Taking the Piss

Socialist Cindy and the Greens are making a huge deal out of a woman who is willing to prostitute herself in order to pay for study. This same woman is already getting $43,000 from the state and still she wants more.

Yet when she does do the study, and finishes and gets a job she will be earning less than she is getting in handouts from the state.

Pay for veterinary nurses varies depending on qualifications, experience, location and employer. The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association recommends the following rates:

  • Veterinary nurses new to the job should earn $15 to $18 an hour ($31,200 to $37,440 a year, assuming a  40-hour work week)
  • Those with one to five years’ experience should earn between $18 and $21 an hour ($37440 to $43,680)
  • Those with more than five years’ experience should earn $20 to $24 an hour ($41,600 to $49,920). Some veterinary nurses may earn more than this.

These rates are recommended only, and employers may pay above or below these figures.

If nothing else this case highlights just how out of whack our welfare system has become. To complain about receiving $43,000 in state assistance and demanding you want more when the people already working in those jobs (and paying the tax to pay you) earn less than you is just taking the piss.


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  • Youcanemailrusty

    Didn’t she break up with the 4 year olds father. Where did the 20 month old come from.
    Who is the father of this one?
    Are the paying the state?
    If not, why not?

    • kayaker

      I read somewhere she has a 4-month and a 20-month old. Quite recent events, really. Exactly, Youcan, where’s the dad/s, and is he/they meeting their obligations?

      Also read that she is not happy that $113 a week for training ‘has to come out of her own pocket’. What a harsh, cruel world we live in. NOT!

      A few years back – redundant and unemployed – I took the plunge and did a Masters, took out a student loan of $30k, the exact amount needed (white knuckle territory). Got re-employed two years later and spent the next three years on the bones of my bum paying it off.

      Jacinda and Cindy definitely backing the wrong horse (pun aware).

  • Linda

    She’ll get WFF as well. This should top her wages up substantially. 

    • Hakim of phut

      Nope , its all ready the gross amount

      • Sarrs

        Hakim – I think you missed the point. She would be ineligible for WFF while on a benefit. Linda is, quite rightly, saying that while she is earning she will be entitled to WFF (and still entitled to child care subsidies) on top of her earnings as a vet nurse. And that in that earnings bracket with two children and no partner her allowance will be significant. She will also start receiving the child support payments her ex-partner makes to the IRD but are currently kept because she is on a benefit. 

        Just in case you were wondering, she could expect approx. $205 per week from WFF. http://www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz/tax-credits/payment-table.html
        If she earns what WO has posted as the guideline for first year vet nurses. 

  • Kthxbai

    So presumably she doesn’t intend to declare her income, pay tax, or risk her benefit being reduced?

  • deadstiff

    Having seen the photo I would need a good few drinks before I would – and I certainly wouldn’t want to pay.
    Anyway how do we know she isn’t already selling herself, and therefore guilty of benefit fraud.

    • Doug_S

      She couldn’t hook a blind monkey with a mug like that..She looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp..

      • kayaker

        ‘A bulldog chewing a wasp’! That must be the funniest analogy I’ve heard in a long time. ROFLNUI!

  • kevin

    Very, very few full time vet nurse jobs about… mostly job sharing with mothers keeping a part-time job.

  • BJ

    First of all who amongst us that takes responsibility for our choices and pays our own way affords ourself the luxury of taking a course way the hell across town and continuing to live close by an ex partner for ‘a bit of’ child childminding -its called wanting to have your cake and eating it too. The whole country’s gone mad when peoples easy come easy go lack of commitment to anything has the rest of us carrying them the whole way. And the attitude of the ‘poor me’s’ is unbelieveable! If she really wants it that bad how about moving back in with her kids father, relocate closer to the polytech and actually learning to get on with him while she gets herself the qualification she could have strived for before having kids. How about some self sacrifice people. Stop being helpless and hopeless and just grow up. I say let her go prostitute herself because thats obviously easier than making some sacrifice of self centredness.

  • John Q Public

    Cindy’s backing the wrong horse there isn’t she.

    •  Very subtle JQP; very subtle indeed!

  • Mattyman

    Just more evidence that we live an entitlement society. The sad reality.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    There are some who regard the dpb as sex for money anyway.

  • ConwayCaptain

    This is not unique to NZ.  It is everywhere where we have had socialist Govts.

    I remember in the UK in 1976 these “Party Girls” came down to the ship in the crew’s bar and one day I was out on deck and chatted to one of these.  This was in Liverpool and once one could understand the accent!!!!  she proudly told me that her family was bringing in GBP 1000 pw in benefits.

    The UK Govt is now after these parasites and there was one in the paper with 2 or 3 kids all of whom had computers x boxes etc and had o’seas holidays and she was bringing in GBP40000 pa.  A squaddie in Afghanistan is on about a 1/3rd of that.

    There are people in the UK where they are getting rent allowance in excess of GBP40Kpa.

    These allowances should be for a finite term and the person can draw an allowance for a total term ie 5 years so they can get it for 2 periods for example 2yera and later 3 years.

    There are people that need ongoing assistance and that is OK but we have now go something like 20% of the population on negative income tax and are a drain.

    The simple way round it is drop WFF and:

    1 everyone gets a tax free income of $20000 pa. 

    2 There is a standard child allowance say you get an extra $150 pw tax free for evry child up to a maximum of 3.

    3 Married couples can split their gross income.  Dad is on 50k for example.  They can split that between Mum and Dad so they get 40K Tax free + a max of $450 pw tf for children.

    That would cut out all the beaureauracracy used to get WFF administered.

    Most probably find that people would be better off.  Mum could work and afford child care.

    • Tony

      Exactly CC,

      My thoughts are the same with the following additions:

      a.  20K universal tax free allowance (covers 90% of food/accom)

      b.  20% income tax 

      c.  20% GST (with food/accom paid for then thi will deal with descretionary spending)

      d.  20% Company tax for business with head offices in NZ.  30% otherwise

  • anon

    the gummint should call her on her bluff, put her mouth were the money is

  • Michael

    Her family must be so proud of having a hooker who’s willing to go public.

    Good on the government for calling out how much she’s getting already. If Labour and the Greens think this will win them votes now they’re dreaming.

  • Guestosterone

    if we are lucky some client will fill her full of arms and legs and the tax payer will be up for another kid to look after

  • Vlad

    This is frightful, the Greens did well at the elections but they are backing the wrong horse in this dispute. I feel sorry for the confused woman who they are exploiting but how can they occupy middle ground with this wretched example of poor laws about prostitution, benefits and education.

  • Apolonia

    Why dosen’t she just sell tickets on trade-me.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    If she is going to make a buck from  a **** she’ll need plastic surgery or service only the visually challenged.

    Add this to Mallard’s folly,  Shearer’sstupid play on the Crafar farms and Labour’s open support for the Auckland Munternz and you can see Labour tanking again in the next batch of opinion polls.

    • Dr Wang

      Yes – she’s definitely a two-bagger.

  • Blam

    Chesters numbers are Farrar like……..dont add up

  • you`ll probably find that with two kids, when she graduates and goes to work  she`ll get working for families, a child care subsidy from WINZ or 20 hours free  and an accommodation supplement on top of that – as well as an In Work Payment..  So she may be earning less but she wont be getting less…

    • Sarah

      Yep, she’ll continue not to pay any net tax and the poor vetinary nurse who would have liked children but didn’t have them because she never felt in a financially secure enough situation will continue to subsidise her.

  • Oh, and if she  getting a DPB at the moment someone should ask WINZ if she is declaring her income from prostitution…

  • Sarah

    But once again, where are the fathers? Perhaps the two fathers could move in together (given they have a joint interest in the future of this women’s children), save money and use it to assist in funding their kids. That would give three adults, two households to run and two children, they should be able to make ends meet then. The three of them may even be able to come to some arrangement regarding childcare. Most families juggle childcare around two adults, three should be a doddle.

    •  At least one of the fathers is paying child support but that goes to IRD to offset the DPB, not to the beneficiary.

      • Sarrs

        Correct and once she starts working she’ll receive that too!

      • Sarah

        Yeah, but child support rarely offsets the total cost of the benefit. It’s a drop in the bucket most of the time compared to 50% of the cost of raising a kid.

    • bb

      that is exactly the one of many question i asked simple-simon the unbalanced reporter. if he was a balanced reporter he would have painted a more complete picture of the tramp out south akld. and then it wouldn’t look so bleeding heart i bet. i’d put money on 1) she has 2 kids to 2 different dads, 2) they contribute financially but she probably doesn’t declare it. 

  • fifibelle

    Are people on benefits barred from getting student loans? It seems this woman expects to graduate debt-free, completely at public expense. Watching my kids rack up student loans of tens of thousands, I wonder whether my daughter’s reliable contraception is such a good move – after all, she will graduate with a big loan and it will be quite a few years before she earns over $40k nett….

    •  People on benefits can get student loans for course costs – this woman will choose between the deb or student allowance.  Unless they study part time in which case they don’t get student allowance, or course related costs. Also if part time students  earn above the repayment threshold they still have to pay off student loans while studying.

    • Sarrs

      My huge student loan and reliable contraception have left me in a position where a solo mum with 2 kids takes home more a year than I do. I feel your, and your daughter’s, pain.


    Gets more then most who work, for banging out kids,and staying home.FFS,when is this bullshit going to stop.

  • Auto_immune

    I don’t get it.  Labour and the Greens know they actually need more centre-aligned voters to win more votes (and elections).  Backing this case will do little-to-nothing to attract those voters. 

  • Dr Wang

    What’s her problem?

    Since Helen Clark’s Labour government legalised prostitution, it’s now just another (legal) job option that is available to her. She should stop bleating – nobody is forcing her to go on the game, it is her choice.

    • Brian Smaller

       Good point. And she will make a damn site more per hour when she is working than if she worked in a Maccas or the local Pak N Slave.

  • Sarah

    Despite her getting more than a lot of working people without kids, Labour and the Greens won’t be happy til she gets the full amount of WFF as well.

  • Pokerface

    Until Sterilisation/Contraception becomes an integral part of the DPB / WFF handout, we will never solve this. Only get deeper into the mire. This is where ACT should start pushing. 

  • Pokerface

    Free sterilisation and DNA testing for fatherless children might start to balance things. If “we” took a little longer than 15 minutes before “we” fell into bed with someone we just met….. 

  • Mr_Blobby

    So we know what she is and we know what she charges the Government. What will she charge the General public?
    Halfway through the course she will have another baby well on the way to 5 kids to 5 fathers. At that point the Job Market won’t be able to compete with the benefit.
    Prostitution sounds like a good legal option, she can do something she enjoys doing and get paid for it. The Tax payer is off the hook for the DPB. But will she play the game and declare the income.
    Who is she sucking off in the Green Party?

  • bb

    i wrote to simon about his lack of balance when the story first came out. it bugs as to why we should even pay attention to a mother of 2 that even contemplates prostitution just to get educated. her priorities and morals in the first instance are skewed. and the reality of fully educated vet nurse being paid so little in comparison to her generous tax payer handout. this woman is obviously highly uneducated. be surprised if she even graduated from 5th form. bludgers like this makes me furious – expecting others to make up for the lack of motivation and errors in life. how about we just give her a free immediate sterilisation to avoid her breeding more dumb-asses.

  • Puts the “get hooked” email sign up box below the “Whaleoil” whale on this page in a whole different light. 
    Lucrative side line pimping. Could there be demand for the Canis Lupus masticating Hymenoptera variety I wonder? 
    The poor lass took a bad photo, she has lovely cheekbones. 
    Great analogy though. Rofl? 
      I blogged about this and I’m kicking myself for being too kind on her.

    • Doug_S

      If you liked the Bulldog and the wasp analogy…could avail you with a another..?

      She has a face like a bulldog licking the piss off a thistle…(this is my personal favorite).

      A bit cruel to Tania..but funny as hell. You blog is looking good BTW..need more stuff..

  • Isn’t it great that we have such a liberalised, free market economy that she has so many varied options to earn an income. 

    Thank you, Helen Clark, your efforts to grow both the sex trade, and the welfare industry are much appreciated. 

  • Fozzie

    Seeing those hourly rates, one can quite quickly understand the stampede to Oz … a shop assistant can start there for $20 an hour !! 

    • Greg M

       And what does that do to the end price?
      How about we stop paying losers to have children they don’t want and can’t afford.
      I have had a gutsfull of paying for dickheads like this and there poor decisions.
      As a self employed sole trader I am screwed into the ground with ACC levies (in advance) as well as provisional tax (yep, in advance again) so the government can hand out more to this slapper than I will gross this year.
      Fozzie, you have no fucking idea, I am collecting about $800 every two months in GST for the gov, which I don’t have to do because my income is less than the threshold, but I’m doing it anyway to try to contribute. What has this woman ever contributed?

      My gross income 2012 tax year: $ 32,000 working 16hrs 7 days+ $4800 GST collected.
      Ms Wysocki’s handout was $43,000 for doing fuck all.

      take your bleeding heart and fuck off

  • titanuranus

    We will be getting one or more  of these stories each week for the foreseeable future from the Pravda.
    The whole article is a set up, “I`ve written to John Key” so fucking what?

    I`m just pissed off that I can`t get other people to take responsibility for the choices I`ve made in life.

  • Paul P

    The Green Party flew this parasite down to Wellington. Using what funds? Is this the same Green Party who wants a handout to keep their Mojo working? 

  • sx

    Her budget from here: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10785857


    Income per week
    DPB: $288.47Accom. supplement: $131.00Family tax credits: $149.23Childcare subsidy: $138.24Loan ($500/30 weeks): $16.67

    Total: $723.61

    Rent: $280.00Groceries: $150.00Petrol, car repairs etc: $67.00Car & other insurances: $22.73Phone: $17.50Power: $12.50Debt repayments: $12.50Christmas club: $5.00Childcare: $196.60Train pass: $72.20Total: $837.03

    Shortfall: $113.42

    Most students would look at that budget and drool. $700 a week (I assume after tax) is a really solid income.

    $280pw must rent a pretty sweet place in Paerata. She could afford to live near her study-place for that, sell her car and save approx $160 in transport expenses a week.

    Phone $17.5 per week ??? $73.5 per month. I thought my $45 smartphone plan from Vodafone was expensive.

    There is no way she can plead poverty.