The Cult of Victimism

Karl du Fresne suggests that some people just want to be victims:

This is sometimes referred to as the cult of victimism, in which people define themselves according to the degree by which they feel an indifferent society mistreats or excludes them. It overlaps with the phenomenon known as identity politics, whereby people see themselves not as belonging to a broad and diverse community with generally shared values and objectives, but as members of a disadvantaged minority that must mobilise around a set of political goals aimed at improving their own status. This almost invariably involves antagonism toward society’s mainstream, which is seen as the enemy.


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  • Grandstream

    Mana party stand up !

  • Petal

    …some even start a blog!


  • Agent BallSack
  • grumpy

    What a great article.  One of our very best commentators.

    Pretty much sums up most of the left commenters on The Standard – especially Tigger.

  • O/K so what do we label them? left
    commenters is too long and left is just dumb and so 1950’s. Got an acronym anyone?

    • BJ

      poor me?

  • thor42

    He does some bloody good columns, KdF!
    Calls a spade a bloody shovel. He’s a real treasure.