The Misogyny of NZ First

A Young Nat posted a photo on Facebook of herself with Socialist Cindy at the Big Gay Out.

She took some gentle teasing about having a photo taken with such a raving pinko but that is expected. What isn’t expected is the following abuse from the head of Young NZ First and Board Member of the party, Curwen Rolinson.

I wonder whether Winston  thinks it’s appropriate for one of his board members, and the head of his party’s youth wing, to behave like that. He probably does after all he referred to his partner in parliament as an “Associate”.

Jacinda Ardern probably isn’t too happy either about Labour’s preferred coalition partner holding such misogynistic views about women.


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  • I find this strange- Orwell’s quote was [from chapter 10] “No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
    If the quote had been unaltered, it would have been a comment on the similarity between National and Labour, and would have been a valid comment. Changing ‘man’ to ‘horse’ though is just weird, and seems to be intended as an insult to the two; which is the pig and which the horse? Ms Adern- perhaps derived from your earlier references to her as ‘My Little Pony’- may be the horse, but then that makes the young Nat the pig- and neither of them look like either a horse or a pig.

  • nzd.gbp

    A functioning associate of NZ First sees no irony in quoting Orwell. Well of course he doesn’t. Between Curwen Ares Rolinson and the work of George Orwell lays an insuperable chasm of wit.

  • joe bloggs

    looks like the Nasty Party has a nasty bedfellow in their preferred coalition partner

  • Comingout_of_Whaleoil

    Whaleoil: Thought police and Gay activist in one person!
    The comment from NZF in this case was absolutely true and now we know Whaleoil was at the Big Gay Out and probably walking amongst the other HIV trigger happy candidates, trying to get a photo with Jacinda.

    • YNFEM

      he has a tipline you stupid fuck 

    • nzd.gbp

      Thought police? You do realise this is one of the few unmoderated blogs left huh? Oh hang on, I just read the rest of your post. You’re an idiot. Forgive me.


      So what if he did,Seems like all had a good day,and that My friend is more then can be said for our national day(disgrace).

    • I used to be gay, I gave it up though because it made my eyes water.

      •  LOL!!! Wonderful reposte!!

    • Shaun Wallis

      You’re a numbskull; he says in the first sentence that the Young Nat posted the photo on her Facebook #getwiththeprogramme

  • Spam

    Whaleoil: Thought police and Gay activist in one person!

    Whereas Comingout_of_Whaleoil is just a bigot.

  • I wasn’t at all surprised to see this from Rolinson. We’re talking about the same person who celebrated the death of Roger Kerr (image attached below), and routinely swears at anyone who isn’t nationalist. Should anyone be surprised that Winston keeps this company?

  • CAR is a creepy little shit and deserves all the odium he gets….fucking wierdo old lady panty sniffer.

  • Blair Mulholland

    There’s nothing misogynist about quoting Orwell, especially since I don’t think National people should be palling around with commies.  It’s a completely apt quote, and the only pity is that it came from someone to whom it would equally apply.

    • nzd.gbp

      He took liberties and changed the quote to include a horse for a start. He is now using his bastardisation to call one of the women a pig and one a horse. He then slithers back toward Orwell’s intention and points out that they are the same, so as to differentiate himself and NZ First as if NZ First is above all that. Misogyny is but one of his sins.

  • Homo_whaloil_island

    Ok. Lets just make it easier for everyone. Let the Gays choose an island where they would like to live, Lesbians as well. Problem solved in 100 years. …

    But wait.
    If the problems occurs because of childhood abuse etc,…then we would come back to the real cause.

    It is an illness and should be treated, society protected and if their is a sign that homosexuals have recovered and are focusing again on the right sex, we could integrate them again.

    Until then, the island solution sounds good. Whaleoil could be their spokes person, when they negotiate food or medication supplies with the main land.

    • Too far…good bye.

    • Shaun Wallis

      @d4225d9929da22b0fc591ac6457ff980:disqus – you should probably check all your faculties are with you before you start writing anything.

  • Steve P

    Misogyny is the hatred of women. Making such insulting comments about a woman, or even two women, may be crass and deplorable but it does not equate to misogyny.

    I hate John Minto, but does that make me a misandrist just because he is a mn?

    • nzd.gbp

      Fair point. To call the insults evidence of misogyny is perhaps in itself misogynistic because it assumes that each woman is a proper representative of all women – treating them merely as an example of a category rather than as an individual. Unfortunately a lifetime of feminist, gender based accusations, is hard to shake off.