The Radio Network referred to Police

The Electoral Commission has referred The Radio Network to Police for Broadcasting Act breaches:

On 21 February 2012, the Electoral Commission referred The Radio Network to the Police for broadcasting election programmes for United Future on 25 October 2011. It is the Electoral Commission’s view that the broadcasts for United Future on 25 October constituted a breach of section 70 of the Broadcasting Act 1989 because broadcasters were prohibited from broadcasting election programmes for a political party outside of the election period for the 2011 General Election, which began on 26 October and ended on 25 November 2011.
As this matter is now with the Police, the Electoral Commission will not be commenting further.

I think this is one aspect of electoral and broadcasting law that is silly. Firstly that only political parties can broadcast and secondly that they are only allowed to within a proscribed period.

Then there is the unwillingness of Police to act or investigate electoral matters. If the Police don;t act then there is little point in having  these laws. Political parties,especially Labour already pretty much know this and conduct themselves outside of the rules on frequent occasions knowing that they will never be prosecuted or held accountable.


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  • pdm

    The answer is simple – take away parliamentary funding of parties and let it be open slather spending their own money.

  • Kosh103

    “Political parties,especially Labour…” LOL love it, the story is about a Govt party and still you drag Labour into it.

    • Pete George

      This story is about the Radio Network who is being referred to police.

      No party has been referred in this case – it’s different to Labour being referred.


    Who is wasting Police time with all this bullshit?.They have better things to do with their time then,chase this crap.

    • dad4justice

      Yeah will the keystone cops get swat to swarm kids like they do to the chch boy racers?

      Go smack a gang up pig!

      Yeah right don’t break a fingernail miss grunter.

    • Kosh103

      Not according to Key.

  • Dr Wang

    Ref Rob Wilson in DomPost today:

    Will the Electoral Commission now refer the TV3 programme “Wanna-Ben” to the police too – afterall, they screened an interview with NZFirst leader Winston Peters (10pm, 25 Nov) the night before the election. That was definitely a puff piece, with Winnie trying to be “humorous and human-like” and chasing the younger voters. Does this programme come in for the same scrutiny?