with WT doors open in a war zone.  That show incompetence of the highest order.

      The UK armed forces have been fighting wars for 100s of years and have usually ben on the winning side.  Once again a very professional armed force showed what it could do againt a force that had only waged war on its own people.

      • Blair Mulholland

         ConwayCaptain – WTF does that have to do with my comment?  Recently released papers showed that the Belgrano was not travelling back home as the Argentinians have claimed.  So I was confused as to why this post claims something different.

    • Sweetd

      Yes, I recall something similar, in recently released papers.  Thatcher couldn’t spill the beans at the time as she would have made public that the Brits were listening to the Argies comms.

  • Anonymous

    The only reason why Argentina are taking an interest again is that oil has recently been discovered there. If they remained 2 barren pointless islands they would not give a shit.

    • Paulus

      It has beern known tha oil was there for a very long time, but more strategically is the only deep water passage round the Horn is close to the Falklands and any real submarine (Russian at the time) can be watched as it needs deep water.

  • Anonymous

    I am quite happy for the Argies to go to the UN if the UN responds by organising a referendum among the Falklands residents with 3 preferential questions:
    1. Keep with UK
    2. Total independence.
    3. Transfer to Argie sovereignty.

    • Guest

      Fuck off Peter. That’s a recipe for interference of the highest order.

      Shouldn’t it be the Falkland Islanders who call for a referendum, instead of the UN imposing a referendum on the Falkland islanders.
      if there is a referendum, the Falkland Islanders should organize their own instead of having the corrupt UN (influenced by South American nations) go stickybeaking into their affairs.

    • Alex

       That’s the problem: it is a futile exercise because we all know what the result of any referenda would be — all the islanders are British descendants and want to remain British.  The Argies won’t accept any referendum, because they dismiss the islanders as mere “colonists” whose views aren’t valid (deja vu I know).  The British have held a referenda in Gibraltar: over 90% support to stay with the UK.  The Spanish won’t accept that.  Much the same with Northern Ireland with the mainly Protestant population.  

  • ConwayCaptain

    The GB was the LAST survivor of Pearl Harbour still in servive.

    • Anonymous

       Interesting historical note there, CC! 

    • Tony

      Woow – the long winter evenings must just fly by!  :-)

  • Roger

    In Argentinian hands the vessel was like a French WWII rifle. For Sale – never fired, dropped once. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Brits have told the Argies that a Trafalgar Class sub is on its way and they have said that Spanish Speaking intelligence people are on board.

    Why tell them that

    • Guest

      Probably because of the Belgrano sinking – it will be the RN that strikes the most fear into the hearts of the Argies. 

      I suspect there are three Trafalgars in the South Atlantic, not just 1. But you only need one to make the Argies paranoid.

      If there are Spanish speaking intelligence people, it means that the Brits have already gathered copious amounts of intelligence about the plans of the Argies and their capabilities. It will be a coded threat along the lines of “We know what you are up to, we know how to deal with you, and any scaremongering you do try, we will be one step ahead of you”.

      For example, if there were published audio chatter or periscope video tapes of Argentinian Naval ships taken at close range by the Brits, that might send a message to the Argies and their allies in the region that the ARA would be cheaply taken out by the RN.

  • Brybry

    You really think they didn’t know oil was there during the Falklands War? It was not ‘discovered recently’.

    • Tony

      Oil was always a possibility due to the geography of the area. What the real desire was in 1982 was the presence of krill – which is a building block of fish aggregation

  • Greg M

    Pre emptive strike required, bomb Buenos Aires, stop fucking around.

    That’ll  learn em.