The Face of a Rapist

The Turangi Rapist can now be named ahead of sentencing today after his name suppression expired:

The Turangi teenager who admitting raping a five-year-old girl as she slept in a caravan can now be named.

Name suppression lapsed for 16-year-old Raurangi Mark Marino ahead of his sentencing today.

Last month he admitted the charges of burglary and sexual violation by rape, as well as a third charge of aggravated wounding that was amended to causing grievous bodily harm.

He will be sentenced in Rotorua District Court today.

This is a photo of him from his Facebook page, What Up Naaw….is prison.

UPDATE: He has now been sentenced to 10 years in the pokie.


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  • Ciaron_A

    Is there anything that can be salvaged from this boy?

    I suspect not.

    • Johno1234

      Plenty. Kidneys, corneas, lungs etc. Just not the heart.

      • Da Hoodster

        Probably want to skip transplanting his brain as well, if they can find one!

      • Troy

        Nope, just his cut off his dick and balls – deprive him of any future chance of any sexual predatory acts.  That, to me would be justice.

  • Mark

    I get the feeling that he’s going to be spending a great deal of his time away from the other inmates. Not sure if they would take too kindly to someone who rapes a 5 year old.

    • bb

      Apparently they don’t and they give the same treatment that he gave.  on the news his statement from his lawyers says he wishes at times he was dead – well Mr Raurangi Mark Marino pretty much the whole of NZ wishes you dead too but on a more permanent basis.

  • Bonnie Callaghan

    Dont lock him up, put a bullet through his head.

    • AnonWgtn

      No castrate the bastard. He will be out with patches in 3 years.

  • Another waste of prison space. Cost to the taxpayer at least $56,000 plus per year…..and that was when I was last involved with doing that sort of analysis.

    • Da Hoodster

      $56K a year, if only that was he only cost. probably spend $200k on police time, court costs on this turd. when he gets out, he will be on a benefit for life unless the local mcdonalds would be happy to have him work in there store…. Government is prepared to use our money for all this, when a bullet only costs 10 cents… Hell, why even waste 10 cents on this dude, just put him in general population for 10 minutes, should have the same effect…

  • whaeaamohau

    No excuses, No restorative Justice, No, “it was my up-bringing”, NO it was where im from, NO, cause i did not have a dad. Get real you idiot, and think if someone did that to your sister or niece!! Send him to jail and he just might get what happened to that girl, happen to him!!

    • phronesis

      Given how they treat their own children I dont think that line of reasoning will work. It’s all about him and I hope he won’t have to imagine what it was like for the girl for much longer.

      • tj

        Who is this “they” you are referring to?

      • motorizer

        surly “they” is refering to mongril mob members

  • Ciaron_A

    Is the face shit real or is it vivid?

    • Da Hoodster

      Either he has a moko on his face or it is his colouring in lines for applying his clown makeup!

  • guest

    if those tats are vivid marker he’ll have a better chance…

    • Tristanb

      They are vivid. Which is fortunate, because it’d just be another thing we had to be to remove.

  • Nate

    make one of his sentencing conditions that he can not go to protective custody in prison, have fun

  • Cadwallader

    If he doesn’t get twenty years…how about 19 years 11 months and three weeks with a group of white supremacists who can mate with him hourly?

  • Nate

    10 years! what a joke

    • Cadwallader

      It is an insult to the victim…it is utterly disgraceful. He’ll be 26 when he gets out and raring to go again!

      • Bafacu

        No way – the [email protected]#*wipe will be out in 6 or 7 maximum. When are the Judges going to start reflecting society’s abhorrence of these types of crimes and sentencing accordingly. And also start making sentences cumulative (retorical question for those like Phut!)?

      • Agent BallSack

        Providing he behaves in prison, he’ll do 6 1/2 years and the majority of that will be in a secure youth prison with 100 useless fuckers just like him. I’d be surprisded if he saw the inside of an adult jail, AFAIK you can be held in a youth prison up to 25 years old.

      • James Gray

        @63d3b5df2200db1fc2532a4c44f0caf7:disqus  – I don’t think judges “reflecting society’s abhorrence” is a good idea here. In fact, I think you said “throw him to the mob”, just with multi-syllabic words.

        The justice system should be about getting the best result for the best price… I find spending huge amounts of taxpayer money to keep somebody in prison, just because of “society’s abhorrence”, to be a very socialist approach.

        I think we should scrap insanity defences, mitigating circumstances, et al., and simply say, with each case, “How can we solve this problem for the best possible price”.

        Obviously the little girl has already been raped, terribly unfortunate, but no amount of prison time will undo that.

        The problem we need to solve is the fact that he will probably do it again. From this point we can consider castration, psychiatric treatment, an extended prison sentence, or execution, and decide which will achieve the best (and justified) result for the best price.

      • motorizer

         “you can be held in a youth prison up to 25 years old.” yooooour kidding me! is that some thing labour bought in? is that shit for real? why do we have all these different ages to determine when one becomes an adult?

    • Yep, 10 years from the Sentencing Judge

  • hang ’em high

    The face of a proud & brave warrior race – that is if bashing and raping 5-year-old girls is your thing of course ….

  • Agent BallSack

    Just another product of Labours welfare state. Theres a thousand of them in every suburb.

    • jay cee

      labours welfare state did not produce this scum. anymore than nationals born to rule attitude gave us doug graham. get real.

       i could go with the 10 year sentence if there was no chance of parole.

      • Troy

        That’s bullshit – Labour is very much a “treat all with kid gloves” no matter what.  they’ve always promoted a welfare state that encourages parasitic dependancy behaviour.

      • motorizer

        your joking. you would be happy with 10 years non parole. you are a total scum bag. you are a threat yourself. there is no excuse and there is no sentence tough enough. he deserves to be put to death.

      • AngryTory

        Labour invented the Welfare State, Labout enacted it, Labour expanded it again and again and again, Labour undid all the good Ruth did and make it ten times worse.

        Labour and their MUNZLER union mates.

        The problem we need to solve is the fact that he will probably do it again. From this point we can consider castration, psychiatric treatment, an extended prison sentence, or execution, and decide which will achieve the best (and justified) result for the best price.

        sounds like an excellent fucking plan for dealing with Labour & MUNZLERS and the rest – not least because summary execution will win every fucking time!

    • AngryTory

      Not every suburb.

  • Seething

    Only 10 years apparently !! Words cant express the revulsion I am feeling right now .. this sack of &^%* turns my stomach. I want 10 minutes in a locked room with a baseball bat and a .357 magnum with this turd. Knees first, elbows – then the rest of the worthless scum.

  • Greg M

    Ten fucking years. I don’t beleive it, he should have got way more.

    • Da Hoodster

      10 years? he will be let out well before then, especially since he is so young. I would imagine that the government will even pay to give him a new identity when he gets out to protect him. Will make it easier for him to live near primary schools (his potential dating sites) without anyone knowing. Once again the government gives all the rights to the criminal, and not the poor victim…

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    Nice moko bro. Got a belt sander that will help remove it.


    Super seg(protection),and a meal ticket.Is it true that this sack of shit got 10years.If so this countries justice system is fucked.Wonder if he would have got more if he was white?.Opps that sounds like a racist comment.My deepest apologies to the family,and the girl this animal violated.Justice has not been done.Wake up NZ,where does it stop.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      As Insp. Sledgehammer use to say: “scum begets scum”. I think the answer lies in there.


        Scum begets scum.Yeah good point.Guess we will be seeing more of this in the future then.Now they get off easy.

      • Da Hoodster

        Makes you wonder what this scums brothers, cousins, uncles, etc have done (or will do) as well.

  • Hoha

    Ive never been ashamed and never will to be Maori. But this little prick makes me wonder what the hell is happening to my people.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Hoha, I am ashamed as a New Zealander over the heinous act inflicted on that poor little girl.

      This isnt a race issue; it is an “attitude to life issue” from a sector of NZ society that has grown use to welfarism, lack of accountability and constant pandering to by hand wringing wannabes who harm more than help with their warped ideology.

      There are many great things about our country but this isnt one of them.

    • Pukakidon

       Hoha.  This scumbag has nothing to do with a particular race he is just poor excuse for a human.

      • Cadwallader

        it has everything to do with race! Our brown brothers choose to maintain tribalism and  cultural management through mob-rule. It is this primitive tribalism which allows them never to accept personal responsibility for anything. This way of life is of course propped up by idiotic liberals who pump money into this ugly, violent and pointless culture. I only hope one MP somewhere calls this for what it is…filthy!

      • motorizer

        the most profound statement i have seen^.

    • motorizer

      dont you EVER describe some one like this as one of YOUR people.

  • Agent BallSack

    10 years is a fucking disgrace, how the hell do we appeal this manifestly unjust sentence?

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      The court of true justice is in session. The honorable Justices Smith & Wesson presiding.

      • jay cee

        a kangaroo court and lynch mob is just descending to the level of him and his like. 

  • joe bloggs

    10 years for rape, seven for grievous bodily harm and two years for burglary – terms to be served concurrently…

    Two of the three convictions are in the top ten for the Three Strikes law (Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill 2009) – why the sentences are 1) only half of the maxima, and 2) concurrent, truly escapes me under the circumstances.

    #3 – Sexual violation 20 years
    #7 – Wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) 14 years


      19 years total for 10 years total jail time.Great deterrent.Anouther great Judge strikes again.

      • Michael Duke

        and of the 10 years sentenced he is likely to only serve 6ish years.

        That is my definition of a miscarriage of justice right there.

    • MrV

      What the hell is going on with these judges? Could there be a more henious crime, yet doesn’t look like maximum sentences are ever dished out. What the hell are they waiting for?
      Perhaps John Key is going to put that on the tourist brochures. “Rape a 5yr old, get 10yrs. Welcome to NZ”

    • jay cee

      thats because the judge has to be consistent with similar crimes when sentencing. if he imposed the maximum everytime it would leave no room to reflect societies abhorrence at worse crimes. thats how the system works.

  • joe bloggs

    speaking of scum – no comment from Phuckt …

    At the risk of threadjacking here’s the form of the sex offender teacher Phuckt was defending yesterday:

    convicted in 2004 for three acts of indecent assault and two acts of assault against his 14-year-old nephew.

    sentenced to two years’ jail and released in 2005 on an extended supervision order. But the order could not be served on the man because he disappeared, and was not located again until August 2009. During that time he had used more than 10 aliases, changing his name by deed poll.

    a total of  77 criminal convictions – mainly for dishonesty and disobedience charges – and he lied to the Corrections Department psychologist by giving her the name of a school and principal as character references that did not exist.

    Fuck there’s some nasty arseholes out there

    • Tristanb

      I know this is off topic, but I have to say it (and I’m sure only the rampant Labour-voters would disagree) This teach, after assaulting his nephew, he should have been locked up for ten years – people talk about it’s NOT okay, but then judges pretty much say that it is.

    • Hakim of phut

      Wasnt defending HIM.  Read it. I said one bad apple in barrel of 40,000

    • grumpy

      So he’s a poof, what a surprise.

      Hardly a surprise that Phakim’s rainbow coalition are supporting him then………………….

    • grumpy

      How come most ofl these child molestrers seem to go for boys?????

      Just asking………………….

      • Its because they are usual the easiest to get at. Boys are trusted to be alone with Men more than lone girls are in sports teams, scouts, church’s etc. Paedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children…meaning they are at that stage of being rather androgynous with body shapes and breasts not yet defined.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I hope the Crown appeals the sentence.

    • Aaron

       No too busy appealing a real offender ( to waste time appealing this

  • Notgoodenough

    If anyone deserved the maximum penalty, it was this guy.  What the fuck is wrong with our Judges?

    • Tristanb

      Sadly, there are people who defend guys like this. I’m not talking about their lawyers as they’re paid to and have an obligation to, I saw tonnes of lefties attacking harsher sentencing on Stuff just yesterday.

      If I was to say “what he did was society’s fault”, you’d all think I was being sarcastic. But the scary thing is that there are people who actually think this way – they actually believe pieces of shit like this aren’t accountable for their actions.

      I think many (or most) judges are of the leftie variety.

      Or maybe want to help people – but unfortunately when they try to help these criminals, the criminals hurt someone else. Maybe force judges to work with victims of crime as well as the culprits.

  • ben

    @a57a4d5bbb918bf62e262a6e37839f4a:disqus , hope they end up in the same cell!

    I guess given age it won’t be a strike offence, which would have given some comfort

    • joe bloggs

      If they do end up in the same cell then it’s a small consolation to chalk up a win to restorative justice.

      Maybe Phuckt would like to sign up as a prison aid and rehabiltation counsellor seeing he’s so keen to defend the fuckers

  • Grandstream

    Actually when I see his photo, and then hear Willie Jackson and Hone Harawira, it is clear to me that it is not his fault. It is the white man fault who came in the 1800’s – lets apologise to this boy whanau, canoe, river, mountain for this behaviour !

    Yeah right !

    • Grandstream

      Actually forgot to mention Peter Williams QC who thinks jail is not the right place for this rapist to my list of WJ and HH (John Hadfield).

    • Chrish4

      To be fair to Willie and JT – they were both unhappy with the sentence this afternoon, putting aside that they both said if it was one of their daughters they would be looking for Utu and anything less than death wouldn’t be good enough, they both said he was scum and so were his fanau for the way he was brought up, and 10 years was a joke.

      JT wanted chemical castration for the prick and probably preventative detention too as he’s a feral… I think its one day they probably agreed with Michael laws!


    Put the little shit in general population.Then justice will get served.


    look at this piece of shit – what a fucking disgusting human being – pretty tough tho with that vivid marker pen on his fucking ugly face. i doubt he will leave prison alive. if ever there is a reason for the death penalty this surely is it!

  • Grandstream

    So why was his name supressed ?  What justice has been served ?

  • Agent BallSack

    Must have been the same judge who sentenced the dirty doctor. It wasn’t a kiwi kid so it doesn’t matter.

  • Hakim of phut

    Its the Rotorua High court not District court. Its 10 years

  • Hooduguru

    die in there you worthless piece of shit. fucking lowlife mongrel

  • Da Hoodster

    This turd can’t even spell, FTP??? He surely means FTK – F*** The Kiddies. Perhaps he can now change it to FTC – F*** The Cellmates! Maybe he has spelt it right afterall, FTP – F*** The Preschoolers.

  • Duncan

    He won’t last in jail. No protection. Huge shame to the Mongrel Mob (Mum and Dad are card carrying members), Black Power won’t protect a Mongrel Mob reject, and child rapists/bashers are the lowest of the low in any prison. He’s probably getting his first kicking about now.

  • Albany mother-of-5

    10 years!! WTF!!!??
    Even Dotcom is facing 25 to life if they get him back to the US.

    I know who I’d rather have living next to me – even if he does drive like a cunt.

  • Ellcam

    The Crown must appeal, surely?

  • Orangestud

    I would so love to see this disgusting sub-human beats hang, I soooooooooooooo would!!!!!!!  But oh-no, not in our PC little country. Maybe send this poor vunerable boy on a trip to Disney Land instead.

  • deadstiff

    Seriously need to include castration to his sentence. 

  • Stuart4

    So what exactly does someone have to do to get the maximum sentence? The judge needs to learn that he is supposed to represent society.

    • Quintin Hogg

      Stuart, sadly  this person’s offending is not at the worst levels of sexual offending.

      Prior to pleading guilty the potential sentences this person could be subject to were subject a discussion on this site.

      In summary,

      Sentencing for sexual offences is governed by a Court of Appeal decision in 2010 called Rv AM which created bands of starting sentence levels for various forms of such offending. 

      This offending falls into the 3rd of 4 bands of sexual offences. i am not going to go into detail as it is pretty revolting stuff.

      The nature of the offending in this case meant that the starting point for a sentence was between 12-18 years.  It seems that the sentencing judge decided that the starting point was at the top level as he started with a base sentence of 18 years.

      Another Court of Appeal decision “Hessell” sets out what credits are available to an offender for  pleading guilty depending on when through the process that plea is entered.

      I expect that the credits given to the offender in this instance may be the subject of appeal on the possible basis that the Judge gave too much credit for the early plea and the offenders background.

      Personally I thought that the offender would end up with a sentence of about 12 years.

      • Greg M

         Yes I thought about 14 yrs after reading R v AM and R v Hessell as research for my comments on previous threads, How long does the Crown have to lodge an appeal, and are they likely to do so?

      • Quintin Hogg

        Gregg below.

        I may have been optimistic on my net sentence assesment.  I will only know once I have read the sentencing notes.

        The crown has, I think, 20 working days to appeal the sentence handed down.  That is the usual appeal period.

        Will the crown appeal? 

        That depends on the crown solicitor in Rotorua and his assesment of the sentencing.  the questions for appeal are did the Judge apply Rv AM correctly and did he apply Hessell correctly. 

        If the crown solicitor considers the judge was incorrect in his application of the discounts contemplated by Hessell and that there is the possiblity of a siginifcant uplift in sentence on appeal then there may be.

        If he doesn’t and any appeal would just be messing around in the margins there won’t.

        It is hard to say.

  • grumpy

    What do you have to do to get 20 years???

    Be white????

  • Gazzaw

    Out in six years. Back in seven. Only problem is what happens in between. Another 5 year old?

    I hope to fuck that the Crown appeals.

  • MrV

    Not even the headline story on NZherald I might add, they seem to prefer $200,000/month for Dotcom as more important.

    • Rightoverlabour

      you still read the herald???

      • MrV

        No just happened to see how it was being reported on the web. As I suspected trying to play the rich person DotCom story.

  • Guest

    ..and 20 years later we find out he’s been teaching at primary schools all over the country…

  • Ayla

    This is absolutely discussing! This scum bag will probably only
    serve 5 years, what a slap in the face of the parents of that poor little girl,
    who will remember this for the rest of her life! Not only should he be hanged
    but his entire family should be too! Praying for their son and saying “kia kaha”,
    and blaming his family dysfunctions on his actions what the fuck! Not only is
    that family a waste of space, probably all on the benefit  and smoking crack with their gang buddies they
    are costing the tax payer money! 10 years for what he did, are you kidding me!

    • Travdog

      I think you mean ‘disgusting’, not “discussing”.

  • Rockyr

    I think he can get out after a third, he will be 19 and the little girl 8….Failure to state a non parole period shows the judge wanted to avoid responsibility by mis-representing his actual sentence.

    • saia

      lol a third, yeah right.

  • Rightoverlabour

    Hopefully there will be a welcoming home party for him when he gets released. Lets invite some .38s, a couple of .45s and a few.50 Brownings. Looks likes society will have to do what it takes to get real justice. Any hanging trees around? 

  • Kosh103

    Shoot him.

    • M3N78L

      Once in a milleniun the planets will align, the resulting gravitational pull will focus it’s energy on one point, the wind will be blowing in the right direction, and i will wholeheartedly agree with Kosh.
      Shoot him.

  • HSV325

    Brown pond scum. I hope his bros in the can deal to his ass bigtime. Should run a sweep on how long he will last

  • Seething

    I have just seen this feral stinking piece of dogshit on TV1 news. Aside from this galactically stupid sentence, we have to endure this namby pamby pipsqeaking “judge” addressing this refuse – while his hands are firmly stuck in his pockets and head – down. This is a courtroom for gods sake !! and just happens to be one of, if not the worst crime one can imagine. Whatever happened to “get you hands out of your damn pockets, look at me when I am addressing you you fucktard !! And shave that scumbaag blonde ratstail off your gormless head and come back for sentencing when I am ready. What a pansy !!

    • HSV325

      Could not have put it better my self!!

  • Chrish4

    Hope he likes BBC more than his victim did… he’ll be getting plenty of it for the next few years…

  • Justme

    Public hanging would suffice.

  • JAX

     This guy needs to be disolved in acid and flushed away like the shit he
    is .   Irreemable the only discussion should be about what we do with
    life’s rejects. 

  • thor42

    Hopefully, the guys in jail will be onto him within 20 seconds of him arriving. It wouldn’t surprise me if a guard were to “conveniently” leave a knife or chisel out somewhere. 

  • Dingaling

    Hang em!

  • James

    Looks like most people have covered pretty well the scumbag,  though only a few have touched on the sentencing Judge.  I find it an absolute disgrace after reading the following:

    “Judge Cooper gave a starting point of imprisonment of 18 years because of the seriousness of the offending but gave a discount of four and a half years because of Marino’s youth, dysfunctional upbringing, remorse and early guilty plea.”

    YOU get discounts on your sentencing period ?  WTF?
    SO if I rob an Indian corner quickie Mart,  I get a discounted sentence if I show homage to Hindu?


    I can’t believe the racist vitriol being spewed out over this young man. There is good and bad in all of us, surely we can find just a little compassion in our hearts. Hearing tonite that he had fallen victim to fetal alchohol syndrome and may have consumed more than 30 bottles of beer on the day, must raise the question as to paheka culpability in all of this. Booze and drugs were unhearsd of in Aotearoa before the arrival of the whiteman. Time to reconsider the past, surely?

    • HSV325

      What do you expect when this piece of brown feral trash commits this abhorrent crime and shows jack shit remorse and what the fuck does pakeha culpability got to do with it? Typical blame everyone else attitude. Perhaps you should spin your weasel shit words to the parents of the girl and see the response

    • Jester

      Aroma. I guess your a troll taking the piss as nobody could be so fucking foolish to believe that bullshit you just penned.

    • Stevo

      This guy fucked a five year old!

    • Dr Wang

      Aroha – in your screwed up head you may be able to explain this sort of behaviour away in your whanau by blaming it on the evil “paheka”, but you are your own worst enemy. You are enabling this offending to occur. You cannot be that weak as a person/people: you do it – you own it!

      You own the consequences – all of them. Don’t try to project your own failure as human beings onto anybody else.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      “Booze and drugs were unhearsd of in Aotearoa before the arrival of the whiteman. Time to reconsider the past, surely?”

      Slavery, genocide and cannabilism werent however. Is that what you would turn the clock back to?
      You wont find any hand wringers here Aroha. Do us all a favour and look up the meaning of “accountability” and “personal responsibility” before you start laying the blame at ole whitey.

    • Orangestud

      Here we go again, anotehr PC Liberal blaming the white man for everything.

  • Guest

    Are ideas expressed also
    applicable to other offenders such as the nz “entertainer” from a couple of years ago?

    Recidivism in nz society is more likely over which course of action and reaction?

  • Tookinator

    Was there a minimum non parole sentence added? Does anyone know? If not what is his actual time in prison likely to be?

    • Greg M

       There was no minimum non parole period attached, which means he is eligible for release after serving 1/3, or 3 years 4 months.
      highly unlikely he will be released at that time , my guess is five years.

  • Anonymous

    what does the f.t.p or f.t.d stand for?

    • Agent BallSack

      Fuck the Police

  • angryofpiha

    Unfortunately Once were Warriors started a whole new renaissance in primitive, violent Maori warrior culture that is reinforced with the Haka, endless kapa kaha, staunch league and rugby heroes, angry rappers etc. etc. and thus behaviour in keeping with this mentality becomes not only desirable but the norm. And we get little scroats from mongrel families like this. Sad and possibly un fixable.

  • Ayla
  • Wychbych

    Bullet therapy. 100% effective, no relapses.

    Kia Marama. A sticking plaster over a suppurating, pus-filled piece of shit.

    The problem with castration is that kidfuckers will (and do) use anything and everything else to perpetrate their ‘special love’.

    If an animal scares the cubs in the wild, or hurts them, it’s killed. We are so lame, as humans, to accord humanity to pieces of shit like this.