Tax denying windbag wishes harm on unstable sailor

Gareth Morgan, the nation’s pre-eminent orca feeder and tax denying windbag, now wishes harm on a Norwegian sailor who we’ve already identified as mentally unstable.

Multi-millionaire Gareth Morgan has caused outrage in Norway by saying he hopes a self-proclaimed Viking explorer sinks in Antarctica and that he will not go to help him if he does.

Morgan has chartered a former Russian ice breaker, Spirit of Enderby, to explore the Ross Sea and is heading to the same area Norwegian Jarle Andhoey, 34, is illegally sailing a 16-metre steel yacht, Nilaya, after he was forced out of Auckland three weeks ago for not having a visa.

Andhoey is trying to reach McMurdo Sound, where last year his yacht Berserk disappeared with the loss of three men. They were lost in a storm while Andhoey and teenager Samuel Massie were on quad bikes trying to drive to the South Pole.

Morgan has told Norwegian media he would not try help Andhoey if he got in trouble.

Asked what response they would have if they saw Nilaya, Morgan replied: “Let it sink. It’s about collective responsibility. This cowboy has opted out.”

He described Andhoey as “a bottom feeder, a taker of the worst kind”.

Let’s be very clear here…letting a boat sink and refusing to go for help in the Southern Ocean means that he is actually wishing they would all die. Because that is the likely consequence of not rescuing people abandoning a sinking ship.

I can understand why Morgan is opposed to people seeking publicity when he’s trying to do the same (it takes the gloss of his latest attempt to ride his bike in some exotic location, or release fattened penguins into orca-lousy waters), but really, wishing that this Nowegian geezer sinks and dies?


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  • Jesus Morgan is simply showing the true  nastiness of a collectivist.

    • AnonWgtn

      Still wants a Knighthood though as a philanthropist !!!!!

  • Doug_S

    I’m pretty sure that under NZ maritime law a ships master has a “duty to rescue” if a vessel is in trouble or issues a distress call. Perhaps Conway can confirm or me? So, Captain Morgan would have no say in the matter! 

    • Greg M

       Correct Doug, International law specifically states you must offer assistance.

    • ConwayCaptain


      The rule of the sea is that you offer assistance where ever you can.  I disagree with these under equipped sailors who toddle off to the vat reaches of the world and then expect people to rescue them but that is how it is.

      Morgan may have chartered the vessel but the Master is IN COMMAND and it is his decision to do whatever he has to do.  Morgan may want to go to point X but the conditions ,might be so bad that he cant. So be it.  If the Master gets a Mayday then he has to go and help if he can conditions allowing.  Morgan can go an [email protected]#$%^&*(.  He is not a Seaman

      • Doug_S

        Thank you Greg and Conway. It confirmed for me the obligations of a vessel commander at sea. Cpt. Morgan may declare his opinion but in reality he has no control over any SAR effort so his words do in fact mean nothing even if he was the owner and master of the vessel he was traveling in at the time maritime law states he MUST assist.

        I have almost had enough of the world according to Gareth Morgan. He made more sence before he had money…now he is an opinionated philanthropist with way too much time on his hands

  • Mike

    Pretty hypocritical of Morgan to call that guy a bludger, being the tax dodger he is. But I guess it takes on to know one.

  • Mike

    If the boat does sink it will be the NZ taxpayer who has to cough up millions for the S & R operations.

    • Gazzaw

      Good luck then to the next Kiwi adventurer who gets into trouble in Norway’s Arctic territory or Kiwi sailor who gets into strife and the closest available ship is Norwegian.

    • Honcho

      Will not be millions, tens of thousands … possibly stretching into 6 digits … millions, no.

  • thor42

    I don’t wish the guy harm, but I do think he is being a bit stupid in going down there. However, as long as he knows and accepts the risks, then that’s that. 

    I just think he’s a publicity-seeker. There is no way at all that he’ll be able to find out anything about his friends’ boat sinking. Even if he managed to fluke finding the wreck, the water would be far too cold to dive to it (assuming that it were even at an accessible depth).

    His friends must have known (and accepted) the risks of going down there. Bad stuff happens sometimes – that’s just the way it is, so the guy needs to grow up and realise that himself. Only then will he be able to move on and accept his friends’ fate.    

  • ConwayCaptain

    I will tell you how hard it is to do a SAR at sea.

    I left Raro on the way to Akl and was told withing about an hr of leaving that a small boat was missing near where we were and could we search for it.

    Conditions were excellent and I had a lookout on the forecastle and one on the bridge + the OOW and myself.  Radar on and VHF on chsnnel 16 the Int emergency channel.

    We steamed up and down doing a grid search for several hours and couldnt see or hear anything.  Told Raro radio and we were released and went on our merry way.

    Got back to Raro a month later snd were told we steamed within a few hundred yards of the boat.  They had no radio, no lights, no lifejackets etc etc.

    If they had a flashlight we would have got them.

    BNow I have seen yachts at sea.  White hull, white sails against the whitecaps in a Force 4 you cant see them No radar reflectors and as they are fibre glass they dont reflect radar waves.

    I could write screed about [email protected]#$%G yachties.  Call themselves seamen BULLSHIT

    • thor42

      I always LOVE reading your comments, CC! 
      My father was in the Navy during WWII (as a radio operator), and I have a similar love of the sea to him. One of my favourite experiences has been crossing the Strait on a ferry during a storm. There’s nothing like the feeling of the ship blasting through the waves with spray flying off the bow.

      • ConwayCaptain


        From HMS Pinafore

        To Lay aloft in a howling gale
        May tickle a landsman fancy
        But all a sailor loves
        is an Alehouse in town and his fancy on his knee.

        People say why dont you get a boat

        My answer

        i spent 27 years getting wet and cold and got paid for it
        Why the [email protected] should I do it for a hobby

      • Greg M

        Last time I was in the southern ocean was with the grey funnel line looking for these same idiots last time time they pulled this stunt.

        after 22 yrs at sea..I wouldn’t be without my yacht.
        I never really minded getting cold and wet, you know it’s not for long then you get below in the warmth. When I can get away from work I spend every night I can aboard, I miss the motions and sounds etc.
        My yacht has two VHF + SSB, 2 GPS 1 radar,masthead strobes and reflectors and my callsign painted on the keel in case I end up tits up .2 x 8 man RFD self deploying lr’s , 2x epirb. even have a sextant and a 7 day wind up chrono in my cabin.

        Would I go back to sea again? Yes. It is so much different at sea when you’re ” not on the job” as it were.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If you have to divert on a commercial vessel for an SAR what you do is thisAt the time you divert you mark time and position and the distance to your destination.  You then do the SAR and when you arrive at a posn equidistant to your destination you mark the time.

    You can then claim from the SAR authorities for the time spent searching and fuel used.

  • jay cee

    2 happiest days of a boaties life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.

    • Doug_S

      If it has tits, wings, sails or wheels it WILL cost you money. This is my mantra

      • Scanner

         If it flies, floats, or fucks it’s going to cost you money.

  • Hagues

    Morgan replied: “Let it sink. It’s about collective responsibility. This cowboy has opted out.”

    I look forward to GM writing in his next Herald opinion piece that all beneficiaries who are not actively looking for work should be left to sink as they have opted out of their collective responsability.

  • Rockyr

    Well at least the Norwegian has a Maori navigator though it seems he is a nutter too.