Summer Smackdown, Ctd

Crusher schools the two “stars” of Labour and the Greens in one smooth smackdown. A hard welcome to the front bench for Socialist Cindy from The Crusher.

Jacinda Ardern is going to have to do better than this in order to retain her number 4 spot. Trevor Mallard was probably contemplating his pending trip to Auckland to attend sports awards when he isn’t even the sports spokesperson, rather than protecting the precious ego of Socialist Cindy.


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  • Alan

    wow, Holly Walker looks like she is going to be a standout insufferable pain in the ass in a caucus that sets the standard for that anyway.

  • Holly Walker was not too bad with her questions, some were legit questions although somewhat patsy at that. Labour seems to be missing the boat on the minimum wage saga although Labour missed the boat along time ago. If the government really wanted to play hard arsed it would use the Port of Auckland sorry saga there about wages and conditions, and if it REALLY wanted to play brutal and hammer  the Individual Freedom, Choice, Responsibility motto it would use that family from the Auckland Divided piece (I think it was on Waitangi ahem New Zealand Day for our so inclined) who claimed they were “struggling” on $20/hr. Dang if they were struggling then cranking the minimum wage will do diddly squat for that lot – I would say 75% of New Zealanders need some good old fashion budgeting lessons first before crying poor – it seems we are rather inept at handling money – so why give more if you can not properly handle what you have got already…

    As for Socialist Cindy as you call her – Smack Down in your Language – Total Pwnage in mine :D

  • I felt Judith could have been a little more decisive, and that Holly Walker was not dynamic at all with her question. There’s no point asking another supplementary question to get a similar or derivative answer. It was good of her to absolutely destroy the assertion that raising incomes will reduce child abuse. They are symptoms of the same disease, laziness and a lack of personal responsibility.

  • Paulus

    Who is Holly Walker ?

    • A new Green MP. Former media advisor. Rhodes scholar. Alleged rising star.

      • ConwayCaptain

        She’s a RHODES BLOODY SCHOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!

        Cecil will be turning in his grave if that is the standard for RSs these days.

      • ConwayCaptain

        If she and My Little Comrade are the “Rising Stars” of their respective parties then they must be scraping the barrel

      • Yeah, it’s not exactly in fitting with the old man’s vision, is it? I guess she must be intelligent though, if idealistic and misguided. 

        I think it’s people like her who are “intelligent”, but sort of disconnected from the hard truths of life that contribute to the ‘statistics’ that claim left-wingers are more intelligent than right-wingers.

        You’re quite right. National is in good stead with people like Paul Goldsmith, Alfred Ngaro, Mike Sabin stepping in to the ring. People with real world experience and a bit of likeable personality.