Summer Smackdown, Ctd

Have a care for poor old Charlie Shovel as he treads where Clayton Cosgrove fears to go…Charlie really should go spend some time with Clayton to find out how far he is going to get trying to smack up Judith Collins.

He got spanked on his first supplementary, and again on his second.


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  • Paddles83

    Parekura Horomia looking quite rotund and contented in the house 

    •  He’s certainly not looking malnourished…

    • Elaycee

      Agree. Not hard to see who stole all the pies…

      Parekura has more chins than the Shanghai phone book.: 

      • Is that what happened to the Shanghai Penguins?

    • phronesis

      at least he showed up…

    • Troy

      Chaaaaaaaaaaaarles’ puku is heading down the same track as chin-chin sitting behind him – maybe he should spend less time spinning around in his Mercedes downtown Welly and getting out on his pins to lose some weight – oh yes, his life as a politician really has been meaningful to his wasteline.

  • Hakim of phut

    Love to see the ‘Smackdown’ series include your good mate Fossy. 
    he had a appearance  yesterday but for some reason you haven’t given him  a ‘top billing’.

    Surely Clare Curran would be  a ‘walkover’ ?

  • Hakim of phut

    For those not in the know , Collins  used to work as a junior  for Charlie.
    But he got her to agree with his proposed amendment for ambulance fire fighters etc  so Charlie won in the end, Collins only won the  phony war to the main battle

    • What a load of horsehit…Collins is several years senior to Chucky….he is the same age as me…he only lasted 3 days at Auckland Grammar before sooking off elsewhere.

      • Hakim of phut

        Chauvel was a partner at Minter Ellison , I understand she was only an associate and spent time  in Farmers shoe dept.

      • You are really fucking me off today. Improve the quality of your comments or fuck off. You used to contribute better now you are just trolling.