Summer Smackdown

Labour decided to use David Parker to attack the government over the Westpac Farms, formerly owned by the Crafar family sale. It was a poor choice and John Key smacked up David Parker comprehensively.

It seems that Labour’s new qualification criteria is that you live here…I wonder what they will do when James Cameron decides he wants to live elsewhere.

Only a fool like David Parker would try to say that it was better for the farms to stay in the ownership of a broke farmer and his inbred family than get some good capital investment.

There is also an interesting point of order from Winston Peters, who appeared to slur his words and his wig is clearly askew.

Maurice Williamson followed this up after with his smackdown.



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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – Labour completely OWNED during this question time!

  • You’d have to say that having Michael Woodhouse and Louise Upston in the Nats’ whips’ seats behind John Key is a darned sight easier to look at than the alternative on the other side of the House.

    • Anonymous

      Darrien Fenton… wasn’t she in Terrahawks?

  • Gazzaw

    Yes WP had obviously had a big lunch in Bellamys. Like Shearer, Peters has not thought about the TV cameras for once in his life.  Shearer unfortunately has Fenton ‘in shot’ but who is that  woman sitting next to Peters?

    • Thorn

      Old enough to be Winston’s nanna.

    • Elaycee

      Is it the Clown of Campbell’s Bay wearing a wig?  Nah.
      Is it the former weather reader wearing a mask? Nah.

      Its NZ First ‘high flyer’ Barbara Stewart….. poor woman – she drew the short straw to take one for the team and sit next to the venal narcissist.      


    • Sweetd

      yep I noticed that as well.  Was Winston pissed?  Seams like he couldn’t be arsed to say anything of note on the Queen as well.  Seems like nobody in parliamant is scared of Winny anymore, he’s a toothless old tiger, the most he can do now is give you a slobbering gumming.