The Pacific Underarm Solution

Julia Gillard announces her immigration and refugee policy, John Key comments at the end.

I wonder how long after I post this the MSM copies…sweepstake in the comments….closest person to the time they post it wins a Whaleoil T-Shirt.


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  • Petal


  • Spiker


  • Kahikatea


  • Cactus Kate

    1430 hrs
    And the shirt better be washed

    • Petal

      Could be worth more “soiled” on TradeMe?

  • Grandstream


  • 10:30am
    That was GOLD. Loved the JK part!

  • NotLen


  • Steve (North Shore)

    12.25pm today

  • In Vino Veritas


  • Bull Meechum

    1412  this afternoon  on the stuff website

  • Greg M

    13.00 hrs. and then they will get it wrong,.leave bits out etc.

  • wannano


  • Killjoy

    Um, its not actually Julia Gillard or an actual statement from John Key… Whats that? Oh thats right, the “media” don’t care for facts!
    So, it’ll be 10.30am this morning then on midday news.


    1630hrs,and top billing at TV3.Media Wankers wouldnt know the facts if it bit them on the arse

    • Gazzaw

      Definitely headlines on TV One tonight accompanied by a 10 minute dissertation by Goofy (Shearer not being available for comment) on how relations between Australia & NZ have become irreparably damaged by the Key government as witnessed by this footage. A breathless blonde bimbette will then give her analysis of the situation. The News will then proceed to minor issues such as Syria, Greece & the world economy.    


        Like your thinking,and Walrus face might have something about it at 7pm on Close up

      • Sarrs

        Lolrus? Sainsbury? Separated at birth?

  • Dr Wang

    Nightline tonight.

  • Groans

    1710 hrs

  • nellie

    If 7 days was as on to it as they say then tonight 9.30-10.00.

  • Divisionary

    Chopper Reid is the coolest !!!!!