Take his mattress away

A convicted rapist is suing the government because he believes his mattress is too thin:

A convicted multiple rapist who claims he was tortured in prison, is suing three Crown agencies at the High Court in Auckland.

Nicholas Reekie is serving preventive detention for the rape of four Auckland girls and women, including an 11-year-old.

Reekie is seeking damages from the Corrections Department chief executive, the Attorney-General and Waitakere District Court.

He claims he was unlawfully imprisoned and maltreated in the high-care unit at Auckland prison in 2001 and 2002.

In court documents, Reekie says he was subjected to thin mattresses, poorly-done laundry and having to watch prison officers eat big fry-up meals while he ate dry sandwiches.

He also says he was tortured by a prison officer, whom he claims twisted his arm several times while he was strapped to a bed.

A convicted rapist, in jail indefinitely on preventative detention for rape is complaining about thin mattresses. He should have his mattress taken away and use stale bread for his sammies and see how he gets on then.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if a convicted rapist became the prison bitch.


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  • RightNow

    David Dougherty was wrongly imprisoned for one of Reekie’s crimes, and received $900k compensation. It is contemptible that Reekie thinks he is entitled to anything. 
    I’ll chip in for a bullet though.

  • That’s really frustrating. This is why the concept of “rights” is bothering to me. This person thinks he has a right to be treated nicely in prison, but wasn’t bothered about the rights of the people he raped. He has every right to think its unfair, even to say it, but I hope this case will prove he has no right to have it changed. 

    What a scumbag. Even people convicted of the most heinous crimes think they are entitled to something more from the state, yet there are Green Party MPs who want to develop a “Less punitive justice system.” To say that’s concerning would be a major understatement.I’m worried Ann Tolley won’t be as effective as minister of Corrections, as the almighty Judith Collins. I just hope the attitude that I often see in the “Random Quote” here on Whaleoil is continued: “This is a prison, it is not a home”. 

    • Hakim of phut

      You are confusing the obligations of the state for the people in its care with any ordinary persons rights. 
      he received preventative detention for his crimes so  as far as the state is concerned that is separate from his treatment as a person which has to be humane.
      If some want to suggest death squads then  that is something  our grandparents wet to war to prevent
      Its like  giving one of your kids a punishment of mowing the lawns for some transgression and when they arent servile enough you throw a bucket of water over them.
      As a parent your obligation  doesnt allow anything goes when they transgress

      • Vlad

        Your illingness to defend any extreme left wing position, no matter how irrational or unfair, undermines every post you make.  

      • Ciaron_A

        You might have a point if he had been denied a mattress and sandwiches.

      • Well, I’m sorry Hakim, but you are wrong. The prison system must provide adequate survival for inmates. Not luxuries, not a fat, soft mattress and the same food as the guards (who are law-abiding and turn up for work). 

        He also doesn’t need his shirts washed with upmarket detergent and fabric softener then pressed and folded. I’m wondering why prisoners don’t do their own laundry, to be honest. I highly doubt any part of his treatment would constitute “torture” by any international standard.He is not in the “care of the state”, he has been detained by the state as part of the state’s role to protect law-abiding citizens. I see a difference. This case should be thrown out on grounds of being frivolous and a waste of public funds.

      • Sarrs

        How is he not being treated humanely though Hakim? He is fed, allowed to wash,  and given bedding and warmth. 

        He isn’t being punished twice for his crimes – he is in prison, under acceptable conditions. It has nothing to do with how servile he might be in prison – he is treated the same as any other prisoner but feels his ‘right’ to a more pleasant existence is paramount. It is not. It’s prison, not a holiday camp. It may be unpleasant but that doesn’t make it illegal. 

      • Troy

        you miss the point – he isn’t an ordinary person by virtue of the crimes he has commited, thus, he has given up those ordinary rights and should not be treated as an “ordinary” person – that’s the punishment – people are tired of the soft cock approach that has arisen over the years regarding the rights of prisoners – they may deserve to stay alive but their lives should not be happy because of that.

      • Thorn

        The veterans would have shot this scum out of hand. Would have given a twerp like you a good kicking.

  • Guestosterone

    bullet fodder pure and simple

    spin this one hakim

  • Doug_S

    One word…DIDDUMS

  • Boss Hogg

    Bring him to Singapore.  A sore neck and then a wee burn.  And they dont fuck around at the crematorium !! 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Hondurus have the complete solution for fixing our “over-populated” prison system – except here in NZ we need to provide the prisoners with plenty of matches and plenty of highly flammable “reperation equipment” to do a  proper job! 

  • Richard B. (formally poorman)

    Did the Gaurd who twisted his arm and made him cry get a pay rise?
    He is the one who should complain, having to look after a fuckwit like this, and not be able to put a bullet in him.

  • fifibelle

    How is he paying his legal bills for this? Oh, wait….

  • thor42

    The poor wee thing…..  /sarc 
    Bring Sheriff Joe over here and let him loose in our prisons.


    He has 3 meals.a bed,blankets,clothes,TV(likely sky),heating,exercise,reading material etc.Prison has to provide a basic standard of living,not a fucking holiday.

  • Dr Wang

    Isn’t it amazing how bastards like Reekie are so tough when they’re on the outside, and such weak little wimps when they’re on the inside?

    One of life’s little mysteries.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Youre so right Dr. Only tough when he isn’t “the bitch”.
      I hope he’s takin it reeeaal goood.

  • Pokerface

    “GIVE ME STRENGTH”  Hasn’t anything good happened today???

  • Mr_Blobby

    What is it; we put these people away on preventative detention so we can think of them no more.
    But they keep on coming back. How much is this costing us in legal aid because some unmentionable doesn’t like his state funded accommodation.

  • bb

    why haven’t we brought castration back? prime candidate here.

  • Gazzaw

    Who’s funding his legal costs?

    • I’ll put any money on the answer to that question being “taxpayers”. Which is annoying since he’s suing the taxpayer too. We are suing ourselves here. What a marvellous state of affairs.