Fred Goodwin has joined Robert Mugabe in being stripped of his knighthood:

Former RBS chief Fred Goodwin joins the likes of Robert Mugabe, Anthony Blunt and Nicolae Ceausescu in losing his knighthood.

Since 1995, the honours forfeiture committee has recommended that 34 people be stripped of their honours.

Other similarly stripped of their knighthoods or honours are Allen Stanford, Anthony Blunt, Lester Piggott, Prince Naseem and Roger Casement.

Shane Jones has suggested that Michael Fay be likewise stripped of his knighthood.

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  • Gazzaw

    Shane Jones would be quite justified in making that statement but you have to bear in mind that Fay ostensibly got his knighthood for services to yachting & not his services to asset stripping. 

    I find it ironic that a labour politician is making this call but I suppose that it is all a matter of “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”.  

  • Kim Arnold

    Maybe someone should ask Shane Jones, does he still consider Mike Fay and overseas buyer…or better still ask Shearer…..MSM are gutless when this is a fantastic opportunity to see Labours honesty…or lack of

  • Chris2

    Another to add to the list of struck-off Knights, and much closer to home, was Albert Henry, the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands who in the late 1970’s chartered Air NZ flights at the expense of the Cook Island taxpayers to fly voters in from Auckland to Rarotonga to ensure his re-election.

    Writing this brings back memories of Milan Brych, the phony Czech-born cancer-cure man who fled NZ for the Cook Islands in 1977, with Henry’s support. When the Rarotonga cemetries began to fill up with Brych’s patients he was invited by Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Queensland’s long-serving Premier (born here in Dannevirke, NZ)  to set up shop in Queensland.

    And of course Bjelke-Petersen’s Government was utterly corrupt too and the then then Fitzgerald Inquiry led to Bjelke-Petersen’s Police Commissioner being stripped of his Knighthood.

    Ah, what memories. Happy days!