Summer Smackdown, Ctd

Watch this 15 minutes of excruciating pointless points of order as Winston Peters and Trevor Mallard patted each other on the back as they made a mockery of Question Time.

Speaker Lockwood Smith brooks no nonsense and after describing Winston Peters slurring attempts at asking a question “unintelligible” they throw even bigger wobblies resulting in harder smacks for them bothalong with Clayton Cosgrove after his inept point of order.

It appears that Trevor Mallard and Winston Peters are having a competition to see who will get evicted first…


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  • Km

    As much as I don’t like Winston, I’m actually happy that he is holding the Govt to account on this wasteful Whanau Ora funding of family reunions or what ever they are now trying to call it. 

    • Grandstream

      Was that really Mallard in a 1970’s tie ? Amazing he could find time to attend given his full time cycling programme.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    parliment – it’s like a fuckin’ adults kindergarten!

    How on earth can these individuals – especially Winston, be called “Right Honerable”

    With such a joke as our parliment – no wonder we had to endure 9 years of a Labour government! 

    • Paulus

      And it ain’t going to get any better.

  • Knoxclan

    Lockwood Smith is great. 

  • as one who has done commentaries on question time over three terms of govt..

    ..i hafta say i am welcoming the return of some spark/fire/life to the proceedings..

    ..i labelled the last term as zombie-democracy… that labour were supine..

    ..and the greens had their mouths taped over by their memorandum of understanding with key/nact….

    ..and they seemed to think that opposition meant just waiting for the next election…

    ..and showing how effective this new/refreshed regime is at rattling an until now smug/complacent government..

    ..peters yesterday got brownlee to lose-it…and to nut-off…([email protected]:disqus

    ..but the funniest vid from yesterday is when smith is answering..

    ..and next to him..just managing to ward off his urges for a nanny-nap…was banks..

    ..worth watching for the humour from that..

    ..and also for noting what a sad/miserable bastard banks repose…

    ..(i almost felt like reaching thru the screen..and giving him a hug..’almost’…)

    [email protected]

    • nzd.gbp

      The reason why question time lacked spark/fire/life last term was because Labour weren’t used to operating under a neutral speaker. It’s more difficult. Hopefully they have the hang of it now.

      Speaking of nanny-naps, you up for a full day’s work yet?

      • whaddayagot..?

        (..commisserate with my skills/qualifications (m.a. hons 2nd class..)

        [email protected]

      • phronesis


        To feel or express sorrow or pity for.

        I do pity you for having an M.A.

        I am guessing this “qualification” is what lets you get away with sitting on the dole because WINZ can’t find you a job commensurate with your qualifications.

      • nzd.gbp

        whadhaveigot? A work ethic for starters. I bin edumacated don’t worry about that.

      • Magoo.


        An MA with 2nd class honours equates to a useless degree completed by someone who scraped through by being a lazy ass – probably someone who went straight from school because he didn’t know what else to do, or did it as a stalling tactic because WINZ were breathing down his neck to get a job. If I passed my M.Mus with 2nd class honours I’d be in commiseration also.

    • Paulus

      Wish I could understand what your on !

  • Magoo.

    Is Winston drunk?

    •  does it matter/make any difference..?

      [email protected]

      • Magoo.

        Well it might not make any difference to a dishonest leftie with no morals or ethics. I can see why you’d ask that question.

  • “..  Phil

    To feel or express sorrow or pity for…”

    yeah..i know..!..heh!/doh!..

    i think i meant commensurate

    [email protected]

    • Groans

      As this blog’s Village Idiot (every blog needs one) please keep in mind all of us are always available to help you with your English

    • Groans

      You’re having English problems again, the missive (that’s a thing that’s like a letter, it’s a noun, ie a naming word) was addressed to you.

  • i asked that question magoo..meaning ‘who can see/tell the difference?’..between sober or drunk..

    are you afflicted with that standard rightwing affliction..?

    .the sense-of-humour-byepass..? condolences..

    ..i reckon that being bereft of s.o.h. is connected with how scared most of you are..

    ..scared of change being not the least of them..

    [email protected]

    • Magoo.

      Well going by the polls there isn’t much chance

      of change for a

      long, long time is there


      Whilst I hold ‘condolences’ for the next decade of

      political wilderness for the


      I also find it hilariously

      funny, which goes to show that I do have a

      sense of humour after


      I practically piss myself laughing watching them desperately

      trying to make even the smallest

      dent in


      current govt.,

      it’s reminiscent of the village

      idiot choking on

      a chicken bone ,


      Now you have

      a nice day

      there Phil.

      •  ya gotta have rythym..

        ..and you ain’t got it..

        and the current govt is hardly ‘safe’..

        ..(i reckon henare could be the one to bring you down/to force a new would be to save the state assets..

        ..and he could end his career in a blaze of glory..

        ..and as a hero in maoridom for the rest of his days..

        ..(they are some powerful/potent baubles..)

        ..and you obviously haven’t been paying attention.. haven’t noticed a major success of occupy..

        ..words like ‘inequality’/child-poverty’/the rich/greedy 1% are screwing the rest of us blind..

        ..these are all terms/ideas/calls for change that are now common-currency..

        and they weren’t before occupy..

        ..vale occupy..!

        [email protected]

  • Orange

    You can actually learn how the whole parliament thing should run from listening to Lockwood. He does the job well.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Occupy a success? When did that happen cause it sure didn’t make the news.

  • Anonymous

    First time I watched it I was actually a bit concerned about Winston’s health, second time – he’s drunk.