That’s what jail is for

Diddums is the only thing that springs to mind when I read about the mother having a moan about her criminal son being kept in prison, rather than being let out to attend his father’s funeral.

The teenage son of one of the shearers killed in a road crash near Wairoa was refused permission to leave prison to attend his father’s tangi.

James Weir’s mother, Hine Whaanga, is furious he was not allowed to attend the tangi of his father, Kennedy.

Kennedy Weir, 49, was killed with Watson Oliver Tipu, 31, and half-brothers Raimon Keefe, 16, and Zyah Gianni Marsh, 13, when the car being driven by Mr Tipu was involved in a head-on crash north of Raupunga last Wednesday.

Ms Whaanga said her 18-year-old son was distraught at being denied permission to attend the tangi at Wairoa’s Putahi urupa on Monday.

Weir is in Whanganui Prison. In November he was sentenced in Gisborne District Court to two years jail on 31 charges including intentional damage and burglary. He is due for release in September and will serve the remainder of his sentence under conditions set by the Corrections Department.

It may have escaped her notice but the reason people get sent to prison is because they are criminals and society has determined that they should lose their freedom.


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  • Scanner

    For real, this “woman” thinks that we should have such a lax detention policy that her half wit, half bred offspring should just be able to walk out when ever a “suitable occasion” arises.

    I look forward to the response from Hone which will arise soon, being the spokesman on all things brown.

    I am sure this little scumbags rights are mentioned some where in the treaty, I must check my copy.

  • Rockyr

    Perhaps a member of the Destiny church could visit him and present him with a bible which would enable him to grieve and repent in solitude.


    Boo hoo,fuck off.Scumbags in jail.Sure his girlfriend gave him something to comfort him when the lights went out.

    • Phronesis


  • Anonymous

    This kid has been labelled as a ‘high security prisoner’ and Corrections are aware that there may be a gang presence at the Tangi. It certainly sounds like Corrections have made the right call here – why put guards at risk, or even put the general public at risk, by allowing this offender a chance to escape?

    Also, I have little knowledge of Maori protocol but isn’t a Tangi different from a funeral? Are they asking that he be allowed to attend the Tangi (which would be a couple of days) or just the service and burial? The article doesn’t make it abundantly clear.

  • maninblack

    plenty of SFNS in that article- suprise suprise

    • Brian Smaller

       Actually not. What name were you referring to. A culturally appropriate name is not silly by definition.

      • maninblack

        Raimon and Zyah for a start.
        Moari names are fantastic-

  • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

    I’m appalled at the comments of Whale and above on this poor soul, who has obviously been victimised by society and disadvanatged.

    This young man could have grown up and cured cancer, but of the heartness neo-con colonialist policies which disenfranchished him and his people and have cast him into the morass and mailstrom that is NZ brutal and unforgiving penal system.

    If this vulnerbale young man lashes out against society, in frustration, and reoffends on his release, it willbe because of the insenstivity of you all to his plaight.  You should be ashamed of yourself for marginailiing him like this from his family, his culture, his peaople, and sociaty ate large.  It will be all of our fault.


      So whos fault is it that he ended up in jail.Oh thats right Pakeha again.When you get your head out of the sand and have look around you might come to the conclusion that just maybe it is a failing of the culture he is from that has led him down this path.Stop the blame game,because it is getting old,and the rest of the law abiding are getiing sick of hearing this bleat.Problems start at home.He had choices,and he chose the path he is on now.If you want to reside in the blinkered world you live in then all good to ya.

      • Anonymous

        turn on your sarcasm detector s&m

      • i wonder if both monique and steve have had that irony-alert-bye-pass..?


        their conversations/pilliow-talk would be scintillating/fascinating to eavesdrop on… think..?

        [email protected]


        Sorry took your post as serious..Am going to take Jazr0ds advise and turn on sarcasm detector.Do stand by most of post even if not directed at you

    • Anonymous

      Great comment here. I’m a dodgy second rate lawyer who lives off legal aid. I am going to sue the government for the breach of this individual’s human rights and try and get him compensation. If I don’t i’ll certainly spend lots of time trying.


        Should really help with becoming a first rate lawyer.And only makes all the lawyer jokes more relevant.

      • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

        I applaud your noble calling, Deadstiff, for seeking redress for this lost soul that society has abandoned, cast aside, and spurned.  This human being has the right to gop aboput his liufe as he chooses, and to deny him the right to attend his own fathers funeral, who obviously did such a spendid job in fathering this oppressed young man despite the obstacles that white mo-fos colonial apporessors have subjected him to, should not be impinged, not matter what allegations that a racist court found him guilty of based solely on the colour of his skin.

        How these other posters can live with themselves, when it is there fault that he is in prison, is unfathomable to me.

        What we need to do is raise taxes to fund resedentia retreats fpr people like this at Waipuna Lodge, where they can explore their frsutration at a society whcih does not care for them, stole their land, and deprives them of their right to a middle class existience.

    • Thorn

      Its so sad and we should be really be doing something about it. Maybe later.

  • Callum

    The interesting bit that never made the media was the big brawl that occurred when various family (many gang related) showed up at the crash scene, police had to call in reinforcements to deal with it while trying to clear the road and remove the bodies.

  • Doc

    Lemme get this straight… Sentenced to serve a piffling 2-year sentence for a total of 31 charges?  Sentenced in November and due to be released this September?  …so, a grand total of 10 months to be served?  Less than one and a half weeks inside per conviction?

    Who is this guy – Lindsay Lohan’s brother?

    …and this isn’t lenient enough?  /rolls eyes/

    • He may have been on remand before trial and thus this would reduce the rest of his sentence. 

    • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

      No, its not lenient enough.

      The reasons for the actions (which an unappreciative oppressor like yourself chooses to use a perjorative lable like ‘theft’ for) is a perfectly natural an understandable reaction to being marginailised by society as a whole.

      This unfortunate soul bears witness every day to those who lead a better life than him, who have more possessions, and a better home with more bedrooms and a loving family.  When bombarded by these signals by a corporate media and a uncaring citizens who flaunttheir wealth, it is not surprising that somebody poorly equipped by a racist  eduaction system seeks to grab these things too.
      When he sees other people and their families talking and walking and loving and own  father, who did such sterling work raising him in the face of all this disadvantage and oppression, or his valiant mother standing at his side.

      The only justice that could come from this is to raise taxes on others and give this man what everybody else has worked for, so that he may take his rightful place as a valued member of society, living next door to you.

      • ConwayCaptain

        I trust this is sarcasm???

      • Doc

        Love your work MC  :-)


        Seems so

      • Anonymous

        Society has marginalised him but please understand that to remove him from violence, his abuse, his violent video games, his P, his cigarettes and his right to spend his dole money on drugs and pokies and not food and clothes would be a gross breach of his freedom and his human rights and a breach of the ‘principles’ of the treaty of waitangi.

      • kevin

        No… wrong, living next door to you would be better.

  • Kthxbai

    Actually, preventing him from attending at least the burial part or the most important few hours (in the custody of a couple of large chaps, of course), is probably a bit counterproductive.  Keeping the decent part of the guy going by allowing him to attend is prob. going to be more effective at rehabilitation than any of the guaranteed-failure ‘rehab’ programmes they have in prison.

    • Thorn

      He brought this on himself. F*ck him. 

  • Scanner

    Don’t be to hard on him, he just fancied a day out blackberrying.

  • Balanced View

    I’m stunned that not one genuine note of sympathy has come through for this guy. Bad apple – yes, caused much pain and headache for others – yes, but this is his fathers funeral. I couldn’t imagine not being there for my fathers funeral – no matter what I’d done.
    We decry the lack of family support for our youngsters, then make decisions like this.
    I am very, very surprised.

  • Killjoy

    I would possibly POSSIBLY support this guy going to the tangi if his behaviour has been good and if the whanau paid for the guards who would join him and the procession there and back so it didn’t cost the tax payer anything- only given the fact that his sentence was for 2 years. Anything longer than 5 years I would say no chance… Thoughts?

    • Boss Hogg

      One side of me says he will have another grudge against the system if he does not go – I think we all would if we were in his predicament.

      Another side says that getting sentenced for 31 offences in one go at the age of 18 is absurd.  His Father and Mother clearly failed him as achild and he will have committed many more crimes prior to now and will commit many more in the future.  This will set a precedent and every other prick will exploit it costing loads.

      My horrible side says that he probably does not know who his father actually is.  It does not sound like a very functional family unit on the surface of it.  If there is any gang associations there should be no sympathy at any level from any one.