The Huddle with Larry Williams

Here is the audio from yesterday:

The topics for discussion were:

Icky sex offender in schools – finally caught.

The manufactured “outcry” over the welfare reforms – the usual montage of bumper sticker slogans from the usual suspects.

And finally more ridiculous calls for Mike Moore to be censured/sacked/hung from the gallows over the trade function he hosted which was partly sponsored by a tobacco company.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Nice rejoinder regarding Harawira and Turia, Cam. Its criminal some bitch on 43k a year can demand more money or threaten prostitution if it’s not forthcoming. The sooner the reforms come and people are forced screaming into the streets to find a job, the better.


  • I’m always amazed out how this comes up every time we have a National government in control – it’s like it’s been hardwired into their brains by someone – lets get the benefit bludgers!! For goodness sake lets do something positive that has every chance of working instead of filling a few devious employers advocates pockets yet again – these measures didn’t work when Shipley’s government tried it, how do they think they’re going to work now when the economy is in far worse state than then. The outcry from me is not about the reforms in themselves – they’re way overdue.

    • Agent BallSack

      BTW, you are one of the few openly ‘lefties’ on here that seems able to argue and debate ideas and perhaps even change your mind on issues or God forbid, agree! Sure as hell beats the standard Kosh reply of “the stupid right will never understand, only the left have all the answers”


  • Agent BallSack

    Would that be because National would desperately like to balance the books do you think Neil? Whereas Labours answer is to throw more money at everyone who doesn’t work in the hope their social experiment will take? You said 2 words which really brings it into context for me – “Benefit Bludgers” – Those are the very bastards we should be targeting and getting into work or at the very least, out of the cycle of spitting out kids to fund their lifestyles. The actual deserving and in need are tarred by association. No one begrudges those in genuine need. Not the majority of the right anyway, believe it or not – we do have a social conscience.


    •  you really have quite the disconnect going warren ballsack..?

      “.. National would desperately like to balance the books..”

      right ho..! that is why our debt of $6 billion when key/nact took over ..

      ..has now blown out to over $50 billion..?

      …and is expected to hit $75 billion..?

      ..what definition of ‘balanced-books’ is that in delusion-land…..?

      ..we are mortgaging our descendants with massive debt..

      ..just so the richest/elites/1% can pay the lowest taxes in the oecd..

      ..and pay zero capital gains tax..(in america soon to be mid-thirties

      ..and the banksters don’t have to pay a financial transactions tax….

      ..just who are the bludging-bastards here..

      ..and tell me..that if labour were in power..and had overseen such an obscene increase in the nations’ debt.. would be screaming from the roof-tops..

      ..and this is always the pattern..the regressives fuck everything up..

      ..and the progressives have to clean up the mess..

      [email protected]

      • M3N78L

        oooooh phil, we love it when you talk dirty. faux moral outrage aside, here’s a small checklist on why our borrowing is so large. (and i’ll try and write it in fuckwit so you can understand)

        1 Labour left the piggy bank smashed and empty (and sold the “family silver” on their way out the door)

        2 A worldwide economic depression the likes of which not seen since the 1930’s (surely you read a few lines somewhere about this).

        3 A series of destructive earthquakes on a place called Christchurch (you may have to leave the bong alone for a while and google this place “Christchurch” with a clear head)

        4 A top heavy, bloated and bilious public service

        Also, are you trying to tell us that Labour are progressives? I remember talking to an economist during the Clarke administration who said the economy was chugging along IN SPITE of the government.The Labour party as a whole are about as progressive as Pol Pot.

        Now a few suggestions for you personally

        1 fuck off.

        2 fuck off further away (i hear somalia is nice, no DPB there tho’ eh?…)

        3 get a job (writing a blog IS NOT a job unless it’s paying the bills)

        4 stop eating your crayons

        5 get over yourself you puerile, smarmy, self important sack of horse shit.


        oh, and i’ll say this all from a position of anonimity, because (here’s a newsflash for ya) I AM NOT A BLOGGER.

        so you can bite my shiny metal ass.

        Have a delightful day.

      • Boss Hogg

        M3. All we need to know is that Phil has, and never will, pay any tax apart from GST.

        This means he does not contribute so he must be ignored.

        End of story.  He and his peers should not be allowed to vote.

      • M3N78L

         Agreed Boss, but after reading what this toolbox said to Sars a few nights back i felt he deserved a little come-uppance. The ignorance and tinfoil hat theories this little turd spouts truly makes my blood boil.
        Phil is “pro” what’s good for Phil, and “anti” everything else.
        He should be shot with balls of his own shit