The Invisible Man

I’m the invisible man I’m the invisible man
Incredible how you can see right through me
I’m the invisible man I’m the invisible man
It’s criminal how I can see right through you

David Shearer made a speech yesterday, not so you’d notice. It was feeble and defensive speech yesterday – Shearer’s supporters don’t appear to be buying it…

Malcolm Harbrow at No Right Turn isn;t impressed in his post Labour’s “do nothing” Leader:

A change in tone is one thing (possibly not the wisest course against this National government, but that’s an argument for another day); abdication is another. But hey, if Shearer doesn’t actually want to lead the left in NZ, there’s another party eager to take his job. And if he keeps on staying silent, he’ll have no-one to blame but himself.

The lap-blogs at The Standard aren;t playing nicely either:

Google news has 1.5 pages of articles mentioning David Shearer to John Key’s 13 in the past week. The only ones directly about Shearer or Labour are saying ‘where’s Shearer? He’s wasting his honeymoon’.

Since that honeymoon is with the press, when they start saying it’s being wasted, it’s already over.

And even the Dimpost is getting into the spirit of things:

So Shearer doesn’t have to ‘play gotcha’, but he does have to do something, because while he’s doing well compared to Goff, he’s in a really terrible position historically.

I watched the news last night, and the Labour MP fronting on the two main political stories of the day was Phil Goff. That’s because they were both foreign affairs based stories and he’s their spokesman on that issue  – but Shearer isn’t chopped liver when it comes to foreign affairs, and he did make a big deal about how he was going to change the Labour Party. He could start by getting Goff – who just led them to an historic defeat – off the damn TV and getting himself on it. And, like I always said during Goff’s tenure, he should carry on by firing all his staffers who didn’t point this out to him.

If your friends aren’t best pleased then things aren’t going well. With T2 stacking the leader’s office with his own people Shearer is going to need to develop a pair of eyes int eh back of his head.


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  • kevin

    shearer said he didn’t have to show his ‘guns’… umm, yeh, ok then, whatever.

  • Pete George

    And Shearer’s messages don’t seem to be getting to the troops (or they’re ignored).

  • Kiwidon

    Shearer has a problem – he has to carefully look over 9 years of social engineering type crap etc, before he can comment on anything! Land sales to foreign investors under liarbore for instance!

    • Dion

      The good thing for him is that he wasn’t part of the Clark government – so he can take things in a new direction and gain the support of the centre again, without being seen as a hypocrite.

      Problem is his caucus is still stacked with Clark-era ministers and the self-serving – which will make it hard for him to effect any meaningful change.  

      Had there been a purge of the list leading up to the last election, they’d be getting some traction now.  The Labour party have only themselves – not David Shearer – to blame for the situation they’re in now.

  • Southshore

    Whoops sorry I thought you were talking about the Invisible Man of Christchurch

  • AnonWgtn

    Seems nice guy – but a rank amateur politician – will do labour no good – he does not appear nasty enough – if at all.
    To lead Labour you have to be venal and scream and shout at anything, and particularly get the exposure on your side. TV3 are trying hard so ring G’rner and pretty boy – they will help.

  • Gazzaw

    The fly in the ointment is Robertson. Shearer has to watch his back & he knows it. Does not make the leadership role easy.

  • jay cee

    bill rowling was dismissed as a nice guy back in the 70s. what the country needs is a tough guy
    and so we got rob muldoon. just while we’re speaking of not taking notice of history.